One of Betty White's final photos, taken 12/20/2021 - Betty would've turned 100 yesterday 🌸

2022.01.18 09:54 scot816 One of Betty White's final photos, taken 12/20/2021 - Betty would've turned 100 yesterday 🌸

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2022.01.18 09:54 _ondra_ 🔥😍

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2022.01.18 09:54 bucket--bot person one was it? (Nothing to hug

world that 😔
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2022.01.18 09:54 Barfly2007 Los Angeles Alligator Farm

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2022.01.18 09:54 Mistressbrindello Unlocked S10 upgrade now available in the UK

It may have been around for a few days as I don't check religiously but I haven't seen any other posts so a quick heads up. Downloading now while waiting for the S22 Ultra!
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2022.01.18 09:54 Piper6547656 [For Hire] Top Notch Writer.

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2022.01.18 09:54 Independent-Dealer21 Bosch, Nio, Black Sesame Chip maker setting up automotive arm for Chinese market, chooses Blackberry QNX

CnEVPost: NIO-backed Black Sesame partners with BlackBerry QNX to build self-driving platform.
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2022.01.18 09:54 Fish_Fap Completed another building in the district. Thoughts?

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2022.01.18 09:54 SomebodyClipRen I know I can't show the picture but, ToE 2, 100%, My first-ever demon!!!

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2022.01.18 09:54 Ninja_In_Shaddows [serious] This is a serious question, expanded below: If god forgives sinners who are truly repentant, does this mean I can commit any sin, including selling my soul to Satan, and I will be forgiven and granted access to heaven upon death?

TL;DR: as long as I know it's wrong, and I feel bad during/afterwards... can I do anything I want?
If I commit a sin, but I repent, and ask for forgiveness, God forgives, right?
So, hypothetically, if I sell my soul to the devil for an easy ride on earth... but I ask for forgiveness, because I know that's wrong... I get a get-out-of-jail card, right?
Here's why I ask: (I give an extreme example; but substitute ANY sin here you like. Just pick one of the hundreds of commandments in Christianity. (there were more than the ten on the tablets))
Say a soldier kills someone to defend a civilian... he has taken life, which is against god's commandments (thou shall not kill). But, if I repent saying that it was to defend someone who MIGHT have gotten hurt... it's ok, right? No hell? So... by extension... I can kill my neighbour, and just say that I knew he was bad, so I killed them to protect anyone they MIGHT have hurt in the future... or might have hurt in the past? I'm good, right?
Or, let's look at something smaller... Could I hypothetically have someone bundled up by mobsters, to have his thumbs removed, if he's a thief who habitually steals from vulnerable people, without showing remorse; And could I do this with a clear conscience?
The thing that makes me think this is OK, is Christianity says, "if a man strikes you upon your left cheek, turn unto him your right." And, as EVERYONE knows, this is the same as saying "you hit me once, on the left, here's the right... but hit me again, and you'll be beaten to death." (modern version is "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough). But... violence is a sin... but christianity says you can sin, in this case... so...
Christianity literally says you can "offer someone out" and violence is ok, as god literally says it.
So... sinning while feeling bad is ok, because you WILL be forgiven, and get access to "heaven", right?
Again... [serious]
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2022.01.18 09:54 Jmonroe_tenn Sentencing for pest- do we have a date?

I’ve been back through the news articles and can’t find a date? Is there a date set?
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2022.01.18 09:54 LSDilly92 LeBron’s scouting report from 2003.

Strengths: Smooth player who makes things look effortless no matter how difficult... Shows unbelievable ability when it comes to passing the ball. Simply has that uncanny court vision and knack for seeing plays develop before they occur... Possesses very good motion on his long range jumper as he does an excellent job of keeping his body square and his shooting with his elbow tucked in ... Owns a quick first step and solid ball handling ability to get past most defenders ... When penetrating to the basket, he shows tremendous body control as he can adjust his shot according to the defense ... Shows remarkable shot selection as he doesn't force too many shots ... Solid rebounder who understands how to position himself well under the boards to gain easy rebounding opportunities ... Shows great poise and leadership on the court... Has a very good body, although not NBA ready. James definitely can put on 10-15 more pounds quite comfortably ... Excellent finisher when running the break where he can take opponents off the dribble and rise up for the quick dunk ... Defensively he shows solid anticipation skills when playing the passing lanes ... Plays the baseline very well where he is often the recipient of a quick pass for the alley-oop dunk ...
Weakness: At this point in his career his defense isn't the best but he does have the physical tools to be an outstanding defender... Has a bad habit of overplaying his man for the quick steal which can leave his player open for the easy shot... Struggles on the free throw line, however getting a free throw routine and experience would be of great benefit to him, plus establishing a sharper mental focus ... His ball handling ability is very good at the high school level, however he still needs work on maintaining better ball protection and has a tendency to get careless ... Perimeter shooting from mid-range isn't as developed as his long-range shooting ... Doesn't exploit his body size enough as his post-up game offensively remains unutilized ... Sometimes he can be a little too flashy at times as he gets caught up in the moment... His shooting off the dribble leaves a little to be desired from 18 feet out... Not a blindingly quick player so lateral quickness on defense should be worked on... Some have questioned if he has bought into all the hype about himself but to his credit it takes a certain level of brashness to handle it all ...
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2022.01.18 09:54 legalPizzaSlayer Husband died laughing

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2022.01.18 09:54 Chauxtime ELI5: Why is the moon perfectly round? Or at least appear that way?

