Amazon’s 3rd party delivery driver fined for being overwhelmed and having too much in the van. We all know what’s going on here - the driver was overloaded and both Amazon and the 3rd party employers offloaded the risk to the driver.

2021.12.01 00:24 RealCaseyBlack Amazon’s 3rd party delivery driver fined for being overwhelmed and having too much in the van. We all know what’s going on here - the driver was overloaded and both Amazon and the 3rd party employers offloaded the risk to the driver.

Amazon’s 3rd party delivery driver fined for being overwhelmed and having too much in the van. We all know what’s going on here - the driver was overloaded and both Amazon and the 3rd party employers offloaded the risk to the driver. submitted by RealCaseyBlack to AntiworkNews [link] [comments]

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If you have not heard about App Tracking Transparency framework in iOS, Here is the article to give you some tips about that.
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My brother is playing cs:go and I wanna buy him capture card so it improves quality of his streams. Will capture card affect his performace, since he plays on high elo?
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2021.12.01 00:24 RestNew2442 Heartbreak Case of Anita Cobby

Today we will talk about a horrific crime that scarred the residents of Australia, the small town of Prospect, New South Wales may never heal from this crime. Former Miss Australia winner and nurse Anita Cobby was abducted, raped, and decapitated.
Sunday morning, February 2, 1986, Anita got a call while she was getting ready for work from her husband asking if he should pick her up after work. She was working as a nurse in the surgical ward at Sydney Hospital until 3 pm that day but she refused and said she had made plans with her friends and planned on sleeping at her parents’ home. Little did they know, that would have been the last time they ever spoke to each other.
Anita and her 2 friends, Annette “Lyn” Bradshaw and Elaine Bray went to Redfern Restaurant that evening and had an amazing time. Around 8:30 pm that evening, Elaine who lived in Crows Nest offered Anita to stay at her place that night but Anita said no because she wanted to sleep in since her shift started at 1:30 pm the next day. Lyn then drove Anita to the Central Railway Station and boarded the train to Blacktown.
By the time Anita had arrived at Blacktown Railway Station, it was late, usually, she would call her father to pick her up but unfortunately, the payphones were vandalized and there was no available taxi. Anita’s home was around 2 km away which would be around a 30 min walk. Anita didn’t think much of it and decided to walk home through the town she was so familiar with.
Now before we get into what happened that night, let’s talk about Anita Cobby. According to her friends, she was gorgeous, kind, and full of life. She regularly participated in beauty pageants, and she had won the Miss Western Suburbs beauty pageant in 1979. After graduating high school Anita followed her mother’s footsteps and decided to enroll in nursing school. During her training, she met John who also was a fellow nurse. They fell in love and decided to get married.
According to John, when he saw Anita, it was love at first sight. He was dating another girl during the time he met Anita and apparently, he had strong feelings for her, but he couldn’t help the strong attraction he had for Anita. One day Anita passed by John in the hallway and struck up a conversation with him. They clicked right away and became inseparable. He was single now and asked Anita out on a date.
For their first date, they went to a restaurant and talked for hours. They loved the food there and the atmosphere of the restaurant so much that they went there often. Anita and John became friends with the staff and owner. Everyone there knew how much they loved each other and how happy they were.
6 months after they started dating, they moved in together and a year after they started dating they were engaged. Some people may consider this moving fast but Anita and John knew they couldn’t live without each other. Soon after their happiness doubled - they found out they were pregnant. Sadly, however, they had a miscarriage but this devasting moment didn’t wavery their love for each other.
Anita and John had a small catholic wedding and only invited their close family and friends. Instead of having a honeymoon, they decided to put the money they saved towards renting a house, eventually got 2 dogs and bought a boat. Anita and John loved their life, they loved being free and being outdoors. Both worked hard during the week and on the weekend, they would grab both dogs and sail on their boat. Few years later, Anita and John moved to Coff’s harbour. Anita got a job as a nurse at the local hospital and John trained horses by day and at night he was a nurse. A year later, one of John’s friends flew down to Coff’s harbour and went to the races where John placed a bet on one of his own horses. In the end, John ended up winning $10,000 and with that money, he and Anita travelled and enjoyed life. Once they came back home, John realized that he had had enough of travelling, having fun with just his friends and wife. He wanted more, he wanted to start a family and have children. Anita, however, wanted to continue travelling, hang out with friend’s and do things as a couple. This lead to many arguments and caused them to drift apart since they wanted very different things during that stage of their life. In the end, they decided to take a break from their marriage. Anita cancelled their lease and moved in with her parents and John moved in with his mom and sister.
