Got a little lucky!

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2022.01.18 09:50 TortaD3Tamal Got a little lucky!

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2022.01.18 09:50 JoeyKookamanga Just watched the 2008 Royal Rumble match. Regarding Finlay.
Finlay comes to Hornswoggle's aid and hits Mark Henry and Big Daddy V with his shillelagh and leaves with him. A minute later JR then says Finlay has been disqualified for using a weapon.
First time I heard someone getting dq'd in a Rumble match but it would've made more sense to say he was disqualified for jumping the gun ahead of his scheduled RR appearance which to my knowledge hasn't happened before. And foreign objects have been used before in the Royal Rumble.
Just trying to make sense of it.
Oh yeah, and Hornswoggle is still in the match.
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2022.01.18 09:50 leVerseau Daily active player looking for friends

Hello guys, I am a daily active player in need of friends to send gifts to. My trainer code is: 3483 8935 8963. You can als add me for raids!
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2022.01.18 09:50 superfexataatomica you'll never read the title ... oh oops

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2022.01.18 09:50 scooterbooter23 what.

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2022.01.18 09:50 newmusicrls Beatport Minimal Deep Tech Picks Week 1 And 2 2022 [276 Tracks]

Download Beatport Week 1&2 Picks Minimal 2022 GENRE Minimal / Deep Tech AUDIO FORMAT MP3 320kbps CBR RELEASE DATE 2022-01-18 STORE DATE 2022-01-14 SIZE 4.4GB WEBSTORE