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2022.01.18 09:54 Kellypmac Picking between my current boyfriend and my first love

This is a bit of a long and complicated story, so I’ll try to summarize everything the best I can. I (20,f) am currently in a serious relationship (7 months together) with “Fred” (20,m) we met through college and hit it off really quickly and I’ve been really happy with him. But then there’s this guy “Steven” (20,m) who I’ve known since 6th grade, is one of my best friends, and I’ve had on and off relationships with for years. Growing up neither of us had the easiest lives and something always got in the way of us being together. First his family had to move, I experienced some mental health issues, he joined the army (these just being the biggest ones). Despite everything, we always found our way back to each other no matter how much time had passed and were able to pick up as if nothing happened. We would always start as just friends but our feelings for each other always came back. Part of me always thought in the end we would end up together. That was, until I met Fred. He’s an incredible boyfriend and I love him so much, from the moment we started dating he knew he wanted to marry me one day and throughout our relationship would talk about a future together. He’s very communicative and open with his feelings and emotions as well as very understanding and does his best to make me happy. Steven has always had some issues expressing his feelings and emotions, partially due to some personal reasons, and hasn’t been the easiest to be with, he has certainly made mistakes, but hey so have I. Anytime I talk to Steven I find it hard not to think back on our past, but I’m not entirely sure how he feels about me now or if he wants a relationship (he’s leaving the army for family reasons). The bottom line is, I love both of these men and I don’t want to hurt either of them. I genuinely don’t know what to do, if there’s anything I should do.
TLDR; I’m in love with two men equally, and I have no idea what to do about it.
Please, any advice or commentary is welcome I’m losing sleep over this
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2022.01.18 09:54 notgoodatthat Arcteryx Incendo hoody

Looking everywhere for this jacket. Do anyone know they still sell them anywhere in eu? Or is there a comparable jacket today? The airshed pro also looks good but maybe doesn't layer as good as the Incendo.
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2022.01.18 09:54 chocearthling How do you immediately get rid of things you declutter ?

I have been decluttering quite a lot over the last few weeks however now I have another issue in my cabasement :D
I do not want to throw everything away and thus have a sell/donate pile, which has now moved to one corner of my apartment and my cabasement.
How do you deal with this? Only declutter when I know I have the time/capacity to finish the process? Drive it to the second hand store immediately (they have strange opening times and not always take clothes and I am working, so that makes it really difficult).
I don´ t want to limit my decluttering to the weekend/an off day but am getting frustrated because I feel like I only moved the problem somewhere else for now.
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2022.01.18 09:54 Grrvvpp23 Understanding plasma and how to control it seems to be the key factor to UAPs motion.

I've never dared to post in this kind of subs but the recent posts regarding plasmoids and Hessdalin lights gave us a lot of mind-blowing information, which essentially explains how Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO) and plasma are probably behind what we observe in UAPs.
My findings on this topic started a couple weeks ago, when I saw a video of Professor Simon explaining a declassified document released from The British Ministry of Defense. That document showcases they know most UAPs are a form of plasma, as well as how different countries have used this knowledge to create weapons among other interesting information.
Fascinating stuff, right? After gathering that knowledge I started to look for more info related to plasma, when I stumbled upon what plasmoids are: a self-contained magnetic plasma entity, in which the magnetic fields are trapped inside the plasma holding it in together. Dr. Winston Bostick was behind this research, and I'd like to highlight this following notation based on his work: "Normally in the lab these plasmoids would eventually die out once the magnetic field is removed, but he calculated that, given the charge in the spiral arms and its motion, *this could lead to a regenerative dynamo action, causing the magnetic field to grow in time as the gravitational energy is transformed into magnetic energy.” *
Then this last Sunday, u/taintedblu's response in the Hessdalin lights post showed me Bob Greenyer's work that would glue a lot of things together. This guy has so many amazing pieces of information, I highly recommend watching his videos because he explains all this stuff really well. Starting with his series talking about Hessdalin lights, we can learn that the unique bedrock’s composition of that area would explain the phenomena. He states another case studied by italians in that same region, and concludes that "Since there is typically no lightning before emergence of the Hessdalen light balls and no lightning during the Italians study, they may be suggesting that sudden discharges of static electricity, caused by geology, can initiate the same phenomena in addition to the modes recorded by Singer."
Intrigued by his research, I went down the rabbit hole and watched his presentations from Tree of life - Exotic Vacuum Objects at work and here is where I completely lost my mind. He first introduces us what the CNO cycle is, as well as the George Oshawa Cycle (slide 4), essentially explaining that this cycle contains “98-99% of all of the element nuclei contained in your body”. Coming to say that you can pretty much synthesize all life based on that cycle reaction. BUT, and the most important finding IMO, comes after those explanations, where he showcases Takaaki Matsumoto Electro-Nuclear collapse experiments. In a carbon free environment they were able to see carbon erupting from a lead ball sphere produced in their experiment. And what would make that happen? Well, Exotic Vacuum Objects would! Check out image 19 from his presentation slides, it is mind-blowing to me. His statement after ties a lot of things together, which I’ll link the exact minute so you can understand it better for yourself. Is that carbon spewing the way we observe UAPs move?
There’s a lot to unpack from this subject, but I think we can all agree that all this research is stunning information. What it seems to be clear at this point is that, whatever UAPs end up being, using plasma and understanding how to control it is the key factor to their propulsion methods.
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2022.01.18 09:54 Down-not-out Enjoying the fruits of your labor?

