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Since Lev is a major character in Abby's side and has a big part of the story, what do you all think about how he knew nothing about Abby and Ellie's revenge story and the drama between them. Do you think that Abby explained everything to him after the traumatic sequence when they haunted Ellie, or she just let it go and never spoke about it after that?
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2022.01.18 09:59 NecroDolphinn Be My Baby by the Ronettes: A Thesis

This post is going to defend one thesis throughout the majority of its length: By My Baby by the Ronettes is the most important piece of Western Music of the last 60 years.
A few main points before I get into it.

With that out of the way, lets dive into Be My Baby.
Part 1: Background Section 1.A: The Ronettes
Before we talk about Be My Baby, we need to talk about the actual artists behind the song. That being the three person girl group, The Ronettes, comprised of Ronnie Spector (nee Veronica Bennett), Estelle Bennet, and Nedra Talley (Ronnie Spector Biography). The three girls began singing together from a young age (Ronnie and Estelle were sisters and Nedra was their cousin) and were harmonizing at family gatherings when Ronnie was as young as 8 (Nedra Ross Interview, 1982).
Once they were older, the group began to sing at small gigs from Bar Mitzvahs to amateur shows (and temporarily had some of their other relatives involved). Once the line up was finalized as the three girls (going by Ronnie and the Relatives), continued to perform at shows before gaining the attention of Phil Halikus, who introduced them to producer Stu Phillips and led to them being signed to Colpix Records (Be My Baby: How I survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life as a Fabulous Ronette -> *I will cite this book as How I survived ... from now on).
They gained their first permanent act when they ended up performing at New York City's Peppermint Lounge in 1961. While performing there, they released a few singles with Phillips, but sadly most failed to chart. In 1963, they looked for a new label, which would lead them to Gold Star Records, home of Phil Spector.
I will address him more in the next section, but what's important is that Spector was an eccentric (and crazy insane) man who was looking for a very specific voice to complete a project he had been preparing. When Estelle called and got the Ronettes an audition, Spector found that voice in Ronnie. The story goes that after hearing them perform, he jumped out of his seat and proclaimed "Thats it! That's the voice I've been looking for!" (How I Survived ...). While he initially planned to sign Ronnie as a solo act, her mother forced him to sign all three (what a queen). This sets the stage for Be My Baby on the Ronettes end, but now lets look deeper into the producer, Phil Spector.
Section 1.B: Phil Spector
The first thing that needs to be said here is that Spector was a despicable monster. He ended up marrying Ronnie and was a very abusive husband. He has held numerous artists at gunpoint (Bill Demain) and famously killed actress Lana Clarkson. Spector should not be looked up to as a good person, however his mark on modern music is unmistakable. He is one of the influential producers and musicians of the 1960s and his mark remains splashed over all subsequent years of music (Mic Brown: The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector).
Now that the reader is well aware of the scope of Spector's humanity and influence, let's look briefly at what led him to the Ronettes and Be My Baby. Spector got his start as a member of the band The Teddy Bears and wrote their 1958 number one hit, To Know Him Is To Love Him (Phil Spector: Out of His Head). He began to learn production under Jerome Leiber and Michael Stoller and started his own record label, Philles Records, at 21. The label gained notoreity for producing the Crystals, The Creations, and The Ducanes (especially the Crystals).
What's important about Spector is a few things. First of all, he was an ambitious man who didn't just want success. He wanted to make music on a different level and elevate pop music to something unheard of at the time. Second, his production techniques themselves were undeniably innovative. The Wall of Sound is something I will explain later, but he also pioneered using the studio as a instrument, recording music with the radio as the intended format (rather than singles being just a recording of a live performance), usage of wagnerian and orchestral styles to create musical size, and integration of high art forms into pop music. Following Be My Baby, many would describe Spector's music as "little symphonies for kids" (Little Symphonies: A Phil Spector Reader).
Leading up to and through 1963, Spector began writing and preparing a song that would be his next big single. He wanted a song that could replicate the sound of sitting in a thunderous Orchestra house over radio formats. The song would be far lusher than prior recordings and achieve a loudness and uniqueness not really present. In order to do so, Spector began looking for a voice that could match the booming recording and stand its ground against the instrumental. Once Spector found the Ronettes, he was ready to release his masterpiece: Be My Baby.