  1. 88HATS – Phunky (Original Mix) 06:03 79bpm Bm
  2. 88HATS, Gzlz – Isolate (Original Mix) 06:00 129bpm Am
  3. Adrian Alessandro – Limitless (Original Mix) 05:07 125bpm Em
  4. Adrian Alessandro – Rush (Original Mix) 07:06 126bpm Gb
  5. ADRIANZA – Haters (Original Mix) 07:06 127bpm Gb
  6. Adur – Dreams (Guterres Remix) 06:33 127bpm Em
  7. Adur – Dreams (Original Mix) 07:03 127bpm Em
  8. Adur – Expansive (Bruno Bernades Rework) 07:13 124bpm Fm
  9. Adur – Expansive (Original Mix) 06:31 128bpm Gm
  10. Adur – Primitive (Original Mix) 07:09 126bpm Em
  11. Aitchque – I Wanna Know (Original Mix) 06:20 132bpm C
  12. Aitchque – Worm Hole (Original Mix) 05:46 134bpm G
  13. Ale Valenzuela – Ancestros (Original Mix) 07:21 127bpm Em
  14. Ale Valenzuela – Como Espectador (Original Mix) 05:40 123bpm Am
  15. Ale Valenzuela – Como Los Viejos Tiempos (Original Mix) 06:24 125bpm Dm
  16. Ale Valenzuela – Indigo (Original Mix) 06:50 125bpm Dm
  17. Ale Valenzuela – No Es Broma (Original Mix) 05:57 125bpm Dbm
  18. Ale Valenzuela – Todo Esta Bien (Original Mix) 06:14 123bpm Em
  19. Alejandro Escala – Pegao (Original Mix) 06:51 126bpm Em
  20. Alejandro Escala – Work It (Original Mix) 07:48 125bpm C
  21. Alex Dittrich – Machine (Original Mix) 06:53 127bpm Cm
  22. Alex Dittrich – Peoples (Original Mix) 06:37 126bpm Gm
  23. Alex Rojas – Down On Me (Original Mix) 05:25 126bpm Ebm
  24. Anatoly Space – Brake the rules (Original Mix) 08:17 125bpm Gm
  25. Anatoly Space – Forget you (Dub mix) 08:23 125bpm Gm
  26. Anatoly Space – Forget you (Original Mix) 08:23 125bpm Gm
  27. Anatoly Space – Life is change (Original Mix) 08:17 125bpm G
  28. Andrea Ferlin – Cinescope (Original Mix) 12:09 127bpm Gb
  29. Andrea Ferlin – One Island (Original Mix) 12:22 126bpm Gb
  30. Andres Blows – Elastic (Original Mix) 05:37 128bpm Gm
  31. Andres Blows – Gummies (Original Mix) 05:46 129bpm Gm
  32. Andrey Djackonda, Elleot – Express (Original Mix) 06:33 128bpm Am
  33. Andrey Djackonda, Elleot – Moment In Time (Original Mix) 07:01 130bpm Db
  34. Andrey Djackonda, Elleot – Saxy Hands (Andrew Azara Red Room Remix) 05:10 130bpm Em
  35. Andrey Djackonda, Elleot – Saxy Hands (Original Mix) 06:57 130bpm Em
  36. Andy Caz – Serum (Original Mix) 08:34 125bpm Eb
  37. Arialdo AP – Calm (Original Mix) 06:36 128bpm F
  38. Arialdo AP – Calm (Randolph DO Remix) 08:02 128bpm Cm
  39. Arialdo AP – Down (Original Mix) 06:04 129bpm Fm
  40. Augusto Gagliardi – Inmunized (Original Mix) 06:12 125bpm Dm
  41. Azteca – Identical (Original Mix) 06:38 128bpm Bb
  42. Azteca, ADRIANZA – Double A (Original Mix) 07:43 127bpm E
  43. Baasmal, Seraphim – Corsick (Original Mix) 06:15 157bpm F
  44. Baasmal, Seraphim – Obsidian (Original Mix) 07:44 126bpm Am
  45. Baasmal, Seraphim – Rhea (Original Mix) 07:52 126bpm Bb
  46. Baasmal, Seraphim – Vincenne (Original Mix) 08:22 126bpm Gbm
  47. Ben Murphy – Chinese Whispers (Original Mix) 06:24 130bpm Em
  48. Ben Murphy – Your Fault (Original Mix) 06:55 130bpm Am
  49. Brad Parker (UK) – Obsolete (Original Mix) 08:07 127bpm Gm
  50. Brad Parker (UK) – Orbit (Original Mix) 06:30 128bpm Dm
  51. Brad Parker (UK) – Watch Your Stance (Original Mix) 07:24 130bpm Gm
  52. Burana – How it (Original Mix) 05:53 127bpm Fm
  53. Burana – Marvine (Original Mix) 06:10 127bpm Cm
  54. CASTILE – Backbeat (Original Mix) 06:56 130bpm Dbm
  55. CASTILE – Ballard Twist (Original Mix) 06:51 126bpm Em
  56. CASTILE – Bebop (Original Mix) 06:37 128bpm Dbm
  57. CASTILE – Dixieland (Original Mix) 06:45 128bpm Dbm
