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2022.01.18 11:30 Jeshba Coming soons on the site

There’s a couple things in the coming soon section of the website does anyone know usually how long it takes for the coming soon stuff to drop once it’s listed on there?
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2022.01.18 11:30 LordEspurr What do you guys think a charger should do on a team and why

I'm curious what every thinks chargers should be doing. Should they be trying to hunt for kills? Should kills not matter? Are they just there to apply pressure/scare then enemy team?
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2022.01.18 11:30 speedings My ex-girlfriend (F21) dumped me after a 4-year relationship with me (M23). and liked a years-old facebook post a few days ago.

Long story short. My ex dumped me after a relationship of almost 4 years. 2 days before she ended the relationship we were still making plans for the future. she decided 2 days later that the relationship was over. We both had a busy period because we are both final year students. She has a lot of household work herself (she still lives at home). She also often has to babysit her siblings' children. She told me that she feels very insecure these past few months and she can't handle this anymore. She does not blame me for mistakes. She would like to keep in touch but have both decided to take a break (3 weeks already). I know she has created a profile on tinder in the last few weeks with pictures I once took of her. I felt then that getting back in touch might never happen again. A few days ago I get a notification that she likes a birthday post (photos) of her to me from 2019 on my timeline on facebook. I'm not sure what to make of all this anymore. Have I lost her or is this a temporary break. I have many questions but don't dare contact her anymore. Friends are giving me advice and support to move on. I feel that I cannot take a new start this way.... Could she still have feelings for me or does she just miss the relationship/attention?
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2022.01.18 11:30 Redditx46 Don’t Have A Heart Attack Now: PATTON

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2022.01.18 11:30 BusterWendyBean The Cozy Corgi Cozy Mysteries - Collection One : Books 1-3 (Cozy Corgi Cozy Mysteries Collection Book 1) by Mildred Abbott

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2022.01.18 11:30 dustyaus nDapp x Neoverse 200 blind box giveaway - Follow NNT on Telegram for a new chance to win each day.

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2022.01.18 11:30 Gilly-Hicks I hate when my Uber driver is going as slow as humanly possible and seems to have zero sense of urgency, and doesn’t even seem to be paying attention to the directions to the point that I have to tell them to get over for upcoming turns

I’m not expecting them to endanger other drivers but damn at least drive the speed limit. I’ve had drivers doing 5 under, and had to alert them to upcoming turns because they had their head up their ass. Love the service, hate not being in control of a painfully slow moving vehicle.
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2022.01.18 11:30 NebulaS106 WTS: Musgt agree to use MM or go first. AR 57. 28*5. Triple Archon (Raiden C3). Looking for offers. Strictly selling and no trades.

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2022.01.18 11:30 thetookflight Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

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2022.01.18 11:30 Tortiose_unturtled MiH vamp? If not, what's better?

View Poll
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2022.01.18 11:30 mswantner Help with Xbox apex coins card bought from meijer

I purchased a card for 2,150 from my local meijer but it only came with a short PIN number. From my understanding Xbox redemption codes are 25 characters. Is there something I’m missing or if someone has the same experience & could offer insight?
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2022.01.18 11:30 SkepticDrinker I can't believe our system is set up to benefit the rich /s

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2022.01.18 11:30 Kamisama420 Well, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my time!

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2022.01.18 11:30 Leather-Radish4943 Ming Aralia roots died back Help!

Hi everyone, I received a Ming Aralia (Amazon gift). Not too long after the roots died way back and are looking pretty pitiful now, there's not much root left. I'm trying to revive it, the foliage is still green besides a bit of yellow. Can I use root stimulator on what's left of the roots? What would be the best potting soil for it? Right now it's in a super light weight organic bonsai mix, which has good drainage but doesn't seem heavy enough to support the tree and forming new roots.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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2022.01.18 11:30 Bruins42 (Trade) Witch HD (Request) Anything I Dont Have

The VVitch (vudu) 2015
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2022.01.18 11:30 Rangerrando so much more on my spicy site

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2022.01.18 11:30 florismrfart Captain Anchovy and the champagne

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2022.01.18 11:30 gg249whiteout Brf cake to bulk after first flush

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2022.01.18 11:30 PolyGlamourousParsec Cut My Hours for My Sexuality?