Section 1.C: Be My Baby
The Ronettes and Spector have met, so the question is: what did they create? After its recording in July of 1963, the song was released in the following August, eventually reaching Number 2 on the Hot 100. The song is just under 3 minutes and opens with a drum pattern by Hal Blaine, which would go on to be called one of the most recognizable and imitated drums patterns of all pop music (Randy Lewis). Following the drums, the rest of the instrumental, consisting of numerous guitars, pianos, saxophones, strings, and horns treated with innovative mixing and over dubbing, enter paired with Ronnie's voice (notably, Ronnie is the only Ronette on the recording, although the others would do backing vocals for live performances). Fun fact: Cher is also a backing vocalist on the song (its giving).
The song follows a familiar verse-chorus structure and places Ronnie's vocals just barely above the rest of the mix. The lyrics detail the narrator's desire to enter a romantic relationship with a man (not to revolutionary, but man Ronnie sells it).
Section 1.D: The Recording and the Wall of Sound
To really explain what made this record special, we need to examine the primary production formula that defined it: The Wall of Sound. To quote the Wall of Sounds wikipedia page:
The intention [of the wall of sound] was to exploit the possibilities of studio recording to create an unusually dense orchestral aesthetic that came across well through radios and jukeboxes of the era. Spector explained in 1964: "I was looking for a sound, a sound so strong that if the material was not the greatest, the sound would carry the record. It was a case of augmenting, augmenting. It all fit together like a jigsaw."[3]
A popular misconception holds that the Wall of Sound was created simply through a maximum of noise and distortion, but the method was actually more nuanced.[4][3] To attain the Wall of Sound, Spector's arrangements called for large ensembles (including some instruments not generally used for ensemble playing, such as electric and acoustic guitars), with multiple instruments doubling or tripling many of the parts to create a fuller, richer tone.[5] For example, Spector often duplicated a part played by an acoustic piano with an electric piano and a harpsichord.[6] Mixed well enough, the three instruments would then be indistinguishable to the listener.[6][7]
Spector did a few things to achieve this Wall of Sound. The instruments are played by Spector's recording band, The Wrecking Crew, and dozens of takes were practiced, before Spector even started recording. Ronnie practiced her vocal lines with Spector for three days and prepared her ad libs in the bathroom (the band kept staring at her instead of playing if she was in the room because 60s and sexism). Gold Star Studios (where the song was recorded) had small, echoey rooms and close mics, ensuring that the sound from one instrument would go to its own mic and also bleed into others (so the drum mic would pick up on guitars or strings for example). The acoustic space combined with Spector's mixing, reverb effects, and overdubs when combined the actual composition and the doubling/tripling of instruments, created the first recorded Wall of Sound.
When compared to modern music, Be My Baby may not seem exceptionally special (although it still is quite a special listen and the lush and dense recording still comes through strongly) but when compared to music of the time, the contrast is staggering. I briefly mentioned earlier that most recordings during the time were made with the intention of replicating a live performance as much as possible. Thus, you could clearly hear each individual part (guitar, bass, drums, and vocals) yet the format greatly limited its tone. Be My Baby is revolutionary in the way it bucks both of those conventions. To explain further, lets look at the songs influence.
Part 2: Influence and Importance Section 2.A: The Wall Of Sound (continued)
Now that I've (hopefully) explained what the Wall of Sound is, its important to look at what it influenced and why it matters. The biggest influence is on the Beach Boys, but I'm going to save them for later (they get their own section).
Lets list some songs and albums that use the wall of sound:
I could go on but I don't want this section to get overly long. Hopefully this small list can give you an idea of the scope and variety by which this technique is used. Considering Be My Baby is the first and defining usage of it, you can see why Be My Baby is so important.
Section 2.B: Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys
Brian Wilson was a member of 60's pop band, The Beach Boys. Wilson is important as he is considered the central member of the band and is said to have basically singlehandedly made the bands crowning achievement and contender for best album of all time, Pet Sounds (see RYM's top albums of all time, Rolling Stones top albums of all time, Pitchforks top albums of the 60s, and pretty much any top albums of all time list).
