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Had all my weekly challenges tied to CTF game mode, didn’t get the game mode for hours, said fuck it I’ll challenge swap them, miraculously after doing so I’m only getting CTF…

2021.12.01 00:38 Fer-NanD Had all my weekly challenges tied to CTF game mode, didn’t get the game mode for hours, said fuck it I’ll challenge swap them, miraculously after doing so I’m only getting CTF…

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2021.12.01 00:38 1234567890ap How to get this girl I’m attracted to out on a date

So it’s a sticky scenario…I am a 22m and my friend used to date this girl who has a friend (22) who is a very attractive (blonde, skinny), she’s very shy, awkward and has low self esteem, but she can hold a conversation very well.
We all used to see each other and hangout a couple times a month but my friend broke up with his girlfriend and I moved to the other side of town so that friend group died out. Her and I talked once since then but we’ve never really consistently stayed in contact whether that was text, snap, FaceTime, etc.
When we hung out she was throwing very subtle hints at me that I could just be misreading for her kindness. One time she picked up Taco Bell for everyone and they all payed her but she insisted that I didn’t have to. I venmoed her anyway and she venmoed me back double what my order costed and then blocked me so I couldn’t return it. She also cut me a 50% deal on a nice bong (she works at a smoke shop) and gave me some free stuff which I never even asked for. That was the last time I talked with her.
I’ve been so busy and I haven’t had time to really date lately but she’s been on my mind. I feel like things are calming down and I want to get back into it. How can I be smooth with it to get her out on a date yet not make me look desperate (don’t tell me to just tell her how I feel ab her). She 100% plays hard to get so I really gotta be on game here.
Please do not give me lame, fluffy advice.
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2021.12.01 00:38 BigMommyMilkersBoing Would you date someone without a car?

So I [22M], spent the last year backpacking around the country, and I recently got back in my home state where I'll graduate this year. I have a good job, where I work full time as well as go to school, so I haven't had time to get a car yet. I've been taking some weekend classes, and during winter break I'll finally get my license. I've already looked at cars and should be driving by the end of January since I have the money set aside.
There's a girl I'm a bit smitten over, and I'd like to ask her out, however, I know that not having a car is a deal-breaker for many women. I feel like my situation is a bit understandable, and it'll only be about 2 months until I"m fully driving, but I'm not sure if I should just wait until then to ask her out. She drives, and I'm actively working towards my license, with classes already being taken, and am financially in a very good position and can afford uber when needed, but I'm a bit embarrassed by not having a car.
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2021.12.01 00:38 Cultural_Fennelbulb Another 9k or get the 45k?

Looking to pick up another SiCo can during the promotion. As far as PCC-type cans go, I have a wolfman approved and a 9k waiting. Both have or will have Trilug adapters, use on SP5s and APC9 variants.
So I want another can that will remain direct thread for other hosts: Ruger PC carbine, a couple Beretta Tomcats (.32 ACP), and possibly an APC9K unless I add a trilug adapter there.
So my question is: with all foreseeable hosts being 9mm or smaller, should I get another 9k for size and attenuation or a 45k for versatility and to prevent redundancy? Thanks!
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2021.12.01 00:38 PhDrift What is the best thing about humanity?

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2021.12.01 00:38 turkey_ian Genshin is overratted

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2021.12.01 00:38 Foxbat40 The Devine Demon {Chapter 82}