Who would have guessed that 6 weeks after Anita moved in with her parents, and walked along the familiar road home, it would lead to the worst night of Anita’s life and eventually her death?
Now let’s head back to the night of Anita’s murder. What we know so far is that Anita decided to walk home the 2 kilometres and she never made it home. The next morning, her parents realized she wasn’t home but didn’t worry too much since she was a grown adult, they knew she was out with friends and figured she probably slept over at a friend’s home. Things got worrisome when her parents received a call from her work asking where Anita was. Her colleagues, boss, and family knew Anita as a responsible punctual adult who was never late for work, and if on the off chance she was, she would call in and let them know. Right away the parents went to the police station to file a missing report, once they were home they called everyone Anita knew to see if they had heard or seen her.
Later that evening, the parents decided to call John Cobby and immediately he went to Anita’s parent’s home. He also tried calling people and asking around.
The next day the police received a disturbing call from a local farmer. The police went to Reen Farm and saw a horrifying scene. The farmer told the police that, that morning he saw the cows out in the pasture huddled together but didn’t think much of it and went on with his day but when he saw the same thing hours later, he knew something was wrong and decided to go see what was wrong. As he got closer to the cows, he saw a bloody naked body face down. When he looked at the body, he immediately knew that this woman was tortured beyond belief. The police then asked him routine questions. The farmer did mention he heard a scream late at night that woke him up, but he didn’t think much of it since he did have a history of teenagers coming into his fields screaming and having fun late at night. Never did he think it was screams of a woman being raped and murdered. The police tried to look for an ID but couldn’t find anything. They did however notice a unique Russian interlocking ring on her finger, so they hoped to identify the body with that. The police then turned the body over and saw her eyes were wide open and there was horror and pain on her face. After the police were done with the crime scene, they went back to the station and started looking through the missing person’s reports and came across Anita Cobby’s report. They saw the picture Anita’s father, Garry brought in and compared it to the women’s body they had found. They were 99% sure it was her but they wanted to make sure, so they called up Anita’s parents and asked them to come to the station. They brought the ring to them, and the parents did confirm right away that, yes it was Anita’s ring. The police then turned to John and asked him to come and identify the body, but he said he couldn’t do it and how he wasn’t able to see her in that state. Grace, Anita’s mother, then said she would go in and confirm the body since as a nurse she has seen dead bodies before. The police said, no because they knew the state Anita was in and as a woman and mother, they couldn’t let her see her. It would have been devastating not just as a woman but as a mother seeing your child like that. Garry then decided to go to the morgue and confirm the body. He took one look at the body and said, “I wish I could say that’s not my daughter but then it would be someone else’s daughter and they would be going through what I am going through.” He knew she went through something worse than hell and he completely broke.
The police decided to put together a team that would look after this case. First, they investigated the people closest to Anita. They brought in John Cobby for questioning. They believed he was behind it, since he and Anita had separated 6 weeks prior, and they got an anonymous tip from an alleged close family member saying how they should investigate the husband since he was obsessed with her. Shortly after, another tip came in accusing John of saying things about Anita. The police asked him many questions about their marriage, what happened, why did they separate, how were things before and then eventually asked for his alibi for Sunday night. John told them that he was alone at home, he came home from work and stayed there and the next morning he went back to work. Officers and detectives did not believe him, they still were suspicious of him because in most murder cases the spouse or partner is the culprit of murder, and his alibi wasn’t sold. There was no way to confirm if he was at home alone. The police believed his motive was that he wasn’t over Anita and that it was his jealousy that made him torture and murder Anita. At this point the police kept pushing and accusing John of killing Anita, asking why he would do such a thing, that he should admit to it. They even got physical with him, according to John, they slammed him to the ground, pushed him to the wall and even slammed his face to the wall and repeatedly said, “You did this just admit it” to try and force a confession. Little did they know that John and Anita had started seeing each other and were already looking at houses to rent to move in together. John was in love with Anita, he was head over heels for her and he felt so guilty and blamed himself for her death. Why, that morning when he called her asking if he should pick her up after work, did he not push some more, why didn’t he offer to pick her up after the dinner date with her friends. If he had, none of this would have happened and Anita would still be here. Because of this guilt, the fogginess of his brain, hours of questioning, the physical abuse and the constant blame of him doing it and how he should admit to it, John admitted to the murder.