  58. CASTILE – Downbeat (Original Mix) 06:53 130bpm Dbm
  59. Charman – Get On (Original Mix) 05:46 129bpm Em
  60. Charman – Get On (Teddy Walker Remix) 06:27 130bpm Abm
  61. Charman – I Don’t Like (Really Cool) (Fer Alonzo Remix) 06:35 128bpm Dm
  62. Charman – I Don’t Like (Really Cool) (Original Mix) 05:46 129bpm Gbm
  63. Chicks Luv Us, BLANC (FR) – Back In 1995 (Original Mix) 06:32 128bpm Bb
  64. Criminal Bass – Foreign (Original Mix) 06:18 128bpm Cm
  65. Criminal Bass – Notorious (Original Mix) 07:05 127bpm Em
  66. Criminal Bass – Through The Mirror (Original Mix) 06:45 128bpm Am
  67. D’Gian, Vicho Honorato – Submerged (Original Mix) 07:26 127bpm Cm
  68. D’Gian, Vicho Honorato – Talak (Original Mix) 06:41 130bpm Gm
  69. David Berrie – More Of That (Original Mix) 05:27 127bpm Dm
  70. David Berrie – On My Key (Original Mix) 07:05 127bpm Cm
  71. David Berrie – This Is (Original Mix) 06:04 127bpm F
  72. David Berrie – What To Do (Original Mix) 05:58 127bpm Am
  73. De Yan, Dout – Kec (Original Mix) 07:40 127bpm Em
  74. De Yan, Dout – Kec (tIJN Remix) 06:52 128bpm F
  75. De Yan, Dout – Notice (Original Mix) 06:53 126bpm Bm
  76. De Yan, Dout – Notice (Tommy Vicari Jnr Remix) 06:15 126bpm Dbm
  77. Dieru – Back On Track (Original Mix) 08:38 126bpm G
  78. Dieru – Every Little Detail (Original Mix) 06:31 89bpm Ab
  79. Dieru – Lost File From 2018 (Original Mix) 07:04 127bpm C
  80. Djebali – Aerial Shot (Original Mix) 07:12 128bpm Em
  81. Djebali – Hi Reset (Original Mix) 06:16 128bpm Am
  82. Djebali – Hi Reset (Seb Zito Remix) 06:24 130bpm Em
  83. Douse – My Mind (Original Mix) 05:49 127bpm Dbm
  84. Douse – Not You (Original Mix) 06:38 128bpm Eb
  85. Ed Hodge – Hot Point (Original Mix) 06:05 132bpm Am
  86. Ed Hodge – Untouched (Original Mix) 06:12 130bpm C
  87. Eren Arif – Invention of Time (Kepler Remix) 05:59 130bpm Gm
  88. Eren Arif – Invention of Time (Original Mix) 06:00 128bpm Gbm
  89. Eren Arif – Squeezers Zest (Original Mix) 06:36 127bpm Dm
  90. Farid Odilbekov, Futura (RU) – Impetuous (Original Mix) 07:17 125bpm Bm
  91. Fede Aliprandi – Aggressive Dub (Original Mix) 05:12 129bpm Em
  92. Fede Aliprandi – Bloodsport (Original Mix) 05:37 80bpm Bbm
  93. FOLEY (UK) – It’s What We Do (Original Mix) 06:02 127bpm Bbm
  94. FOLEY (UK) – Vibe (Original Mix) 06:05 126bpm Abm
  95. Francesco Squillante – Poligonale (Melanie Ribbe Remix) 05:20 126bpm Fm
  96. Gousso – Party (Original Mix) 06:15 128bpm Cm
  97. Harrison BDP – Seeing Spiders (Original Mix) 07:32 128bpm F
  98. Harrison BDP – Virtual Resistance (Original Mix) 06:38 131bpm Cm
  99. High Soundsystem – Dancin Overflow (Original Mix) 06:29 130bpm Bm
  100. High Soundsystem – Likelihood (Original Mix) 06:27 130bpm Dm
  101. Jack Carter (UK) – Questions Asked (ASH-R Remix) 06:14 130bpm Gm
  102. James Cole – Don’t Tell The Truth (Original Mix) 06:43 126bpm Gm
  103. James Cole – It’s The First Time (Original Mix) 06:06 127bpm Dm
  104. Jasmith – Little Helper 387-1 (Original Mix) 08:10 124bpm G
  105. Jasmith – Little Helper 387-5 (Original Mix) 06:27 124bpm Cm
  106. Joaquin Throendly – Chun Li (Original Mix) 07:15 127bpm Ebm
  107. Joaquin Throendly – Ryu (Original Mix) 06:55 127bpm Gm
  108. Joey Jackson – Augustine (Original Mix) 08:18 127bpm F
  109. Joey Jackson – Fornicate (Original Mix) 07:22 127bpm Gm
  110. Joey Jackson – Kill Bill (Original Mix) 06:12 125bpm Gm
  111. Joey Jackson – One Night In Shinjuku (Original Mix) 07:12 127bpm Gm
  112. Jorge Mattos – Out There (Original Mix) 06:46 130bpm Cm
