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Suddenly crashing to Home Screen on 15.1. Any suggestions so I don’t have to upgrade?

Solution 5: Launch Games in Windows Mode. Since games can either be opened in full-screen or windowed mode. So, if your games keep crashing on Windows 10, even after upgrading Windows operating system, then you can consider launching the game in Windows mode.. For this, you have to modify the video settings of your game, then navigate to its launch option, and set it as Window mode. Reasons for The Sims 3 Crashing Issue. The Sims 3 is a life simulation video game published by Electronic Arts. Since its release in 2009, the game has sold over ten million copies around the world. The Sims 3 is supported on plenty of platforms, such as OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and so on. So recently my boyfriend got me HOI4 for my Birthday. It would have been great and all if it didn't keep crashing. The problem is when I start it up the game keeps crashing. I start up the game and before it goes to the loading screen I get a white-screen and then it tells me that hoi4 has stopped working. Here's the thing. It used to work. In most cases, the broken or outdated graphics driver is the main culprit behind the Blender crashing issues. If you haven’t updated your graphics driver for a long time, or if the graphics driver file is broken or corrupted, you may suffer from the program crashing, stuttering, and even screen flickering issues.

2022.01.18 09:37 mythicalwolf00 Suddenly crashing to Home Screen on 15.1. Any suggestions so I don’t have to upgrade?

I know this is a little different to post here but after trying on the iOS sub I realize they’re just gonna scream to upgrade to the newest possible version and be utterly useless. Was already starting lol. So, I deleted that and I figured I would ask here where people know why that isn’t a viable option.
Just like the title says. I have 15.1 and within the past couple of days my apps have been randomly crashing to the Home Screen. It isn’t consistent, usually what will happen is I’ll simply have the app open for a little while and it’ll crash. Some more quickly then others. Mainly I’ve had this issue with Discord and PokemonGo, though I’ve had it with a few other apps like Safari to a lesser extent (I mainly haven’t noticed those ones)
I’ve deleted and reinstalled those apps and plan to restore from backup (if I even have one) as this started only within the past few days. If I can figure it out I want to try to future restore to either 15.1.1 or 15.2 (I’ve heard 15.1.1 is a safer bet). Though I need to find a tutorial on that first.
My main questions is 1) any idea what could be causing this? and 2) is random apps crashing a known bug with 15.1? I’ve heard that dropped calls is a potential problem with 15.1 but I don’t make calls so don’t know if I have the issue.
(Also. I have checked my calendar for unknown events, checked for unknown profiles, cleared safari data, and reset network settings. So if it was something like accidentally clicking a bad link that should have been cleared up I would think)
I’ve had this phone since December and only just started getting these issues so any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I know we are on the edge of a potential jailbreak for 15 so I am trying to be very careful with not accidentally screwing myself out of a jailbreak in the near future.
(If it helps I’m on a 13 pro max)
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2022.01.18 09:37 Coratarzan Doctors of Reddit what is the most embarrassing thing that has happened during a physical check-up/exam?

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2022.01.18 09:37 Robot_Fdo Mimimartini - u/michelamartini 🥵

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2022.01.18 09:37 hublo123 I'm proud of it!

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2022.01.18 09:37 davemenorcA Traditional Portrait, Colored Pencil on 180gsm paper 2020

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2022.01.18 09:37 Temporary-Log-8092 AMAZING Video#shorts

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2022.01.18 09:37 orelorel120 apps are being "close" to the status bar. gnome 41.2, Kernel: 5.10.89-1-MANJARO.

example: qbitorrent is not being "closed"/minimized/running in the background to the status bar.
same for skype and discord.
well, discord specifically, is running in the background but the icons in the status bar are gone.
how can I fix that?
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2022.01.18 09:37 RhiRhiMG Want to buy a gift for someone - help

Sorry if this isn't allowed: I'm needing to buy a gift for someone who plays this game. I honestly don't know the first thing about this and was thinking I could buy them some nice paints or brushes. They've mentioned they're experimenting with different paint types. I have around £30 left in my budget, does anyone have any recommendations?
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2022.01.18 09:37 Down-not-out If this guy received the most votes in history, in the largest voter turnout in history like they claim ....

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2022.01.18 09:37 J3M3Y “Casual” Servers?