The investigators then realized something, even though they got a confession out of John, they weren’t satisfied, things didn’t add up, and in the back of their minds, they knew that this confession was forced. So they went back to the autopsy report, the investigators realized the wounds Anita had suffered were very different from each other. It was clear that multiple people were a part of this, not just one. The wounds, the weapons, the extent to which she was brutalized could not have been possible by one person in a short amount of time. Eventually, they ruled out John, and sadly there was no one else on the suspect list. So, they continued to search and dig. They couldn’t figure out who was behind it or what the motive was. They had no leads at all. They started looking at local sex offenders living near the train station and the route home, people who had a history of crimes against women, but they were ruled out. The media found out about this case and did everything to push it to every outlet, the police encouraged it, hoping it would lead to some leads. Soon, a very well-known morning radio DJ, John Laws got a hold of Anita’s autopsy report. He contemplated for hours if he should read it on air but then decided the public has a right to know. Before this, the public nor Anita’s parents knew of what Anita went through but now all of Australia did. Once the public heard the autopsy report, they were outraged, Anita’s parents were also upset but in the end, were thankful because they believed the public needed to know. The leaked autopsy report spread like fire nationally.
On the autopsy report, the medical examiner mentioned Anita’s body showed extensive bruising on her head, breasts, face, shoulders, groin, thighs and legs which were consistent with “a systematic beating” Her breasts were so damaged it seemed like someone had targeted them on purpose. She had lacerations on her hips, thighs and legs from the barbed wire, several cuts to her neck, her ear was nearly severed, her windpipe was severed, on one hand, most of her fingers were fractured, on the other hand, her 3 fingers were nearly severed off making it seem like she was trying to protect her face or throat from the knife. She had defensive wounds all along her arms and wrists. Her entire body was bloody and beaten, her eye socket was broken and both eyes were completely black and both of her cheekbones were broken and both shoulders were dislocated. When her body was found, her eyes were open indicating she had seen the killer slice her throat. The medical examiner, in court, said the reports made by the radio station were altered and Anita was not mutilated apart from slashing of her throat and hands, and there was no attack with a knife on her stomach or genitals and her shoulders were not dislocated.
After hearing all this on the morning radio show, everyone was struck with fear and hatred. People wanted justice but more than that they wanted blood. They wanted the killers to be given capital punishment. Everyone was talking about it, they started raising money, had protests, tried getting interviews with the police, the people of Australia were livid. The Premier at the time offered a $50,000 reward for anyone who had information leading to the arrest of Anita’s killer. Days later the reward doubled. The pressure on the detectives grew immensely which resulted in the decision to re-enact Anita’s last night in hopes it would jog the minds of those who passed by her. They got an officer to dress up like Anita and start the night like how Anita did. Through this, they realized that Anita took the earlier train not the one they had initially thought of. This led to them discovering that around the time Anita would have been on Newtown Road. This caused the police to realize they got several calls from various people in that area that night. The first call they received was from a 13-year-old boy and his 14-year-old sister and they said they heard a woman screaming and when they went outside, they saw a woman getting grabbed and pushed into a car. They tried running to the car, but the car drove off. At that moment their older brother had come home, and they told the brother what they saw, he got back into the car and started searching for the woman and the car. Paul, the brother, went up to Reen Road and did see a car that fit the description his brother gave but when he went up to it with his flashlight, nothing seemed suspicious. He didn’t find anything inside of it, nothing seemed suspicious. So, he thought it wasn’t the same car and left. The police followed up and now had a description of the car. A few days after, the detective on this case got a tip that would lead to this case finally being solved and arresting Anita’s killer.
A police informant told the police they had seen 3 men steal a car that fit the description of the car that had taken Anita that night. The man who was said to have stolen the car was John Travers. It was known to the people of Blacktown that 22 year old John Travers ran in a group and he was the leader of that group. The other 2 men were Michael Murdoch who was 18 and Leslie Murphy who was 22. Leslie Murphy was also dating Traver’s sister.
When the police heard that they stole the car and could potentially be behind Anita’s murder they sent up 2 teams to go pick up the men once they located them. One team went to Traver’s family home, and the second group went to Traver’s uncle’s home. Both teams forced entry and found Travers and Murdoch sleeping in the same bed at the uncle’s home and found Leslie at Traver’s family home.
When all 3 men were brought in for questioning. Leslie and Michael both admitted to stealing the car and were released on bail. However, they were both put under surveillance. They had undercover cops watching their every move. Travers also admitted to stealing the car, but he made some shocking comments about Anita.
So back when the team raided Traver’s uncles’ home, they found a bloody knife and when the police questioned Travers about it he said, ‘I didn’t slit that sluts throat’. The police were a little taken aback since they didn’t even mention Anita.