  113. Jorge Mattos – Your Chance (Original Mix) 06:40 127bpm Dm
  114. JP Elorriaga – Fantasy (Original Mix) 08:26 125bpm Dm
  115. JP Elorriaga – Keep Moving (Original Mix) 07:25 125bpm Am
  116. JP Elorriaga – Oxygen (Original Mix) 07:03 127bpm Em
  117. JP Elorriaga – Pepper Life (Original Mix) 06:43 126bpm Am
  118. Julian Fijma – Force (Original Mix) 07:04 128bpm Fm
  119. Julian Fijma – That Thing (Original Mix) 06:38 128bpm Em
  120. Justin Vilhauer – All The Fucking Time (Original Mix) 06:02 127bpm Fm
  121. Justin Vilhauer – LIV (Joey London Style Remix) 05:24 130bpm Cm
  122. Justin Vilhauer – LIV (Original Mix) 05:00 128bpm C
  123. K POD – Let It Fly (Original Mix) 04:48 128bpm Dm
  124. Kevin Deep – Eternal Sensations (Original Mix) 05:40 127bpm Bbm
  125. Kevin Deep – Eternal Sensations (Ross Kiser Remix) 06:30 128bpm Gbm
  126. Kevin Deep – Feel Me in Your Soul (Original Mix) 06:28 130bpm Cm
  127. Kevin Deep – Pad Love (Original Mix) 06:01 130bpm Bm
  128. Kevin Deep – To Dream (Lee Pearce Remix) 06:05 130bpm Bm
  129. Kevin Deep – To Dream (Original Mix) 06:01 130bpm Em
  130. LCAP – Come on Come On (Original Mix) 06:10 126bpm Am
  131. LCAP – Don Alberto (Original Mix) 07:14 125bpm Bm
  132. lefthandsoundsystem – BWD (Kelly Peanuts Remix) 07:26 128bpm Gbm
  133. lefthandsoundsystem – BWD (Original Mix) 07:24 123bpm Em
  134. lefthandsoundsystem – GNT (Original Mix) 06:02 127bpm Cm
  135. Legit Trip – Back Again (Giomar M. Remix) 07:14 126bpm Gm
  136. Legit Trip – Back Again (Mike Jaguar Remix) 06:27 124bpm Cm
  137. Legit Trip – Back Again (Original Mix) 05:35 126bpm Gm
  138. Lemua – SFU (Original Mix) 06:45 128bpm Cm
  139. Leo Portela, Ariel Rodz – Medular (Original Mix) 07:58 129bpm Am
  140. Leo Portela, Ariel Rodz – Permafunk (Daniel Sanchez Remix) 07:07 129bpm Cm
  141. Leo Portela, Ariel Rodz – Permafunk (Original Mix) 07:00 129bpm C
  142. Leon the Lover, PireZ_ – Found Someone (Original Mix) 06:30 128bpm Em
  143. Leon the Lover, PireZ_ – No Sweethearts (Original Mix) 06:14 128bpm Am
  144. Lucca Tan – How Many Drops (Daktari Remix) 07:25 124bpm Gm
  145. Lucca Tan – How Many Drops (Original Mix) 08:16 126bpm Ebm
  146. Lucca Tan – How Many Drops (Stephan Bazbaz Remix) 08:22 126bpm Em
  147. Lucianno Villarreal – Flow Again (Original Mix) 06:32 128bpm Bbm
  148. Lucianno Villarreal – Keep Keep (Original Mix) 05:52 128bpm Bm
  149. Lucianno Villarreal – Knock (Original Mix) 05:48 128bpm Abm
  150. Lucianno Villarreal – Meraki (Original Mix) 06:18 128bpm Am
  151. Lucianno Villarreal – Mistakes (Original Mix) 07:11 129bpm Gbm
  152. Lucianno Villarreal – Soma (Original Mix) 06:28 130bpm Bm
  153. MAME – Fresh Flavour (Andres Shockwave Remix) 06:03 128bpm Am
  154. MartinoResi, Donatto – Here You Are (Extended Mix) 06:30 125bpm Cm
  155. Matpri – Hoduli (Gianluca Felline Remix) 06:30 128bpm Em
  156. Matpri – Hoduli (Original Mix) 07:12 128bpm G
  157. Matpri – Hoduli (Parsec (UK) Remix) 08:08 128bpm Gbm
  158. Matt Carey – Jeff Bezos On Acid (Original Mix) 06:45 128bpm Am
  159. Max Jacobson – After Effects (Original Mix) 08:49 127bpm Dm
  160. Max Jacobson – Nature Of The Mind (Original Mix) 07:33 127bpm G
  161. Max Jacobson – Nature Of The Mind (Vern Remix) 07:10 125bpm Abm
  162. Max Kernmayer – Midnight Dub (Original Mix) 06:09 130bpm Em
  163. Max Kernmayer – My Organ Went Crazy (Original Mix) 06:39 130bpm Bbm
  164. Max Kernmayer, joh_nna – Through Time And Space (Original Mix) 06:23 130bpm Cm
  165. Mihai Popoviciu – Ground Floor (Felipe Puertes Remix) 06:53 122bpm F