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2022.01.18 09:54 eBook_For_Study [Available] Download Study Guide for Health Behavior: Theory, Research, and Practice Fifth Edition 5th | eBook PDF | Immediate Download | ISBN 10: 1118628985 ISBN 13: 9781118628980

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2022.01.18 09:54 LastGiga W/l

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2022.01.18 09:54 starsky20 Do we know what the next event or Nightmare cards are?

If it's already out in the magazine or mentioned somewhere else. So I would know if I should do an LD tour or participate in the event. I've already wasted 2 LD tickets because every new event gets in the way. First the HDD Surprise, then the Troupe 🙁
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2022.01.18 09:54 Random_Man1999 Is this a weird reason to not come out as bisexual?

So for context, my parents, my siblings and my family in general are very accepting of LGBT. But I don't want to come out, because I just don't want people to praise me simply for being bisexual. I know it sounds dumb, but I feel like they will put me above others just because of my sexuality. Am I just overthinking this?
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2022.01.18 09:54 rtgds123 Idk if its the right sub..wanted to rant/vent. With counselling fast approaching I'm having thoughts and feelings which I don't like. Wanted to get over my insecurity. Thought people here could relate.

My worries: 1.parents spending money for medical school..which i could have prevented by studying at a GMC and literally for free from internship stipend. My batchmates are going to colleges like BMC,MMC,etc and I'm not where I thought I will be...this is making me very insecure. 2. If not USMLE..then realistically how can I pay back my parents the money they will spend for me now? Fee will be like 10lpa for four and half years 3.will it be even worth it in the end should I have chosen this path? This is haunting me too 4. People who were in a similar situation how did you overcome this? How to look forward with a positive attitude?
Just scraped through for karnataka domicile..I won't be getting any GMC , but I will get a govt seat in peripheral pvt colleges (about 13-14 colleges in Karnataka ) fee is 1.4LPA according to last year..but they are okayish colleges which are new and poor patient flow
But parents want to me to study in a good college so they want me to go to MS RAMAIAH /KIMS which are very reputed and good colleges but its a GMP SEAT meaning fee is 10 LPA ..last year cut-off was 522 and 515 respectively I should get it (govt seat in the same colleges needed a score of 620+)
I want to take a drop ..but parents are strictly against it. My friends and batchmates did extremely well they got like under 5k rank and will be joing colleges like govt colleges like BMC (the best college in karnataka).. i was in a academic batch in my coaching and still underperformed and let down both my parents and myself
I feel like a piece of shit..I want to prove to myself that I'm capable of much more.
Parents are fine with spending around 50LPA for 5 yrs ..but I am feeling very guilty and bad.
I see many people around me getting into good engineering colleges and medical colleges ..and eventhough I felt I had the potential, I am not in a position I want to be.
I can't convince my parents to allow me to take a drop, and tbh I'm scared too because of Uncertainty..but want to at the same time
Its really a comprising situation for me and the best I can do Is make the best out of the opportunities I'm getting now.
Its kind of hard and depressing for me rn but no use living and regretting the past..its time to learn and move on ..Ig I just have to be in gratitude I have doors open for me ..but again the other pessimistic thoughts I get about myself kind of makes me doubt myself more
moreover some of my batchmates who have scored like 615+ could also be going to colleges like MSkims ..but through govt quota and ill be going through GMP (ik many people from North who have good scores like 620+ also will come through GMP ..but its the only option for them ..I having karnataka domicile am still going through GMP and I cannot come to terms with myself..especially when my batchmates will also be there...this is making me really insecure
My educational qualifications: NEET (527 , AIR 62XXX) (UR) - karnataka domicile (has most number of seats in the country so I am kind of lucky)
kcet (engineering - 4.6k , veterinary- 1.7k) - was getting veterinary in 4/5 colleges in Karnataka but left for medicine
Pessat - entrance exam for PESU which is like 2nd/3rd best/reputed engineering college in karnataka after nitk and rvce ( 680 rank - was getting cs but left for medicine) - wrote the exam for backup
All this kind of makes me insecure, so I try to mention whatever I can (not a flex worthy mention too) Its these kinds of things I want to get over mainly..the insecurities I'm facing..I don't want it to get the better of me.
Ig thats it about what I had to rant about. Cheers!
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