Chapter 82
The Abyss, Layer 600, The Endless Maze, Inside the Lyktion entryway.
Lilith was covered in food. Technically it wasn’t really food it was the flesh of various types of vermin that could be found in the Abyss. She recognized some mutated rat or decrepit rabbit but others she could only imagine where they came from. The meat was stuck to her and the pillar she was chained to, thrown at her by the various cows and succubi likely at Baphomet’s request. The wound on her lower body was causing her to get more and more hungry but she dared not eat any of what was thrown at her. She knew that as soon as she gave in they would begin mixing human flesh with it and then the game would be over.
Lilith didn’t know for sure why the Lord of Beasts was trying to get her to eat human flesh but she was sure it wasn’t for her health. No if he wanted it, she was going to deny it to him. ‘This will most likely be my last form of protest before he ends my life.’ she thought as she bared her fangs at the girls below her.
Eventually, she fell asleep when they ran out of things to throw at her and for a time it was quiet. Then the plague rats came. The crawling diseased vermin ate the meat left on her and on the pillar. She awoke to the sound of skittering claws and red beady eyes gleaming in the torch light. Lilith was thankful that only a few tried to bite her as they traversed every part of her long form, looking for more juicy morsels. The wounds left by their sharp teeth healed rather quickly and once she was clean the rats left and she was able to sleep once again.
Faerun, The sword coast, Town of Daggerford. The next morning.
Bindi awoke to the sound of a knock on her door and then Kevin’s voice. “You awake? They have a light breakfast for us then we need to head down to formation.”
Instantly realizing that she was sleeping in on the big day, Bindi rolled out of bed landing on her feet and continued her spin to run over to her closet kicking one of her leg guards in the process. Looking down she could see the piece still spinning in place as she felt a small bit of pain in her foot. This interior room had no windows and was nearly pitch black but her dark vision allowed her to see the armor piece now that it was moving. Turning to her right she snapped her fingers lighting the six candles in her room. ‘heh, got em all on the first try’ she thought to herself.
In a flash she got dressed and kitted out in her armor. Then came the swords and her boots last. Looking at herself in the mirror she brushed back her hair with just her hands and put it in a pony tail not wanting any of it to hit the blazing sword she was likely to be wielding this day. Satisfied with her hair she dashed out of the room to find Kevin standing back in the middle of the hall seeming to have anticipated her speedy exit. The two of them only had a few yards to go before they entered the formal dining room to find a small serving pot with sausage and a loaf of bread with a knife. They each cut a slice of bread and wrapped it around a sausage before taking a bite while walking towards the door.
With the impromptu breakfast sandwich mostly gone before they hit the stairs the two proceeded down and out the castle. Only part way down the road they had both finished their breakfast and they saw the assembled groups of Clerics, Wizards and Paladins amassed in front of the Morninglow Tower. There she could see a wooden altar had been erected with white and gold cloths draped over it. On the top of this altar now rest the large Holy Symbol of Lathander catching the early morning sun on its golden surfaces.
“Why is the altar out here?” Kevin asked as they approached the group.
“Oh there she is.” Amon called out pointing in their direction with one hand.
“Morning.” Father Trendel said turning to face Kevin and Bindi as they drew closer. “We thought that the Holy Symbol might be more useful out here. Father Theodon has been so kind as to let us use it.”
“Yes but why?” Kevin asked again confused as to why he didn’t answer him directly.
“Oh Lilith never told you? These things can send out radiant energy in a wide area.” Celeste explained walking close to Bindi.
“Wouldn’t that hurt other people around here?” he asked still a bit unsure.
“No, it only affects demons and undead in fact Lilith almost got fried the first time she came to a service here.” Celeste said with a wistful look.
“Ah so that's why she always stared at those doors each time we passed here.” Kevin said finally understanding what was going on. “So this can guard the Wizards tower the Temple and the Castle from right here.” Kevin stated as he looked at all the entrances that were within line of sight of the altar.
“Yep, and this is also a good place for me to land if I am attacked by flying demons.” she said with a nod.
“Well now that you are here we can head to the walls, I was waiting on Bindi. I need her with me today.” Father Trendel said with a nod.
“Then I will be coming with you as well.” Kevin said with a determined look.
“Splendid, our group will be heading to the tower at the Caravan gate. Everyone else already has their assignments.” he said starting to turn towards the market.
“Everyone has mage armor cast correct.” Wendel calls out.