  166. Mihai Popoviciu – Ground Floor (Original Mix) 07:38 126bpm Cm
  167. Mihai Popoviciu – Station 55 (Original Mix) 06:34 127bpm G
  168. Mihai Popoviciu – Station 55 (Sous Sol Remix) 06:55 126bpm G
  169. Mihai.i – Keep My Space (Original Mix) 06:05 130bpm Eb
  170. Mihai.i – Not Good Time (Original Mix) 06:07 128bpm C
  171. Mihai.i – Pampara (Original Mix) 07:07 128bpm G
  172. Mihai.i – Wake Me (Original Mix) 06:23 128bpm Bm
  173. Millidiu – Ioio (Original Mix) 05:02 127bpm Em
  174. Millidiu – Izipisi (Ilya Schulz Remix) 06:55 125bpm Dm
  175. Millidiu – Izipisi (Original Mix) 06:39 125bpm Dm
  176. Millidiu – Superasimmetry (Original Mix) 06:09 126bpm Am
  177. Millz – About The Groove (Original Mix) 06:29 130bpm Fm
  178. Millz – Dark Nights (Original Mix) 06:33 128bpm Dm
  179. Millz – Loco (Original Mix) 06:40 127bpm G
  180. Millz – Welcome Dance (Original Mix) 07:05 128bpm Gm
  181. MINT (JPN) – Antidote (Original Mix) 05:57 129bpm Bbm
  182. MINT (JPN) – Whatcha (Original Mix) 05:58 129bpm Gm
  183. Moncarz – Abstract Ocean (Dani Labb Remix) 07:33 128bpm A
  184. Moncarz – Abstract Ocean (Original Mix) 07:13 125bpm Bb
  185. Moor – Broken Dreams (Original Mix) 07:47 129bpm Abm
  186. Moor – No Ice Cream (Original Mix) 07:01 128bpm Dm
  187. Moor – Throwing Shadows (Original Mix) 06:20 65bpm Em
  188. Nathan Alzon – Like Crystal (Original Mix) 06:19 129bpm Fm
  189. Nathan Alzon – Rose’s Night Out (Mateo Dufour Remix) 07:16 129bpm B
  190. Nathan Alzon – Rose’s Night Out (Original Mix) 05:31 129bpm A
  191. Nicholas Latiff – Butter Notes (Jose Antonio eMe, Carlos Call Remix) 07:17 125bpm B min
  192. Nicholas Latiff – Butter Notes (Original Mix) 06:21 132bpm Fm
  193. Nicholas Latiff – Keep This Thing Going (Original Mix) 08:11 132bpm Bbm
  194. Nicholas Latiff – Rythms Devine (Original Mix) 07:34 132bpm Gm
  195. Nima Gorji, Octave (RO) – Make Memories (Original Mix) 07:44 124bpm Bbm
  196. Nima Gorji, Octave (RO) – Winter Sun (Original Mix) 06:58 124bpm D
  197. Novelo (MX) – Old Skul (Jan.dro Remix) 06:48 130bpm Bm
  198. Novelo (MX) – Old Skul (Original Mix) 08:29 129bpm Bm
  199. Octave – Happy Nights (Mtps Remix) 11:21 125bpm Dbm
  200. Okain – Brother Jack (Original Mix) 06:25 127bpm B
  201. Okain – Green Mousse (Original Mix) 06:37 128bpm Am
  202. Okain – Midnight Feed (Original Mix) 06:32 81bpm Gm
  203. Okain – Tavie One Tooth (Original Mix) 07:17 130bpm Am
  204. Palmiz – For Real (Original Mix) 05:48 128bpm Bm
  205. Palmiz – Morpher (Original Mix) 06:17 129bpm Fm
  206. Palmiz – Trascend (Original Mix) 06:08 127bpm Am
  207. Rash – End of The Day (Original Mix) 07:02 125bpm Cm
  208. Relativ (NL) – Tears (Original Mix) 05:32 128bpm B
  209. Relledocs – Deep Life of Giulia (Original Mix) 07:42 128bpm Am
  210. Relledocs – Don’t Dream (Original Mix) 08:30 128bpm D
  211. Relledocs – Great Sisters (Original Mix) 07:14 128bpm Dm
  212. Rob Duke – Bubblegum (Original Mix) 07:25 125bpm Cm
  213. Rob Duke – Jungle Track (Original Mix) 07:27 125bpm Cm
  214. Roxelio – Got Ya Feelin’ (Original Mix) 06:01 128bpm Fm
  215. Rub A Dub – Artreform (Original Mix) 06:22 126bpm Fm
  216. Rub A Dub – Faza (Original Mix) 06:22 126bpm G
  217. Rub A Dub – Submerged (Original Mix) 06:22 125bpm Gm
  218. Ruben Baiz – Blue Silence (Original Mix) 08:14 125bpm Bb
  219. Ruben Baiz – Russia (Original Mix) 10:04 124bpm Dm
  220. Ruben Baiz – Sunrise (Original Mix) 07:15 127bpm Em
  221. Ruven Medici – Delta 8 (Original Mix) 07:16 132bpm Abm