Now Wilson was in the car with his girlfriend when he first heard Be My Baby and upon hearing it, he immediately pulled over to listen to it. The song would go on to drive him insane basically (I mean he was already insane but it didn't help). He would play the song on repeat and had listened to it thousands of times. At parties people would ask him to stop playing it and he'd play it ten more times before turning it off. He had a room full of cassettes that were just him talking about the song. Here's some fun quotes:
Music journalist David Dalton), who visited Wilson's home in 1967, said that Wilson had analyzed "Be My Baby" "like an adept memorizing the Koran."[47] Dalton later wrote about a box of tapes he had discovered in Wilson's bedroom: "I assumed they were studio demos or reference tracks and threw one on the tape machine. It was the strangest thing ... All the tapes were of Brian talking into a tape recorder. Hour after hour of stoned ramblings on the meaning of life, color vibrations, fate, death, vegetarianism and Phil Spector."[48][47]
In the early 1970s, Wilson instructed his engineer Stephen Desper to create a tape loop consisting only of the chorus of "Be My Baby". Wilson listened to the loop for several hours in what Desper saw as "some kind of a trance."[45] Wilson's daughter Carnie stated that during her childhood: "I woke up every morning to [the song's drum introduction] boom boom-boom pow! Boom boom-boom pow! Every day."[49] Wilson told The New York Times in 2013 that he had listened to the song at least 1,000 times.[19] In his 2016 memoir, Wilson recalled playing the song's drum intro "ten times until everyone in the room told me to stop, and then I played it ten more times."[43] Bandmate Mike Love remembered Wilson comparing the song to Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.[50]
Brian Eno wasn't just obsessing over this song because it was good. He was motivated by an obsessive urge to understand its sound. He need to know what made it tick. That obsession led to inspiration and culminated in Pet Sounds sounding the way it does. A relevant quote:
Brian described Pet Sounds as an "interpretation" of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound production technique.[86] He stated: "If you take the Pet Sounds album as a collection of art pieces, each designed to stand alone, yet which belong together, you'll see what I was aiming at. ... It wasn't really a song concept album, or lyrically a concept album; it was really a production concept album."[87]
Pet Sounds exists as Wilson's way of interpreting and extending Be My Baby's Wall of Sound to something new. Pet Sounds would have its own enormous shadow of influence, all of which traces back to Be My Baby (this isn't meant to disparage the album or discredit Pet Sounds, I am just acknowledging that Be My Baby was instrumental in its existence).
It's been said that, although hardly anyone bought the Velvet Underground's records, those who did ended up being inspired to start their own bands. In the case of the Beach Boys' 1966 opus Pet Sounds, it's likely that each of its 13 songs inspired its own subset of pop offspring ...
—Music critic Jeff Straton, 2000[406]
Some other bullet points on its influence:
Tidal contributor Ryan Breed cited the album's "non-rock instrumentation (strings, brass, Theremin, harpsichord, tack piano), dizzying key changes and complex vocal harmonies" as features that informed prog-pop.[49] Journalist Troy Smith similarly cited "Wouldn't It Be Nice" as "the first taste of progressive pop" subsequently elaborated upon by bands such as the Beatles, Queen), and Supertramp.[419]
Section 2.C: Ronnie's Influence
Alot of Be My Baby's influence does come back to Spector, but Ronnie carved out her own place in pop as well. For example, one of the most famous singers of the 2000's, Amy Winehouse, said Ronnie was a "hero" to her. Ronnie's vocal performance on the song (and throughout the rest of her career) would inspire a whole host of pop/soul and R&B singers alongside Winehouse.
Furthermore, the song is one of the first ever popular songs to see a female narrator in the role of the pursuer. The narrator takes action and pursues her love with a level of agency pop hadn't really seen prior to this.
This section is a little sparse, but despite Ronnie's influence being more specific and focused, it can't be understated. The Ronettes did something special with Be My Baby, and the world took notice (and they haven't stopped doing so).