“Oh I should do that now.” Bindi said as she cast Mage armor on herself for the first time. After she cast the spell she had to catch up to Father Trendel, Amon and Kevin. She then noticed Wendel, Celeste and Brother Feldin moving with their own group walking just in front of them. “Where is Lara?” She asked in Wendel’s direction.
He turned his head slightly towards her but kept walking. “She is in the Master study along with Sir Tanel and the General. But we each have sending stones so she can contact each of our groups or the commanders of any of the other units as needed.” He said in a calm voice as he walked his staff along with him.
“Don’t worry, I have the sending stone for our group.” Father Trendel assured her.
As they crossed the market, there stood all forty of the militia cavalry, their riders standing next to each horse holding their lances like giant walking sticks. As Bindi looked at the formation noticing the perfectly aligned lines of ten, A formation of shadows crossed them overhead. Looking up she saw a group of four griffons pass overhead and begin circling the field outside the wizard’s tower. Bindi stumbled as she craned her neck quickly looking forward again to steady herself. Now looking at Celeste’s wide eyes she saw her do about the same thing, stumbling and catching herself.
“Wendel I need to go talk to them I will join you on the wall in a bit.” Celeste said as she broke off from the group and headed back up the road to where they had just came from.
“What gives?” Bindi asked as Celeste went by.
“Eagle stuff, I will be back soon.” she said her golden hair bouncing as she picked up her pace.
There were only three other groups walking with her now as they approached the tower for the Caravan Gatehouse. Heading inside and up the stairs, Bindi saw that there were many soldiers and their gear stored inside the stone tower. Climbing the spiral stairs and exiting the top hatch, she saw even more of the soldiers lining the walls. Looking closer she noticed their armor were of two distinctive types: the town watch from Daggerford and the Town Guard from Waterdeep. All were equipped with a sword and shield but only half of them had bows slung across their backs. Then down the wall she saw baskets of arrows every so often, the sheer number of them giving her a renewed sense of confidence. “Father Trendel why are there buckets of water next to the arrows?” Bindi asked pointing at one as they walked to the front edge of the gatehouse parapet.
“That is so we cam make holy water and dip the arrows in it before they are fired. It should give those demons a bit of a surprise.” He said with toothy grin.
Bindi returned the expression as Brother Amon came to a stop at the center of the Gatehouse where the wall came up to chest level on him and the arrow slits were only about half a foot wide. Now surrounded on all sides by stone walls, soldiers and paladins, Bindi felt very safe even though she knew what was going to come down the road.
Looking out of one of the arrow slits, she could see the morning fog was lifting from the grassy fields opposite of her on the other side of the Trade Way. The terrain sloped up hill slightly as it went away from the town and in the distance a small forest could be seen. But her eyes focused to the right, up the road, where she expected the trouble to come from. Here eyes scanned the horizon where the road disappeared over a ridge seeing nothing except a few birds on the wing.
“They are still an hour away. So relax there will be announcements when they get close.” Amon said patting Bindi on the back.
Bindi stood there watching for several minutes before she suddenly turned around to look at him saying “I can see something though its like a cloud.”
“Must be dust from the road. Like I said they are still two or three miles away.” he said in an even tone.
Bindi stood back from the wall and walked down a ways going to see Wendel. Much to her surprise she found him standing next to Dawnbringer Hass, who she immediately gave a firm hug to. “Dawnbringer its good to see you.” She said, her cheek firmly pressed against his shoulder.
“Child how are you holding up? I heard you got in a fight with a few demons already, in Nightstone no less.” Hass asked as he turned towards her.
“I was a bit shook up at first but I am better now.” Bindi said nonchalantly.
“Bindi did great. She cut a Draegloth to pieces just like her dad.” Wendel said as he peeked around the sizable shoulders of the Dawnbringer.
“Have you spoken to Lathander today?” Bindi asked as she released her hug.
“No but Father Trendel might have.” the Dawnbringer said with a smile “Why don’t you go ask him.”
Just then Celeste came up to them and tapped Bindi on the shoulder. “See I’m back.”
“How did it go? Did you make friends?” Wendel asked in a half mocking tone.
“No, it seems the big scary beasts were a bit too afraid of me. So I will need to steer clear of them. But I did tell them about the Holy Symbol and how they could come back to it if they were ever pursued by anything dangerous.” Celeste explained.
“That's good, I had better get back to my group I can see the army now.” Bindi said as if it were no big deal.
“Oh ya.” was heard from a few of the troops as they looked down the road.