  222. Ruven Medici – Samurai (Original Mix) 07:52 130bpm Bbm
  223. Ruven Medici – Under The Influence (Original Mix) 07:00 130bpm Dm
  224. RUZE – Back To You (Original Mix) 06:51 129bpm Gm
  225. RUZE – Felicidade (Original Mix) 05:55 130bpm Dbm
  226. RUZE – Hardwire (Original Mix) 07:28 129bpm Gm
  227. RUZE – Je Ne Veux (Original Mix) 06:42 129bpm Ebm
  228. RUZE – Merci (Original Mix) 06:00 128bpm Bm
  229. Sbai – Bri (Original Mix) 06:06 126bpm Bm
  230. Sbai – Femme (Original Mix) 06:18 127bpm Dbm
  231. Sbai – Turn Me On (Original Mix) 06:21 126bpm Ab
  232. Sean Random – Better (Original Mix) 07:48 128bpm Abm
  233. Sean Random – Step Inside (Original Mix) 06:00 126bpm Gm
  234. Sebas Torres – Blondin (Original Mix) 07:10 126bpm Am
  235. Sebas Torres – Leitzel (Etzu Mahkayah) 06:57 130bpm Gm
  236. Sebas Torres – Leitzel (Original Mix) 06:24 130bpm Gm
  237. Sebas Torres – Zazel (Original Mix) 07:02 128bpm Gbm
  238. Secular – Bahn 22 (Original Mix) 08:04 130bpm Dm
  239. Secular – Sunset On Highway One (Late Night Date Remix) 05:08 131bpm Am
  240. Secular – Sunset On Highway One (Original Mix) 06:58 131bpm Dm
  241. Sergio Bennett, Jorhav – Just One (Original Mix) 06:44 127bpm Em
  242. Sergio Bennett, Jorhav – Sickness (Original Mix) 06:30 129bpm Am
  243. Sergio Saffe, Lucas Ferreyra – Magic Background (Extended Mix) 06:08 127bpm G
  244. Sergio Saffe, Lucas Ferreyra – Say It Now (Extended Mix) 06:16 129bpm Cm
  245. Simmo (UK) – Malfunction (Jelsen Remix) 06:30 128bpm Gm
  246. Simmo (UK) – Malfunction (Nanom Remix) 07:00 129bpm G
  247. Simmo (UK) – Malfunction (Original Mix) 06:58 129bpm Fm
  248. Snatio – Acid Cloud (Original Mix) 06:43 125bpm Bm
  249. Snatio – Lost (Original Mix) 06:44 124bpm Cm
  250. Snatio – Revert (Original Mix) 06:38 126bpm Cm
  251. Snatio – Saturday 23 (Original Mix) 07:01 126bpm Bm
  252. Soul Rose – After Rain (Original Mix) 07:07 128bpm E♭ min
  253. Soul Rose – Dog Days (Original Mix) 07:07 128bpm Eb
  254. Soul Rose – Save The Summer (Original Mix) 06:41 128bpm Gm
  255. SY (DE) – Feelings (Original Mix) 06:32 128bpm A
  256. SY (DE) – Visions (Cosenza Remix) 07:04 130bpm C
  257. SY (DE) – Visions (IULY.B Remix) 07:50 128bpm Am
  258. SY (DE) – Visions (Original Mix) 05:34 127bpm F
  259. The Mekanism, II Faces – Café Con Leche (MADVILLA Remix) 06:38 130bpm C
  260. The Mekanism, II Faces – Café Con Leche (Original Mix) 06:03 128bpm Dm
  261. Theo Poles, Leo Delgado (IT) – Fire (Original Mix) 06:17 129bpm Gbm
  262. Theo Poles, Leo Delgado (IT) – Make Me Feel (Original Mix) 06:30 129bpm Cm
  263. THUNDRA – Sideways (Jota Music Remix) 07:12 130bpm Am
  264. THUNDRA – Sideways (Original Mix) 07:39 128bpm A
  265. THUNDRA – Turn Four (Original Mix) 07:43 132bpm Dbm
  266. Tom Savage – On Air (Extended Mix) 06:27 130bpm Cm
  267. Tomico – Bibix (Original Mix) 05:25 129bpm C
  268. Tomico – Right Now (Original Mix) 06:24 130bpm Gb
  269. TooRare – Exotic Destinations (Original Mix) 07:46 124bpm Dm
  270. TooRare – Sakura (Original Mix) 07:21 123bpm Ebm
  271. Vøwel – Ático (Original Mix) 07:01 128bpm D
  272. Waitz – Dexition (Original Mix) 06:31 130bpm Gm
  273. Waitz – Turn Me (Original Mix) 06:28 65bpm Gm
  274. Y.O.S.O.Y. – Bright (Original Mix) 06:23 130bpm Fm
  275. Y.O.S.O.Y. – Deep Ground (Original Mix) 06:21 132bpm Am
  276. Y.O.S.O.Y. – Red Eyes (Original Mix) 06:27 129bpm Cm
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2022.01.18 09:50 Chrollo--Lucifer What do you think was going on inside Meruems Head In this scene?