Before we get into what happened next, let’s talk about these boys. John Travers had a very hard childhood. He grew up in poverty and allegedly his father would physically and sexually abuse him. Because of this, he turned to drugs and alcohol around the age of 12 and 13. By 14 he was dependent on these substances which eventually got him kicked out of school. With this newfound free time, he would be on the street robbing people and stores so he could pay for the substances. His mother had had enough and sent him away in hopes he would reform but that didn’t happen. When he returned from the reform program, his mother became very ill and couldn’t care for him or his siblings anymore. This caused the kids to be separated and be put into different foster homes. With this change, he started becoming sexually violent, not just with people but with animals as well. John told a story of how he once stole a sheep and was planning on just killing it and barbequing it but before he did that, he sodomized it and slit its throat at the same time. Seeing the sheep in that state gave him gratification and pleasure which later was confirmed that there was his semen on the sheep’s wound.
Michael Murdoch was John’s best friend. He was considered to be John’s side kick, found him super cool and wanted to be just like him. He also grew up in poverty like John but there are no reports of physical, mental, or sexual abuse from his family. However, as soon as he met John, they had a very similar lifestyle. Michael did everything exactly like John, robbing stores, doing drugs, getting kicked out of school. It’s like Michael was another John. The 3rd name given was Leslie Murphy, he had a history of robbery and petty crime. The other 2 were Leslie’s older brothers, Gary, and Michael Murphy. Besides John, the group didn’t have any history of violent crime or crime against women.
Like previously mentioned John Travers did have a history of rape allegations, so they took blood samples from him and kept him in the station. While in the holding cell, Travers asked if he could call his aunt to bring him cigarettes. The police asked for the aunt’s number and called her. When the aunt, who is actually the girlfriend of the uncle whose house Travers and Michael were found in, picked up the call she immediately told the police that she needed to speak to them about John Travers. How she wanted to speak to them for the last couple of days but didn’t know how to.
The aunt and the detectives decided to meet that night. Around 6 pm that evening, 2 detectives met with the aunt and said she immediately looked uncomfortable, so they decided to take her to their unmarked police car to make her feel comfortable. Once she got into the car, the aunt opened up, she said she had a bad feeling for the last few weeks that Travers was involved in Anita’s murder. Travers had a history of telling the aunt about all the crimes he committed in the past. Whenever he would commit any type of crime or sexual assault, he would tell the aunt but he didn’t tell her about Anita’s murder. The aunt just had a bad feeling that he was involved. The police then decided to come up with a plan. They told the aunt to come to the station and bring him the cigarettes as he requested, and while she is with Travers she would have a hidden tape recorder on her. The officers wanted the aunt to gradually bring up the topic of Anita without raising suspicion, to get a confession
A few days later, the aunt came to the police station and brought cigarettes and had a normal conversation with Travers. As she predicted, he opened up about Anita right away. She asked if he had sex with Anita, she made sure she didn’t use the word rape because she wanted him to feel comfortable and open up and didn’t want it to seem like she was fishing. He did say he did have sex with Anita and continued to say 4 other men were involved. He told her the entire story of what happened that night and just laughed through it all like he was showing off and had absolutely no remorse. He then asked the aunt for help, asking her to go back to his parent’s house to find his favourite knife with the brown wooden handle which he used to kill Anita and then also find his jeans which were bloody from that night to get rid of it and lastly go to Leslie Murphy’s home and get rid of the car. Additionally, John came up with a plan to get out of the holding cell, right next to the police station was a train station so he told his aunt to go up to the train station and derail one of the trains so the train can go off the tracks and hit the back of the police station and then with the hole in the station and no one really paying attention to him, he will escape. He then came up with a new plan... he asked his aunt to go speak with Michael Murdoch and Leslie Murphy and get them to come to the station with guns drawn between 3-3:30 am because that’s when there’s the least number of officers at the station.
People wondered why all of a sudden the aunt decided to shed a light to Travers’ deeds when before he already had a history of rape and she knew about things he had done but never went to the police. She said that it was because no woman should ever go through what Anita went through. When the aunt returned to the officers with the confession recorded, she collapsed and kept saying he did it. The police now had a full confession, they knew that all 5 people were responsible but they wanted to make sure so they decided to get a second confession from another member of the group. The aunt went over to Michael Murdoch’s home with the recording device, she started of saying how Travers admitted everything, how she knows everything and then asked what happened. First Michael didn't admit to anything, but he did leak tidbits of similar things that Travers did so in the end the police did have a conformation of the confession which would hold up in court. Once the police reviewed the information, they immediately went to arrest them. After the police went to Travers’ parent’s home to search for the clothes. 2 days later, they found the last 2 men. When Gary Murphy saw the police, he ran out of the back door into the garden to escape but of course the police had the house surrounded and tackled him and when the handcuffs came on his hand, he peed himself. He was that scared of the police. So in 22 days all 5 men were arrested and charged. They then took the men to reeanct what happened that night and made them explain step by step what they did that night and where they went.