Soon the call of “Enemy sighted” was passed down the wall and a sense of anticipation gripped the men.
Bindi returned to her post finding Kevin and Father Trendel looking down the road after hearing the call.
“Ya I see it.” Kevin said with his hand shielding his eyes from the morning sun.
“Father have you spoken to Lathander yet today.” Bindi asked from behind him.
The Morninglord wearing an ornate helmet turned around to look at her, before saying. “Of course I have, but he hasn’t responded. Do you want me to try again?”
Bindi nodded and looked at him expectantly.
“Ok lets give it another shot.” he said as if he wasn’t very hopeful. He then called out the rune words for Divination and bowed his head for a minute before looking back at Bindi with a completely different expression.
Bindi smiled at this and looked on expectantly waiting for him to speak. Amon also noticed his wide eyes and stood next to her waiting.
“I should have known. He was waiting until we could see the enemy and they could see us. We are locked in now so it is safe for him to guide us without something changing.” Father Trendel said with an almost child like smile of wonder.
“Well what did he say.” Amon asked.
“He said ‘When you see the giants, do not let them go’.”
“Do not let them go? Let who go? The giants?” Amon asked as Bindi hopped up and down with joy.
“Maybe or maybe not we will have to see.” The father cautioned. “For now we need to bless this water. Bring me all the buckets that are near by. Soldier send this down the wall ‘Bless the water’.”
Soon Kevin and Amon had brought twelve of the nearest buckets over to Father Trendel and he placed a single silver coin in each one. He then recited a ritual calling on the blessing of Lathander and Chauntea. When he completed the ritual the coins disappeared and the water in each bucket took on a silvery sheen giving off a bit of light.
Meanwhile the soldiers called out in both directions “Bless the Water!” in a repeated fashion getting farther away each time. Then soldiers came back over to retrieve their buckets having seen the slight glow coming from each one.
“Yep you can really see them now. God that's a lot of them.” Amon called out as he looked down the road.
There Bindi could see a river like shape of gray forms so numerous that they seemed almost like a single object from this distance. They appeared to shimmer, like water, but she knew that was just the movement of so many of them and their weapons glinting in the rising sun. ‘When you see the giants, do not let them go’ she said to herself watching as more and more of this army came into view over the distant ridge.
Every soldier on the wall, every cleric, wizard and paladin stood firm as this army approached, but each of them collectively let out a gasp when they saw the first giant come into view over that ridge. The three of them stood as tall as the trees in the distance, their shadows crossing the road made them look even larger. But as the army drew closer something seemed to be wrong. They hadn’t stopped. They hadn’t spread out into a formation or assembled into a battle line. They just kept coming, down the road, walking at an even pace.
After thirty minutes, the first among them passed even with the Caravan gate as they went down the road some 600’ away. The motley unorganized formation of skeletal men and Minotaur shambled before them just outside of bow shot. Then the sending stone in Father Trendel’s pocket began to glow and hum. Picking it up he spoke into it. “Yes”…. “No they are not attacking. I think they are traveling past.” Then as he watched the first of them begin to cross the bridge he said. “I think they are bypassing us, heading south for god knows what. But we can’t let them. Send the fliers warn the towns.” the Morninglord said lowering the stone to his side.
“Whats going on? We can’t let them walk the lands south of here there is no better fortification to stop them at.” Kevin said his arm outstretched at the army marching across from them.
Father Trendel looked up and down the road at the horrid army before him. Looking to his right he saw the three giants only taking steps occasionally. Then beyond them he saw a different set of shapes at the rear of the line. They were misshapen and discolored. Each of them a different shade of red brown or blue. Then he raised the stone to his mouth knowing what had to be done. “Assemble the Helmites at the Caravan Gate. We are going out to stop their advance.” the Morninglord said. Lowering the stone he turned to Amon saying “We are going out there to show this lot for the fools they are, thinking they can walk upon his creation.”
Hearing this Bindi cast Armor of Agathys on herself causing a layer of frost to solidify on her armor. Then she saw Father Trendel looking out over the town. She looked too, seeing a group of Paladins moving towards the gate at a brisk jog their armor making a metallic clanking sound in unison as they kept pace with each other.
Now looking up he walked half way over to the Dawnbringer. “Hass your group is with me we are going out. Celeste, get airborne and don’t let anything get the drop on us from above.” He called out in a loud clear voice and then turned to go down the hatch and into the tower. The seven of them went down the spiraling stone stairs past men who were looking out of arrow slits and down to the ground level. Then they were out and back inside Daggerford looking at twenty Paladins of Helm standing in a two deep formation facing the gate.