What do you think was going on inside Meruems Head In this scene? submitted by Chrollo--Lucifer to HunterXHunter [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 09:50 atbuss La taxe pour les non-vaccinés est « injuste », dénonce O’Toole | La Presse

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2022.01.18 09:50 stinkerwren 👑 Shiba Fuji💎 | 10% $SHIB rewards 💰 | Stealth launched at 10k market cap and already on it's way to MOON | Experienced Team 🔥 | Anti Whale 🐳 | $ShibaFuji

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Tokenomics: 10,000,000,000 Total supply

5% max wallet to ensure no whales
Tax 0% for buy 18% for sell:
10% in SHIBA reward
3% to locked liquidity pool
5% to marketing and buyback
Slippage is ~18.5% (18% + 0,5% Pancake)

Links and Social Media:

💰Contract - 0x612c920A581Ab0771869e8747ed97449a46FdAaB
💰Liquidity Lock:
💰PancakeSwap V2:
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2022.01.18 09:50 Ipleasethclouds I’m a guy, what do you think my name is

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2022.01.18 09:50 maybelyn24327 We are finalising the build of our eco-friendly HPC Data Centre and IaaS platform. AITECH is our AI utility token which can be utilised to purchase AI services. #cryptocurrency #solidusaitech #cryptoinvestment #blockchain #investment #cryptocurrencyinvestment #cryptonews #AI

We are finalising the build of our eco-friendly HPC Data Centre and IaaS platform. AITECH is our AI utility token which can be utilised to purchase AI services. #cryptocurrency #solidusaitech #cryptoinvestment #blockchain #investment #cryptocurrencyinvestment #cryptonews #AI We are finalising the build of our eco-friendly HPC Data Centre and IaaS platform.
AITECH is our AI utility token which can be utilised to purchase AI services.
#cryptocurrency #solidusaitech #cryptoinvestment #blockchain #investment #cryptocurrencyinvestment #cryptonews #AI
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2022.01.18 09:50 Ghost_Of_WolfeTone John 2 Wolves 0

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2022.01.18 09:50 Powerful_Bike_4416 18F - Ready for second semester frat parties

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2022.01.18 09:50 I_Am_Aphrodite_ [A4A] Long-term Mafia Group! LOOKING FOR MEMBERS!