Now what happened the night of Anita’s murder? We know she took the 8:48 pm train from Central Railway station to Blacktown station and when she got to Blacktown station she was going to call her dad but all the payphones there had been vandalised, and there were no taxis at the stand so she decided to walk the 2 km home. At that time, 5 men were driving down the street, they were drunk, high from drugs and looking for a good time. Travers first saw Anita and said to slow down the car next to her. and then he and Michael jumped out of the car and grabbed Anita and pushed her into the back seat while beating her so she would stop screaming and fighting. Once she was inside the car, they forced her to take her clothes off. Anita was kicking and screaming, and they kept punching her face. She kept saying she’s on her period and that she is married but they didn’t care, they just beat her more. They did stop at a gas station to put gas in the car they stole, before entering the gas station and while putting the gas in, they pushed Anita all the way down towards the feet of the back and held a knife to her throat so she wouldn’t scream. Once they put a bit of gas, they took money from Anita’s wallet to pay. The men then drove her to Reen Road and when they got to a field they told her to go to the field but she was so physically broken from the beatings she couldn’t move at all. So the men dragged her through a barbed wire fence to the field and continued sexually and physically assaulting her for an hour and half. Until this point, the men all agreed with what happened that night, but now they started arguing. Argued with who exactly wanted Anita dead. Majority did say in the end it was a unanimous decision that they should kill her since she knew what they looked like. Then encouraged Travers to kill her. Travers then took his knife and slit her throat. It was said that he did it so forcibly that it almost severed her throat. It is believed that from the time her throat was slit to the time she died it was 2 minutes. The men then took her clothes and their clothes besides John Travers who wanted to keep his bloodied clothes and burned it.
When trial began for these men, it was insane, there was so many people outside waiting to see the men, when the men were transferred into the cars the people surrounded them, the police had to drive super slowly. People were campaigning for the death penalty but at that time, the death penalty was abolished from New South Wales. People came all the time in front of the courts to show their support and try to push for capital punishment, they made signs saying it and even made a dummy that was hanging from a rope around his neck to make it crystal clear what they wanted. The parents didn’t hold any anger towards the killers, they didn’t forgive them but they believed being angry towards the killers and having those negative thoughts were only going to harm themselves. So they took that and started raising awareness for woman to make better decisions and be safer. The parents wanted to remember and honor Anita’s life and not associate it with any type of hate. With Anita she couldn’t do anything else, her only option was to walk, the pay phones were out and there were no taxis. Gary and Grace made it a point that if the option is there, get a ride, use the phone. Don’t think oh my home is ‘right there’ I’ll just walk.
John Cobby fell into drug and alcohol abuse after Anita’s death, he believed that in a way he wanted to die by accidently overdosing and didn’t have the courage to kill himself. Later on he did get help, he went in and out of psych hospitals and was left with severe mental health issues. Years later, he did start dating again, got married, and had kids but not before changing his name. Mentally it got to a point where he couldn’t think or say the name Cobby without thinking of Anita. So, he changed his name to John Francis. 2 decades later, John realized he was just running from his past and he needed to embrace it so with the help of his son, he changed his last name to Cobby. Even his son did to, to support him
Back to the aunt, John Travers was well connected to dangerous men and these men did find out it was the aunt that told the police about what happened, the aunt started receiving death threats from the men and she, her boyfriend who was the uncle of Travers and their children had to be put into witness protection.
After 3 decades, in 2019, Gary Murphy was seen being transferred from Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital to long bay jail after he spent several weeks at the hospital recovering from injuries sustained when he was attacked by several men in a shower block. Michael Murphy died in jail from liver cancer in February 2019 at the age of 66. Everyone else is still in jail.
Well that is it for today’s case, Thank you for reading and until the next case. Bye
Tiktok: Crimewithm
Youtue: Crimewithm
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2021.12.01 00:24 mammoth-spunk Follow-up: Subreddit Survey Results

Note: There was some criticism about the formulation of some questions and answers. I acknowledge this criticism as valid, and in the future I may post a different survey that takes this feedback into account. In the present moment, I have no immediate plans to do so. If you did not see your point of view reflected, feel free to share it in this thread.
n = 99
Question 1: Religion

Question 2: If Christian, which denomination?
Question 3: Free Will...
Question 4: The Bible is infallible
Question 5: Once saved always saved is...
Question 6: Scripture Alone is...