Father Trendel moved to the rear of the formation and as the rest of his cadre exited the tower he began speaking. “Seldom do I get to meet men who carry more metal within their spines than they wear on their backs, much rarer still to be protected by them. Now we must go brothers, our destiny awaits!”
Looking down the line he saw, Hass and Feldin to his left and Bindi, Kevin, Wendel and Amon to his right. He gave each of them a smile and a nod and then yelled to the tower. “Open the Gates.”
The Abyss, Layer 600, The Endless Maze, Inside the Lyktion entryway.
Lilith was awoken by the tender caresses of several succubi teasing her sensitive parts down near the base of the pillar. Suddenly awake she took the opportunity to wrap the free section at the end of her tail around one of the demoness’ gripping her tightly so that she couldn’t escape. The other three jumped back at the sudden movement while the trapped demoness looked up at Lilith’s head some 20’ above her. “You wanted my attention didn’t you? Well now you have it.” Lilith cooed into her mind.
“Owe your scales are sharp and hard like stone. I liked you the other way. Back when you were more soft and gentle, when your scales were smooth like a polished opal.” The woman mused caressing the jagged obsidian scales that made up her body. Lilith openned her mouth a little in an attempt of a smile looking down at the succubus with her green eyes and black hair trapped in her coils. Then she disappeared going immaterial and slipping out of Lilith’s grasp. She walked calmly over to her sisters before returning to normal. Lilith could see her the whole way but it reminded her of how disadvantaged she was without her gear. Lilith checked her codex again as the four succubi talked amongst themselves. Every piece of equipment was highlighted yellow indicating that it wasn’t equipped even her rings and the Dawnblade. ‘I know I dropped the Dawnblade but how did he get my armor off of me’ Lilith thought before she remembered that technically he had paid for that too. ‘Shit!’ she cursed into her own mind. Lilith was thankful that the demons were not tall enough to reach her open wound which was still occasionally dripping blood. She kept a watchful eye on them as they watched her trying to decide which one of them was brave enough to try something next.
Then there was a noise from the central chamber and the girls stopped talking and looked on as Baphomet returned to begin another day of torture and coersion that Lilith was beginning to dread. This time though she noticed he was carrying two things, one in each hand. In his right was the familiar package that likely had human flesh wrapped in human leather. And in his left was a black chain trailing behind him to a nearly naked figure. A young man wearing manacles and a loin cloth being led by said chain. He looked confused as he saw the four succubi ahead of him his eyes bulging as he thought these lustful demons were his destination.
“Leave us!” the Demon lord commanded as he kicked the table back into place at the base of the pillar. There he set down the package of meat and dropped the chain placing one of his hooved feet over it. As the young man looked up at her Lilith recognized him. Looking back at her were the brown hair and blue eyes of Paul Most, the cleric who was assigned to Nightstone. Unable to smile or even wink at him she decided to speak into his mind, saying. “Its good to see you are alive Paul. Sorry to see you in chains though.”
The young man looked shocked at first as his head swiveled in every direction until he was convinced that he was the only one that heard that. Then his eyes slowly followed her form up the column to the top where her head stood on even level with that of the Demon Lord’s.
Lilith looked down noticing Baphomet had unwrapped several pieces of meat and grasp one between his thumb and forefinger. “This is your last chance Delvia.” He said in a calm voice as he lifted a piece of flesh up to her scaled face. “Don’t make me do something more drastic. If you refuse you just might convince me that you want your food fresh, still screaming perhaps?” He teased in a deep smooth voice as he pressed the cut of meat to her snout.
Then she heard a shout from below her. “Check everything. You still have one left.” Paul shouted.
‘Check everything, what does that even mean? That's just as useful as one of Lathander’s messages’ Lilith thought amused with her own clever joke before she realized it wasn’t a joke at all. Quickly she opened her spell codex and began looking but she only had four folders left. Some cantrips and spells up to Dispel Magic and Fireball and all of them required hands and arms or a voice and she had neither. Thinking a bit more she realized, ‘everything’ the word stuck in her mind and she looked again. There at the bottom of her vision she saw them, two icons representing magical effects that were active on her. The first one was ‘until death beastial transformation cast by Baphomet’ but the second one said ‘Enchantment, quick cast Mage Armor’.