So was reminded of this today by another post.
I worked at the book store in the mall during uni. This was the mid-90s in a fairly conservative part of the state and it was a couple of weeks before Christmas. Because it was the holidays, the schedule was done from mid-November until New Years (instead of the week before like normal). [And while we are at it, wtf do retail managers do this? Just have one or two fucking schedules. Give Worker A every Sunday and Wednesday off every week. Why spend all the time and effort making a new schedule from scratch every week?]
One day a lesbian comes in and starts raising a ruckus because we didn't stock some lesbian magazine (don't remember the name) and makes accusations about either the store/manageetc being bigoted. After she leaves my moron of a roommate says "that's ridiculous. I mean, it's like half the staff are gay or bi."
"Whaaaa?" manager asks. Bitch, it's retail. You can't swing a boa without striking some queen. So he goes on to explain that "well, PolyGlamarous is bi, PolyGlam's gf is bi, their friend J is gay." He told us all this story as if it was some kind of funny anecdote and not the major betrayal it was to out us all to our uptight, prudish, religious (and not one of the kind and accepting religions) boss in a conservative area in the mid-1990s.
I was closing on Christmas Eve, and was leaving very early Christmas morning to make the trip home for Christmas. That shift I asked her for the schedule because I was going to be gone for a few days.
I had been working 40 hours a week for 6 months, and I was on the schedule for seven hours. My GF (also full time and had been working there for about four months) was down to 12 hours. J (who had been working there for three months) went from 20 hours a week to zero. Everyone else's schedule had more hours to pick up the slack.
I had to believe that she had every intention of fucking us on the schedule, at least until she could manufacture some reason to fire us or we quit. J had quit while I was still home for Christmas. I came back on my first day on the schedule. I was supposed to relieve GF, so I stopped in and picked her up. Gave her a good kissing (because it had been about a week). Assistant Manager said something to the effect of "you should punch in, you are going to be late."
Told her I wasn't actually going to be doing that, and if that bigoted bitch thought she could fuck with my hours because of who I was attracted to she could take the job and jam it up her ass...if she could unclench it long enough to do so. Assistant Manager says "well what am I supposed to do, it was only the two of us on tonight?" Call that bitch and tell her that since she cut all of our hours she can drag her bigotted ass on in here and work them herself. Then GF and I walked hand-in-hand over to the Mrs Fields and got a bag of cookies.
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2022.01.18 11:30 Alpbasket What would elves look like in a World war/Diesel Puma setting?

Ok, so i am thinking about creating a world for to DM that sets in sort of futuristic, World War 1/2 diesel punk setting. And I was wondering what would other races look like in this setting.
The goblins and gnomes are bred together to get Gnoblins,
They are either always in tanks (due to their small size the tanks could more armooperate better) or in tranches, digging small holes to ambush. Basically using any advantage you can have in small size in War
Their technology slightly more advanced and their armies usually made up many experimental forces
The Orcs are like guerrilla fighters. Sort of like rambo/Mandolorian hybird mercanaries who value their practices and fight for the highest bidders.
To put it simply, I have a idea for each race but not for elves. I have thought about combining all 3 elves (dark, high and wood) together but I can’t think what would they use in a war, (as in weapons, armor and vehicles) in a setting like this. Could you help me on that?
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2022.01.18 11:30 ValiantJudge29500 What useful / interesting skill did you learn in the past two years of COVID ?

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2022.01.18 11:30 Blazegamingpug Singulardigm, Part of the Seven set (Yes I know its lazy but I thought it would be cool to join them together)

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2022.01.18 11:30 erer1243 Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 09:30AM

Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 09:30AM
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2022.01.18 11:30 Sebasie My milk plushie came today °-°

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2022.01.18 11:30 pspiq5 Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 - Hype Thread!

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