Question 7: Faith Alone is...
Question 8: Grace Alone is...
Question 9: Water baptism is...
Question 10: Mary was...
Question 11: Homosexual acts are...
Question 12: The Eucharist is...
Question 13: I believe Jesus would be proud of me
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2021.12.01 00:24 CopiusConscience Some People: “Walt was ALWAYS Heisenberg”. Yeah sure, this is definitely Heisenberg material right here. The immense remorse/guilt shown here, perfectly fits with Heisenberg’s character.

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2021.12.01 00:24 Stanley_C Why is Distance to a Server So Important for Access Throughput?

Why does a server 50 miles away from your current location so much faster than a server 100 miles away, or a 1000 miles away (at least when local network hardware is not the limiting factor)?
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25M, 260lb, 6'1, white, enflamed red lines and bumpy skin on left bicep area, 1-3 days.
I have adhd and sometimes I itch my arm or my neck without really paying attention or noticing. I took my shirt off to notice enflamed red lines and bumpy skin on my bicep area of my left arm. My gf thinks it's from itching, but I don't remember itching at all. some pics I took of the affected area.
I also work with trees, often in the woods, and I cut a lot of vines. However, I don't think I've recently gotten into poison ivy. Recently worked on mimosa, sweet gum, a few different oak varieties, honeysuckle, Hackberry, hawthorn, and about 5 million vines I cut the other day.
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2021.12.01 00:24 Trayzy Introduction to Gain Network for Traders and Investors.

Introduction to Gain Network for Traders and Investors. Yes, it's a big read. But it's a big project that is already a fully functioning Decentralized Leverage Exchange with a sub $15M m/c that averages 130-150% APR while deflating 20% of the supply in 6 months.
If you want to understand why you should pay attention, here it is...
Gains Network has two goals 1. To provide the best and fairest leveraged fully trading experience to traders, on a fully decentralized protocol. 2. To provide value to GNS token holders by a) awarding liquidity providers a share of the trading fees b) rewarding all long-term holders through its deflationary mechanism.
Gains Network $GNS On Polygon Network Only on QuickSwap Market Cap $13,215,668.65 (Nov 29 2021) Total Supply 30,654,084
Gains Network is a decentralized leveraged trading platform. That platform is the first in what will be a suite of products, with a forthcoming betting/casino platform being the second.
Gains Network was established in Jan 2021 under the name Gains Farm, and was rebranded in November 2021. At that time, the GFARM2 token underwent a 1:1000 split, where 1 GFARM2 token could be bridged to 1000 GNS tokens. The token had zero premine and was entirely distributed to the community on Ethereum (before it was bridged to Polygon) in a liquidity pool everyone could participate in.
$GNS liquidity providers are the foundation of the ecosystem, and the platform is built around the mint/burn mechanism of GNS tokens. It is a unique mechanism that Gains Network has created and is a core innovation of the protocol. The result is a token that pays over 100% APR to Liquidity Providers, generated from user fees to ensure long term viability, regardless of external market conditions.
This summary will be broken down into two sections. One to describe the Trading Platform and one to describe the Tokenomics.
Trading Platform
Gains Network Trading Platform
The platform currently features leveraged trading of: 37 crypto pairs (and growing) at up to 150x leverage 10 Forex pairs at up to 1000x leverage. Commodities, Stocks and Indices are coming.
The platform features a unique fully synthetic architecture, making it radically different to trading perpetuals, and uses a real-time custom Chainlink DON that aggregates pricing data from 8 exchanges. This is significant for several reasons:
  • Zero funding fees.
  • Trades can have any leverage without having to borrow any funds. It’s fully synthetic, so positions can be held open for years, as there are no borrowing cost eating away at your position.
  • Lower trading fees. Lower than all competing decentralized platforms.
  • Scam-wicks are eliminated. Perpetuals platforms generate their own price, making it subject to price manipulation (or even fat finger trades), where large market trades on the underlying asset can influence the price and liquidate leveraged positions even though that price does not reflect the true market value across other exchanges. Many people assume that a Tier 1 CEX is the safest way to leverage your positions and this is factually wrong for this reason.
  • Superior capital efficiency compared to purpetuals exchanges. Since liquidity is required only from the GNS/DAI pair, adding more trading pairs and alternative assets does not require additional liquidity. Every other platform requires liquidity providers for any pair they make available, since they generate their own price using an order book (that matches buyers with sellers). Gains Network doesn’t need a huge amount of liquidity to generate a perfect user experience (more on this below - see "Liquidity").