Lilith closed the codex just in time to see the Demon Lord kick Paul across the room. However his chain stopped him from flying into the opposite column instead his momentum carried him out horizontal until he fell flat on his face, his nose making a sickening snap as it impacted the polished marble floor.
“Silence fool.” Baphomet scolded as the cleric rolled on the ground in agony having just received a literal horse kick from hell.
Wasting no time Lilith recalled how to activate the spell placing her tongue on the left side of her mouth and biting down. She felt the spell activate as a shield of force pressed the chains away from her just enough for her to begin climbing the column higher and higher. The Mage Armor activated a second and third time as it pulsed keeping barbs from grabbing here as she climbed free of the chains. The barbed restraints hung limp against the pillar as she was now coiled around it 15’ above Baphomet’s head.
Wanting to protect Paul she leapt across trying to land next to him in order to shield him from the giant demon. However while she was mid air she was caught by Baphomet’s right hand. He was pulled off balance as he arrested her momentum taking a step to steady himself Paul now directly behind him. He then brought Lilith up off the ground his grip tightening about ten feet below her head. Then she saw his glaive materialize in his left hand and Lilith did the only thing she could do. She bit him, she bit him on his shoulder and her fangs sunk in deeply as her mouth clamped down hard.
Lilith felt a sudden jolt to her mid section but she also heard the ping of arcane energy protecting her so she bit down harder, refusing to let go even as his right hand tried to extend away from his body to pull her free.
Then she felt the flesh in her mouth get harder and change texture as it pushed her fangs out of him. Suddenly pulled loose she bit him at the elbow and again her fangs sank in as the Demon lord screamed. Out of her right eye Lilith could see Paul rolling on the ground gripping his chest in pain but that just meant he was still alive. As she raked her teeth over his arm she tasted Baphomet’s blood for the first time. It was salty and bitter but not in a metallic way. It was more of a ‘why do they bother with their cities and their walls and their civilized ways’ kind of bitter. But then the blood ended replaced by the taste of dirt as his flesh turned solid again pushing her fangs out. This time the Demon lord released her and she fell to the ground. Looking up she could see his whole right arm was turned to stone except for his fingertips which dangled limp and useless.
Baphomet leaned forward shooting forth a gout of unholy water covering Lilith. But she simply closed her nostrils and her mouth. Her eyes were covered with transparent scales. Her streamlined head never lost track of his disfigured and enraged visage. When the water stopped Lilith had been pushed back some thirty feet. She moved forward another ten regaining some of the lost ground and said into his mind, “Is that all you’ve got?” before she saw him lift his pole-arm, level it at her and charge.
“Delvia!” He screamed as he lowered his horns picking up speed as he drew closer.
Lilith tried to duck the charge, lowered herself to the ground but so did he. He drove his horns scraping against the marble floor as they hit her just behind her neck and his glaive swung around stabbing her in the back. Baphomet’s right arms struck the ground next and it shattered nearly up to the shoulder leaving behind only a short stony stump. Lilith pulled back and flung herself at his side biting him in the torso. She bit down latching on for dear life glad that her mage armor has lasted this long. But then she felt another impact and heard her spell shatter as the glaive struck home again cutting her slightly. As her fangs held on she felt his flesh turn solid and her teeth were pushed out yet again. Lilith was about to pull back and strike anew when she felt a familiar pain in her body. It was like a red hot bolt of pure agony going threw her, top to bottom at her mid section as the glaive was run clean through her body, pinning her to the floor.
As her body impacted the ground she felt a sudden force gripped her behind her head. It was his left hand and it held her tightly. It was no good he held her so close to the head that she couldn’t turn on him and her lower body was pinned in place preventing her from attempting to constrict him with it. Lilith could do nothing as he held her up and bent down his face now directly above her. “Delvia we are through!” He sneered the words having a type of finality to them.
‘He’s going to kill now.’ Lilith thought as she watched curious heads poke out from the double doors leading into the central chamber. Then she felt a snap as one of her ribs broke, his grip tightening more and more around her neck.
Daggerford Map
Map of Faerun Daggerford is on the Sword Coast, South East of Waterdeep and south of the Sword Mountains
Wiki First
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2021.12.01 00:38 TheEyeOfCrypto Not sure what is going on with the current value ..