Got some friends with su25s on keyboards and was wondering if any servers existed where we can take off and just shoot at each other
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2022.01.18 09:37 mememaster44 What are your go to feel good games?

Starting to feel like a lot of games are becoming a grind such as FIFA and FPS games.
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2022.01.18 09:37 Chebarushki How Nagini ended up with Voldemort? Is there any information available or it still speculation?

We already know that FB and HP share more than one character, but I’m curious how Nagini ended up with Voldemort?
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2022.01.18 09:37 ZeroNautics Titans Together! [NIGHTWING #88]

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2022.01.18 09:37 mettaforall The Noble Eightfold Path - Thich Nhat Hanh

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2022.01.18 09:37 ravenhairedmaid Thankfully someone else said it too

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2022.01.18 09:37 64Byte “Gesunde“ versionen von snacks (z.b. Chips)

Ich trainier jetzt seit ca 6 monaten 2/woche und achte auch mehr auf meine Ernährung. Hab aber gemerkt, dass ich bei nem Kinoabend mit Freunden nur sehr schwer so etwas wie chips widerstehen kann und eigentlich diese für mich auch dazugehören.
Ich bin also auf der Suche nach „gesünderen“ Chips. Also statt ner Tüte Funnyfrisch mal ne chipsmarke finden die zwar natürlich nährstofftechnisch Müll ist aber wenigstens vergleichbar mit anderen Marken ok ist. Selbiges gilt für snacks wie salzstangerl, erdnussflips und ähnliches auf die ich auf Prtys und Filmabenden nicht verzichten möchte, aber den „Schaden“ durch diese möglichst gering halten will. „Gesund“ deswegen in „“.
Gerne auch die Supermarkette. Hab eigentlich alle gängigen Ketten in Laufweite und als Bayer natürlich aldi süd.
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2022.01.18 09:37 Certain_Cartoonist11 Love Is In The Air Valentine Days Design Shirt

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2022.01.18 09:37 TTI2256 Playing IE1 again after a while and found this guy. OG Shindou/Fubuki

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2022.01.18 09:37 SweatyBeefCake Assaulted by bouncers for recording a video of my friend being kicked out

Hey guys. So this happened on sunday 9th jan. I've filed a police report but not sure if there is anything else I can do. We were on a night out in a club in Birmingham (friend who's at uni lives there) and my other friend walked into a room that had a sign 'staff only' sign which was on the dance floor, he walked straight out about 10 seconds afterwards. The bouncers saw this and started to drag him out (all on video). Now this is fine, they are just doing their job and I am just making sure my friend is safe as he wasn't resisting at all and they were being very aggressive. After about 1:30 min of recording they notice my flash from my phone and attempt to hit the phone out of my hand (also shown in the video). One guy jumped on me, completely crushing me, whilst the others were surrounding him, and was gouging my eye with his finger screaming "delete the fucking video now". I really don't remember much other than that, and know I was completely trapped under them. Unfortunately, the video stopped during all this however they were wearing body cam and there was definitely CCTV. I suffered a broken nose (no idea what happened) and had an ambulance called as I had severe chest pains (heart condition) however the ambulance was taking too long and I had to get in a taxi that was on the side of the road. The police have not got back to me yet but I'm assuming they will try and retrieve CCTV & bodycam footage? What's stopping this club just deleting it? The CCTV might not even cover the hallway where this occurred either - which means this will go nowhere. The reviews on google all say the exact same thing about the bouncers attacking people and being awful in general - and I really don't want them to get away with this. I have the video still which shows me walking behind them and recording - and the same will be shown in every video account they have too.
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2022.01.18 09:37 Sykless January Pokémon french facts #12

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2022.01.18 09:37 Montiejjones Josephine Skriver

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2022.01.18 09:37 Unknown-Ad45 Has limited time clothing ever returned before

Missed the prison outfit from the gta trilogy will I have another chance at it again?
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2022.01.18 09:37 The_Fabastic_One Nothing to look here

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2022.01.18 09:37 Sakib_Hasan98 LPIDAO

LPIDAO This project looks very interesting. I feel love after reading information about the project. It is interesting to observe and be a part of such project #LPI #LPIDAO #CRYPTO #BINANCE #BEP20 https://lpi.finance/ https://t.me/LpiDaoOfficial
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2022.01.18 09:37 AideGloomy1638 Orion nebula 2 min exposure

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