  • Broad range of assets. Virtually any asset where real time pricing data is available can be added, with any pair. Currently crypto and Forex pairs, but more are coming, such as commodities (gold, silver, crude, nat gas), stocks (FAANGS, TSLA etc), stock indices (Nasdaq, S&P 500, FTSE, DJIA, DAX) and cross pairs such as BTC/EUR or TSLA/BTC. Even DOGE/Silver is possible.
Gains Network offers the fairest leveraged trading platform.
  • No funding fees; keep trades open indefinitely.
  • No scam wicks.
  • Using spot prices.
  • Highest leverage available anywhere.
  • Fixed spreads. This is a big deal, since during high volatility a broker can increase the spread making the bid/ask higher, meaning it can hit your stop loss without the price even moving.
  • Trade directly from your wallet without deposit/withdrawal fees and keep custody of your funds.
  • No liquidation until >90 loss (Some platforms liquidate as little as -50%).
  • No KYC.
  • Trade direct from your wallet; maintain custody of your funds.
Once stock trading is available, traders will have access to the kind of leverage found on weekly options, but without expiration. The significance of this cannot be overstated.
Liquidity There is more information on the liquidity mechanism in the Tokenomics section, but this is an overview relevant to traders.
Since all trades use the same GNS/DAI trading pool and the second DAI-only liquidity layer (trading vault), it means Gains Network have a big advantage over the competition who must build new liquidity in their order books every time they list a new pair, and maintain high liquidity on all pairs. Instead, by building a large GNS/DAI pool with trading fee incentives, every trading pair listed on the platform only requires GNS/DAI liquidity for ALL pairs, making it easy to add new pairs. From crypto to Forex, to stocks etc.
This is only possible because the architecture doesn’t match buying/selling orders using an order book (because of the ability to mint and burn GNS to pay traders), the leverage of trades is virtual and the PnL is simulated with smart contracts.
More on Chainlink integration Chainlink confirmed that Gains Network are the first to run such an advanced architecture with a real use case. Using Chainlink price feeds is nothing new, and are excellent for most use cases, but aren’t meant to be real time to the second. They are generally updated every few minutes/hours depending on volatility which is fine for lending platforms for example, to determine the collateralization level. But for Gain Network use case, it needed real time to the second pricing, so a custom on demand decentralized oracle network (DON) was created. Rather than a price feed updated every second, which would be a waste of gas, they went for an on-demand oracle system. Remember, the Gains platform does not generate their own price for the trading pairs, that is where Chainlink comes in to play. Every time there is an order on the platform, it makes a request in real time to the 8 nodes, which fetch the price from the 8 exchanges’ high quality APIs and sends the median to the custom aggregator contract. The aggregator contract takes the median a second time, making sure there is no single point of failure and assures the decentralization of the oracle system (both at the API level and at the Chainlink nodes level). It finally sends the median to the trading contract to execute the order with a real time price. Finally, the platform leverages the existing chainlink price feeds’ security by checking each of the on demand Chainlink nodes’ answers with the corresponding price feed, rejecting potential outliers. This means you can open and close trades on all the trading pairs nearly instantly. Compared to GMX who are using a typical Chainlink price feed (which as described are slightly delayed), you can’t close your trade in profit before the trading pair has moved at least 1% in your trades’ direction. This means a trade using 20x leverage needs to be in 20% profit before the trade can be closed. (No disrespect to GMX, it’s just the best example I can find.) This shows the importance of real time prices, otherwise you have to put all kinds of limitations on traders.
Tokenomics Market Cap $13,215,668.65 Supply 30,654,084 Burned 7,845,916 (20%) over a 6-month period.
Deflationary, with >100% APR Gains Network has created the first token that is proving to be deflationary from real-world use. The APR has averaged greater than 100%, generated by user fees, not from inflation, nor from incentives or unsustainable antics. At the time of writing (Nov 29, 2021), APR is 150%, which translates to a weekly compounded APY of 338%, entirely funded by paying users of the trading platform.
Liquidity Pool Foundation As mentioned in the introduction, $GNS LPs are the foundation of the ecosystem, and the platform is built around the mint/burn mechanism of GNS tokens so that LPs collect the rewards. Without a token, the protocol could not mint and burn DAI to pay traders, so GNS is fundamental to the operation of the protocol, and not just a speculative token.
Liquidity Pool Mechanism The use of the GNS token occurs in the background, and traders simply use DAI to trade. When a trade is opened using DAI, it is use to execute a GNS market buy, and then that GNS and is burned immediately. The trader then enters their trade on any asset listed, with any leverage. If the trade is liquidated, 100% of the burned GNS stays burned. If the trade is closed with a partial loss or a profit, the trader is paid in DAI immediately from the vault. The protocol then mints GNS and slowly trades it for DAI to replenish the vault that was just depleted, so as not to dump the GNS on the market all at once.