That being said, I have been holding and I plan on holding to see this out. I am going to take an optimist view on this.
More Safemoon for everyone holding.
I just added a billion to my bag.
Safemoonarmy What do you guys think? Not looking to start a fud conversation but looking others thoughts.
See you in V2
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2021.12.01 00:38 FindingIdeas Question for players who have spent money on the game. What purchases did you buy and after seeing the results, which purchases do you advise someone who want to spend let's say 10$ on the game.

So let's say I wanted to spend 10$ on the game to get further easier. What purchases would you say are the best bang for your buck? No ADs, 100X soul multiplers,etc .
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2021.12.01 00:38 AzureVoltic Elite Customization on IQ

Every time I change my IQ's uniform, it shows that I have the elite uniform on. After the game, I go to see that it still says I have a different uniform equipped. I haven't noticed this happening with any of my other elite skins, just the IQ uniform.
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2021.12.01 00:38 TKOramen_girl Why do Americans rub their chopsticks together?

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2021.12.01 00:38 Jaear1021 Why Filipino Freelancers Prefer Foreign Clients

Why Filipino Freelancers Prefer Foreign Clients Filipino client: We need someone with 50 years experience, Masteral degree, perfect English, have superpowers, and will do free OT. Then you have to pass the assessment and we'll consider you for the position.
Foreign client: Can you do this? Ok, you're hired! #freelancer #WorkFromHome

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2021.12.01 00:38 DogeHoarder2TheMoon What you think about euphoria? Is it legit?

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2021.12.01 00:38 exoticbrewer6 Buying local is easier than Beff Jezos wants you to realize

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2021.12.01 00:38 Global_Theme864 WIP 1/35 Irish Civil War Rolls Royce armoured car. I always wanted to build one and spend entirely too much time and effort tracking down the decals.

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2021.12.01 00:38 Dizzy_Smile_3056 Sudden pain in a molar

To start with, I think I practice pretty good dental hygiene, floss, brush, mouthwash . Anyways So this has happened to me before, excruciating pain in what seems to be a molar on the top. Anyways, the dentist didn’t find anything on the X-ray and prescribed me fluoride toothpaste, and the pain went away in one day. (I call it magic tooth paste 😭) it seems to be coming back. I stopped using the toothpaste after it went away and it’s been a couple of months and today the pain is back ( not nearly as bad as the first time) and used the toothpaste and it helped. Can anyone let me know that this may be, and should I solely only use the fluoride toothpaste I was prescribed ?
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2021.12.01 00:38 ParagonPerfection Strange, seemingly viewbotting ringtone channel. This one is particularly weird, 2k views.

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2021.12.01 00:38 CuteSubBot WATTS Trivia Quiz (Theme - Words & Phrases): Get some coffee and start December with a new set of Watts questions!

WATTS Trivia Quiz (Theme - Words & Phrases): Get some coffee and start December with a new set of Watts questions! submitted by CuteSubBot to WattsOffTopic [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 00:38 SniperEzi [Gucci 3300.2 M] Can moisture be removed this watch? Is it repairable (it does still work)?

It fell in a cup of water and sat there for a few hours before it was taken out. The time is still working just fine and is fully functional, however there is a ring of moisture inside the face. Does anyone have any recommendations on things that may fix it or if Gucci may able to fix it? Also, how much they may charge if so. The watch is pretty vintage and may be hard to find. It is gold. I also posted about in the watchrepair sub so you can see pics. Thanks
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2021.12.01 00:38 DontBuyMeGoldGiveBTC What should I do with wet clothes at midnight if I have no drier? Don't want them to get smelly

So I washed some clothes but I can't dry them cuz the dryer makes too much noise. They're in the washing machine. I forgot to dry them earlier.
Whats the best way for them to wait till tomorrow when I can dry them? I can leave them bunched up, separate them from each other so they get some air, or hang them on some ropes.
Whats better and why?
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2021.12.01 00:38 baaarmin Calculator repair

Hi, may alam ba kayo na service center na nagrerepair ng scientific calculator? I have a casio fx991, and i want it repaired for sentimental value.
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2021.12.01 00:38 lettucelonster Babe! Wake up! The new DBD bugs just dropped! (Any Suggestions on how to fix?)

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2021.12.01 00:38 I-need-money223 HMU 5$ pic 10$ vid

HMU 5$ pic 10$ vid submitted by I-need-money223 to Pytny [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 00:38 toolazytorelax Arcade

Wtf is up with arcade? It seems like no matter what I do I never get past the first round. Do I need to be in a convoy to compete?
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2021.12.01 00:38 chosen40k What’s something GW does better than other miniature companies?

Kinda annoyed that my Star Wars Legion Yoda that I paid the pre-order for (initial release date was in September) got delayed again to March. Realized that I have not waited no more than a month for GW pre-orders that I paid for during COVID.
What’s something GW does that you prefer to other mini companies?
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