Part 3: Retrospective Section 3.A: In Memoriam
I want to take some time to just talk about Ronnie Spector for a little bit. This isn't relevant to the argument surrounding Be My Baby's success, but I think it's worth saying. Ronnie Spector was a truly amazing woman and she had to fight for her success. From being trapped in a horrible marriage with Spector to having to face the not-so friendly conditions of the 60's, she persevered. Her passing a few days earlier is a true loss for fans of music everywhere.
But Ronnie Spector will never be forgotten. When Spector said Be My Baby was the greatest record of all time, Ronnie was elated, although she didn't really believe him. Even as recently as the 2010's, Ronnie didn't think she mattered enough to inspire Amy Winehouse, but she couldn't have been more wrong. Billboard even named Be My Baby the best Girl Group record of all time (rightfully). Ronnie Spector will always be a musical legend and she will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace.
Section 3.B: The Counterargument
As every good argument does, I'm going to quickly address some of the faults and counterarguments with my argument.
  1. Fault 1 is something I mentioned right at the beginning. I as a music listener have a very specific set of knowledge of experience. I do not know everything and I haven't been alive in the 60s so it is very likely I missed something super obvious. If anything, I'm posting this here specifically so people who know more than me can offer evidence or arguments that I have completely missed.
  2. Fault 2 is likely that I am just overstating the influence of Be My Baby specifically. While it was the first song to really use the Wall of Sound, does that necessarily mean I can ascribe as much influence to it as I have? That is something that can be argued pretty easily. It is very possible that while Pet Sounds or All Things Must Pass were influenced by the technique, other aspects of those works were far more important than simply using the Wall of Sound.
  3. Fault 3 is just that there are more influential albums. Chuck Berry and Jimmy Hendrix were instrumental in the creation of Rock and Roll as we know it. The Beatles had a lot of albums other than Sgt Peppers that were highly influential, and you could easily argue that Be My Baby is too indirect of an influence to really define why Sgt Peppers was so influential. The Velvet Underground are basically proto everything, from punk to dream pop to noise rock. Quantifying musical influence is hard and I'm arguing from a specific position, so I'm bound to miss something.
Section 3.C: In Summary
With this, I've made my case. From production to vocals to even its opening drum phrase, Be My Baby's influence is far reaching and undeniable. The Ronettes may well have succeeded in creating the most important record of all time (or so one could argue). And even if it isn't the most important song ever made, it has and will most certainly set the bar for what pop can be. Even when nothing more than a trite love song directed at teenagers, pop can glow with an importance and urgency that nothing else can match. Be My Baby certainly does.
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Dear all. I used to cycle and run but I have a bad shin splint in one leg, and tennis elbow in one arm and a sore wrist in the other. my physio wants me to do more cardio in general to get the body going but for some time I havent been able to figure out what to do that doesnt tense up the other stuff. I tried swimming and cycling but it tenses up the leg. any suggestiosn from y'all?
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2022.01.18 09:59 ChaosDefrost15 GPU/CPU load/usage when using quest with VD/AL vs PCVR on standard PCVR headset -differences

I was watching some benchmarks for some PC setups and Ive seen some weird results that made me question my doubts about my 3070 performance.
I was trying to get my hands on 3080ti but with current prices it's not possible so I thought I'm stuck with a good card but not the one that can deliver the performance I want.
Then I've seen a benchmark of 3080(and Ryzen 5600x - CPU that I also have) in half life alyx and I was disappointed to see FPS drops to even 80 at times with 120hz mode.
However in another video there was a person with quest 2 using air link to play half life alyx. They had RTX 3070 and i7 12700k (intel cpu apparently is better than the Ryzen and has 12 cores 20threads). They had stable 120 FPS at all times. Settings all ultra.
My question here is: does playing through air link or virtual desktop makes it easier for GPU to render frames due to encoding part? If not, does it mean that CPU cores, threads and performance are actually more important than the GPU? I'm honestly baffled by those results. If it happened that GPU load is the same when spitting frames for pc vr through wireless and pc be through display cable maybe I could get away with just upgrading my CPU to something with high core count etc.
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All platforms I have in stock are xbox, playstation, itunes and google play. Please dm me for more info
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