To visualize, the token mechanism works like this: Opening a trade: DAI > buy GNS > Burn GNS Closing a trade: DAI from vault to trader > mint GNS > slowly sell GNS to replenish the vault.
Instead of minting and selling the GNS for DAI directly on the QuickSwap DEX to pay the trader, there is a DAI only liquidity layer (which is called the trading vault) used to pay traders directly in DAI. This allows newly open trades to instantly buy GNS on QuickSwap with the DAI used, while spreading potential selling pressure from closed and winning trades over a long period of time.
The maximum position size is currently proportional to the liquidity of GNS/DAI on QuickSwap, which means it will increase naturally with the size of the pool. However, Gains has recently developed a way to increase the liquidity efficiency, allowing for larger position sizes while still using the same GNS/DAI after the next update. Staking will soon be opened to DAI in the trading vault, helping to scale the positions sizes while earning DAI rewards from the trading fees. The extra position sizes will mean greater fees, and will not impact the GNS/DAI LP rewards except to possibly increase them due to greater trading volume. The development of the vault has almost been completed and is will be audited by Certik shortly.
Deflationary Mechanism The long-term deflationary nature of the token comes from the fact that over time, traders lose more than they win. And in the case of the forthcoming casino platform, from having a small house edge. Decades of trading history shows that traders lose slightly more than they win. This loss ratio is amplified by volatility and leverage. The higher leverage available on the Gains platform compared to other platforms, combined with the extreme volatility of crypto assets, means the loss ratio is higher than typical, ensuring long term deflation of the GNS token (although this is not guaranteed).
Trading activity has been significantly burning tokens, as has been demonstrated over the last 6 months, with 20% of the supply being burned, while still giving more than 100% APR to the GNS/DAI LPs.
The lower the price of the token, the faster it is burned, so the only way to slow the burn is for the price to rise.
Regulation There is another critical advantage to this liquidity mechanism. Unlike a tokenized security which will undoubtedly face regulatory scrutiny in the near future, the user is trading strictly in DAI. They supply DAI to open the trade and are paid in DAI when the close the trade. When trading a pair, the trader doesn’t ever hold the asset, nor do they hold a token representing the asset, since only GNS is used in the smart contracts.
With many countries banning leveraged trading on CEXs, a DEX is the solution for those wishing to continue to trade with leverage. And by being synthetic, and not actually trading any of the underlying securities, crypto or currencies, it’s actually a decentralized casino rather than a securities or crypto exchange, but provides the user with a superior trading experience than what a typical exchange can offer.
Other Project Information Security Gains has been audited by Certik 5 times, with a 6th now underway.
It has one of the best security scores of projects on Polygon, similar to AAVE.
Partnerships QuickSwap: Gains Network is integrated with QuickSwap, and all the collateral volumes from the platform currently goes through their DEX. dQuick dual rewards are also given from the partnership with QuickSwap (which should get even more interesting very soon). Chainlink: (as described above, using custom DONs for pricing data. Gains continues to work directly with Chainlink as the platform evolves. Satoshi Street Bets: Whitelabel partners. SSB has contributed prize money for trading competitions, held AMAs and shares information on their socials.
Links Website Trading Pools Docs Telegram Community Statistics Telegram Price Chat Trading instructions (this video was made just before the rebranding from GainsFarm) Medium Testnet (virtual trading to learn how to use the platform)
How to buy QuickSwap (Polygon Network)
Polygon is a Layer2 chain built on top of Ethereum, and uses the MATIC token for gas fees. You will need to move assets to the Polygon Chain to be able to transact on QuickSwap. MATIC addresses are the same as ETH addresses, so you can use the same ETH wallet you have now, and add the Polygon Mainnet on Metamask using the following RPC:
Here are some methods to move your assets to the Polygon Network. Polygon Bridge Xpollinate Cross Chain Swap Or you can send MATIC from a CEX that offer withdrawals of MATIC on its native chain (not ERC20). Kucoin,, Binance, Okex, MXC, Bitforex and more.
What’s next You can see the roadmap here.
Gains Network has just partnered with Market Across and a campaign begins mid-December 2021, to help drive more users to the platform. They have worked with 32 of the current top 100 chains (soon to be 33!)
Already offering a better trading experience, and providing superior income to liquidity providers generated from actual user fees set Gains Network apart from its peers. And with a Commodity/Stock/Indices trading, as well as a Casino/Gambling platform on the horizon to tap an entirely different user base, this is just the beginning.
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