Throughout my years of roleplay, mafia themed role plays have always stuck out to me, because they can be interesting as all hell if played just right! I mean, who doesn’t crave Slice of Life, but with a twist? Action packed, crime filled, tense romance, unexpected bonds and cliffhangers! It’s an entire movie on its own. I want this to come to become a reality; for every writer who craves the same style, the same excitement buzz of writing and collaborating with other roleplayers on an action filled roleplay. One that could include some supernatural elements here and there!
So with that being said, I now present my idea of a modern (current day 2022) New York City mafia roleplay! There will be three different rankings overall: The mafia members, civilians, and authorities/officers. Members will be given little to no restrictions in this rp, as I believe that roleplays should run on creativity, not rules. At the moment, we're accepting an unlimited number of people to fill these different roleplay slots, as in the group I’ve gathered so far, some of the spots are lacking in members. Namely, the mafia itself! There are currently three different mafia families, though one is in jeopardy of collapsing on itself, which will leave two. (SEE THE END OF THIS AD FOR ALL NEEDED SPOTS! PLENTY OF MALE CHARACTERS ARE NEEDED TO BALANCE THE RP RIGHT NOW! This is an 18+ SERVER ONLY! )
With this idea, I’m hoping for a group of willing roleplayers who will be long-term, be fully dedicated (meaning they’ll capture the full feeling of the mafia) and active in this roleplay, while being open to writing semi-literate to literate posts to keep the plot line interesting! After all, if a plot is juicy, people will definitely want to hang in there. I have created a small server to give members as much freedom as they need with multiple channels, along with a neighborhood and other channels such as the city and mafia headquarters (for each family) to keep things organized. With this server comes daily lore provided by each member, (every voice is equal :) ) plenty of interesting characters, and room for tons of suggestions! If you’re interested in taking part in this roleplay, don’t be afraid to message me! I will provide detailed information and will help in any way I can to assist you! You'll need discord for this!

 __𝐍𝐄𝐄𝐃𝐄𝐃 𝐒𝐏𝐎𝐓𝐒__ ┌─────-ˋˏ ∵🌹∴ ˎˊ- ─────┐ 
➺ Hitmen and soldiers ( hitmen are male assassins. Soldiers function strongly around the headquarters themselves.)
➺ Messengers (Deliver the messages to rival mafias)
➺ Associates, getaway drivers, and bodyguards (You know the drill!)
➺ Accountants and escorts
 ———ˋˏ ∵🌹∴ ˎˊ——— 
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2022.01.18 09:50 Ill_Understanding393 ._.

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2022.01.18 09:50 quesqotrickster Do you think it's a bad idea to make essential but bigger purchases during venus retrograde?

So non-beauty related and non-venusian things like buying a new phone, fridge, or technology related things? Because I heard venus rx can make your taste in things change for the time period but can it also affect WHAT you buy? Like you buy a tv that is completely unnecessary and similar things? Is it just a good idea to stay away from big purchases for the time perios or is there a way to filter this out? Also, did you binge shop since it started?
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2022.01.18 09:50 cagataycivici The Most Underrated Vue UI Component Library - PrimeVue

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2022.01.18 09:50 CommonVendorNPC I have some frogs, birds and wheat NFTs available!

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2022.01.18 09:50 giraffer89 Søger oxapazam/ oxapax

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2022.01.18 09:50 RathOX Screen purchase help.

Looking at both these screens & unsure which to grab. 4 inches differenced mind. But around £150 different in price after checkout, *black surround isnt 100% necessary since the wall is black.
Projector im using is a TW9400 (6050UB)
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2022.01.18 09:50 Solid-Upstairs-7932 Need help with some things

I’ve been having doubts. How can we sit there and say that the 2 billion Muslims are wrong, since they obviously take their faith very very seriously, and even go so far as to think things like bad dreams are jinns, with sincere and absolute faith.
And they get physical reactions when hearing the Quran. Which they attribute to jinns or the supposed healing power. And we have no right to say it’s placebo if we feel similar things in our churches.
And how can we as Christian’s when having anxiety say “don’t worry! Gods got me!” When there’s a Muslim all the way around the world, saying that exact same thing at the same time?
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2022.01.18 09:50 Whyamihere55555 With or without the flannel? Overall thoughts?

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2022.01.18 09:50 pantslaser214 Test 2

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2022.01.18 09:50 Gordo_51 why does FDG have 6x 15cm guns per side but then gk only has 4 per side?

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2022.01.18 09:50 varricade Chain ambush is not triggered when using Infused Bolt Thrower

Is this a bug or a feature? I have Eliminator and it does trigger it.
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