Over achiever to Under achiever

2022.01.18 11:15 Kooky-Indication3378 Over achiever to Under achiever

So we started the new Zebra In Stock yesterday. Well I didnt get trained on it yesterday and they said they would train me today. Me being who I am I like to look ahead and try to figure it out myself. I had gotten it all done but I didn't know til after I finished it that I was supposed to scan my lows and holes during My Daily Checklist. So after I told my manager that I was at my Replishment area of my tasks she asked if I did the L&H which I replied I didn't(because I have never had to do it at the Fuel Center before). So she replies "Quit trying to be a over achiever" Now I do agree that I was in the wrong and should have waited to be properly trained however I have grown used to the poor and mostly non-existent training we have gotten and decided to take the initiative. Another reason I plan to leave soon. I want to find a place that will accept me for trying to be proactive and not berate me for trying to achieve something without others help.
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2022.01.18 11:15 Pro_Voice_Overs absentee wifi chlorine monitor and dispenser?

I'm a new I'm a new Florida homeowner. I'm going to spend about 6 months up north. I'd like to not have to hire a service for my pool. Is there a way I can monitor and dispense chlorine remotely through Wi-Fi? I already know about water levels and I think I can take care of that.
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2022.01.18 11:15 PelotonBot Issue with Facebook Integration - Peloton Service Interruption - 18 Jan 2022 09:10 UTC-0500

Issue with Facebook Integration - Peloton Service Interruption - 18 Jan 2022 09:10 UTC-0500
On 18 Jan 2022 09:10 UTC-0500 a new incident, "Issue with Facebook Integration", was posted to the Peloton status page.
The incident can be seen in full at https://peloton.statuspage.io/incidents/2v62xnh2zq84

We are investigating an issue with our Facebook integration. This may impact your ability to use the Connect to Facebook feature, login with Facebook on our Products, find friends, and share workouts. We will follow up with an update as soon as possible. We apologize for any impact this may have on your workout.
This post will be updated with more information as the status page is revised, or the /PelotonCycle moderators submit updates.
Moderators: You can post an update by replying with '?update \message>')
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2022.01.18 11:15 AdMobile7595 Koven - Never Have I Felt This 🎮 No Copyright Music 🎶 Музыка без авторск...

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2022.01.18 11:15 SolAnise I’m trying to figure out the whole US to UK drivers license thing—do I need a provisional?

Basically see title.
We arrived in the Uk in October. I’m looking at setting up some driving lessons, but I’m not sure if I need the provisional UK license to do so or if I can simply test for the real license on my American one. I’ve been driving on my US license just fine so far, despite how initially terrifying it was.
Additionally, if I have to get a provisional, does that mean I can no longer drive without someone with a UK license in the car?
Thanks for any help you can give me.
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2022.01.18 11:15 LUIGI4_20 Violetta

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2022.01.18 11:15 Danitay That orange cinnamon swirl face

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2022.01.18 11:15 KsTraderSG Selected Financial Reads for 18 January 2022

18 January 2022 ◉‿◉
US Treasuries sell off as markets price in four rate rises this year:

Microsoft buys video game maker Activision Blizzard in $68.7bn deal:

Oil Prices Hit Seven-Year High on Rising Geopolitical Tensions:

Goldman Sachs Sees Profit Slip 13%:
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2022.01.18 11:15 a_pale_horse anyone else notice those terrible new 2.5 minute experimental tasks are now 3.5 minutes?

now I'm just knee-deep in these 2 minute short answer tasks with 60 sample results for context
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2022.01.18 11:15 Renato20000 Offering : Spanish (native) ... Seeking : English

Hi guys :) . Im from Peru 21 M and I am looking for a partner to have fun , sharing memes and improve my english .
I am really into making music , seeing movies and would like to know anything about art . Im a nerd (Fantano is my lord) . My favorite artists are JPEGMAFIA , Frank Ocean and Tyler , the creator and my favorite films are Frances Ha , Hausu and Clockwork orange. I would like to talk about different cultures , politics and rating about how the system is broken through voice calls and texting on discord or whats app
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2022.01.18 11:15 farfunkedfaded FS/Selling - Snow Camo Puffer Jacket

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2022.01.18 11:15 Awesome_Mods God Of War - Photorealistic Mods

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2022.01.18 11:15 HamBurgler__ Hyper mode win with only 4 weapons, no mortaccio, and 0 evolved weapons!

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2022.01.18 11:15 Adventurous_Mouse_78 is ut sell/buy/trade fb group inactive?

I have sent the request weeks ago and they still haven't accepted my request.
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2022.01.18 11:15 ScotchHarbour Another Power Level Rework Idea

As a relatively new light that's flirting with the 1320 hard cap right now, I've wanted to share my experience with Power Level and offer up a rework idea to help out new lights as they jump into the game.
I want to acknowledge that Power Level is very unique and not an inherently bad system. As a new light, I actually enjoy Power Level because it feels like I'm working toward something that feels different from other MMOs using the XP bar. Having said that, if I were to rework anything at this point, is this:

This gets lost and is only known if you're reading up on how to level up in Destiny on third-party blogs or this subreddit. With that out of the way, here is my suggestion and thoughts on reworking Power Level.
The PL for weapons needs to be completely done away with in the early game and reintroduced between Hard Cap and Pinnacle Cap.
New Players:
Starting out as a new light, you don't have a lot to work with. At the time of writing, there are 16 weapon types to choose from with possibly more coming with WQ. Inventory management alone as this stage is insanely overwhelming. As you progress through the game as a new light, you might roll a fun weapon that you really enjoy and don't want to give up.
The problem with PL this early on is that it forces the player to either:
The idea here is to remove individual PL from all weapons and have weapon levels match the overall PL of the player (based on Armor PL). By doing away with PL on low-level weapons, it gives a new player the freedom to try different weapons on their own terms, and without consequence, while providing ample time to get aquatinted with weapon traits of dupes they've collected along the way.
I, personally, have 12 copies of Iota Draconis in my vault because I haven't had the time to compare, I've been focuses on getting the highest PL weapon and banking everything else to deal with later. I've also told my friends (who are also new lights) to save their Upgrade Modules due the cost and use late game and that it's not worth it to upgrade low-level weapons right now.
Experienced Players:
Understandably, removing Weapon PLs in the late game makes no sense. There's a reason why Iron Banner, Trials, Nightfalls, Raids, etc. are fun and important; this is where the min/maxing comes in to edge out your opponents. At this stage of the game, you're well acquainted with PL and understand how it works. Running for Pinnacle weapons makes the most sense here and, ultimately, provides a sense of accomplishment when you get that sweet drop.
However, you're probably wondering about alt characters and, by removing PLs from weapons, puts grinding an alt at a disadvantage early on. Well, I think that can be fixed through Armour PL below.
The PL for Armor, in my opinion, doesn't need to change at all. In fact, it makes more sense that your overall PL to come directly from your 5 pieces of armour. The way Powerful and Pinnacle capped gear pushes progression right now makes sense (although the game could use with a bit more details around why they're different for new players).
New Players:
Keeping the highest piece per slot on your person is much easier to manage as a new light and, I would imagine, much easier to provide an indicator in the UI to help new players understand this mechanism to upgrade their PL. Once you hit the Soft Cap, finding ways to obtain Powerful Gear still gives you something to work toward as you make your way to the Hard Cap.
Experienced Players:
Removing PL for Weapons until the Hard Cap creates an interesting issue when you want to roll and play an alt character. The biggest change here isn't about PL, but how Powerful and Pinnacle gear gets rolled out. Much like other MMOs, equipment can drop for other classes that cannot be used on your current player. However, Destiny is unique in which all equipment can be shared among your account.
Therefore, the idea here is that class-specific drops can be picked up by any class, but that PL matches your alt character's PL slot.
For example, I have an alt 1287 Hunter, a 1320 Titan, and no Warlock. As I progress through a Nightfall with my Titan, I could get a Purple Hunter Helm Powerful drop that is +2 PL with great stats. At the end of the match, I'll bank that and transfer it over to my Hunter and it increases his PL. On the other hand, I could also get a Purple Warlock 1110 drop because I don't have a Warlock. I can choose to keep this gear for the future, or dismantle it as it's essentially free Legendary Shards for my other characters.
By following this method for all players, it puts more RNG in the armor slots, but it also makes it worth it when you roll big (for any class). Or, if you know you're never going to play a certain class, you just get additional resources for your main.
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2022.01.18 11:15 vivreaski What kind of vehicle is a really good eater?

A chew chew train.
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2022.01.18 11:15 Piancolfajan Er populista lo avrei visto bene al posto di Rebic

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2022.01.18 11:15 erer1243 Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 09:15AM

Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 09:15AM
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2022.01.18 11:15 prixb Hong Kong to cull 2,000 hamsters after COVID-19 outbreak

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2022.01.18 11:15 Arnadus QANplatform Unveils First EVM-Compatible Quantum-Resistant Blockchain: Details

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2022.01.18 11:15 OfficerPickle17 Need stable, genuine, and active friends?

I've been in a nearly decade old mc friend group since PS3 and now onto PS4. We have a few community realms and have a decent amount of people in our friend circle. The three realms being a fantasy world, city, and a vanilla survival. We recently decided to restart our vanilla survival realm. The realm concept is kingdoms/nations. You're more than welcome to join an already existing area. Or if you'd like to claim land and play survival and just make new friends, you're more than welcome to do that too. We don't restart often we only did so for the new terrain generation. We are "adults" 18+. I'd say we have skilled players all around within the game. We have a party and we don't always play the same game but we choose to talk to eachother. If anyone is looking for any of this feel free to pm me. Have a nice day.
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2022.01.18 11:15 gnkhvd Applying for job tips

Applying for job is difficult, exhausting and depressing thing. You will meet a lot of people wasting your time with online application systems, technical assessments, stupid behavioral interviews and so on.
It is important to learn quickly identify such assholes and ditch them as soon as possible in order to keep your mental health in a good shape, save your time and respect your effort.
What are your pro tips and tricks here?
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2022.01.18 11:14 Philstar1978 Lvl 7 Satan….well paid

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2022.01.18 11:14 GodsGiftMatt 29 [M4F] Hoboken/JC Area .. Lets Link

Hey, good morning. Let’s go to the point of being here: I’m an educated, employed, entrepreneurial, young black male. Physically fit former college athlete, 6’1, 240, size 13. Looking to connect with someone who would be comfortable with a casual engagement after communicating in confidence.
I’m assuredly handsome and have no issue with exchanging pics upon request. I would prefer to see a photo of any interested individual and am all about reciprocating respect.
As for the fine details I’m both sensual and sexual who enjoys engaging in both giving and receiving. Be clear this doesn’t have to be a full-blown sex spree if that is too much too soon, at this moment. But please be specific as to what you are comfortable and uncomfortable with so I’m aware and abiding.
No reason to exaggerate: I will make you cum as many times as you like and last as long as you’d like.
With that being said, I ask that you please just be real and mature, not a spam or weirdo catfish account.
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2022.01.18 11:14 Mr_Muda_Himself Nothing like watching someone brutally rip a goblin in half with their bare hands in the morning then make the gang hot coco at night.

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