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Just bought myself ace flag and put it on my setup

Those were also the inside dimensions given for “store-bought” cases. My flags seemed a bit larger than that, so I made a quick hot-glued-together mockup to assure myself of the fit. I didn’t bother with the 22-1/2° mitered ends yet; instead,I just 45° mitered the bottom ends of the sides and set them butt on a square-cut bottom. Cardi B has got some new digs!. On Tuesday, the 29-year-old rapper shared the news on Instagram that she's purchased a home in New York City. To celebrate, she posted a photo of herself standing in the foyer with her arms in the air. The photo gives a glimpse into the new home, which is still empty. Just bought a new RAM truck (Page 1 of 3) Previous Page. Page ... handles well on the road, and gets better mileage than my Tacoma-even after I put heavier tires on it. About the only mods I've done is put real tires on it going up one size as well, putting a real spare tire on it versus the donut, added Air Lift 1000HD airbags, and added tow ... my·self (mī-sĕlf′) pron. 1. That one identical with me. a. Used reflexively as the direct or indirect object of a verb or as the object of a preposition: I bought myself a new car. b. Used for emphasis: I myself was certain of the facts. c. Used in an absolute construction: In office myself, I helped her get a job. 2. My normal or healthy condition ... The Gadsden Flag was designed in 1775 during the American Revolution by the general and politician Christopher Gadsden. Originally, it was flown by the Continental Marines as a motto flag along with the Moultrie (Liberty Flag).. Its application in history is rooted in its imagery – the infamous snake has been used in the past by Benjamin Franklin’s “Join, or Die.” – which was ... Coveting another man's wife just might lead to grief. Loving Wives 02/08/19: Dayla and Will (4.53) Can a loving marriage overcome a former lover's blackmail? Loving Wives 07/14/17: Dirty Work (4.46) I'm a fool for her. Loving Wives 11/22/18: Electric Dreams (4.68) One thing stands between them and $1 million - her husband. Loving Wives 09/30/20 Reading Karen Beaumont's I Like Myself! - a self-esteem picture-book with both textual and visual references to the classic work of Dr. Seuss - this morning on my morning commute, and then comparing my reactions to those of almost every other online reviewer, I once again have that strange feeling that I am out of step with the current zeitgeist. I know that the received wisdom these days when ... ITT: post band merch you just bought. I got this for £14 - "/mu/ - Music" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing all types of music. This was the first time killing myself had felt like an option; my own brain was telling me so, clear as day. “You could kill yourself. You could do it right now.” I didn’t want to kill myself. I wasn’t planning on it. I had just recognized that I could, an almost banal realization. A 50-year-old felon facing charges of attacking two people at a “Stop the Steal” rally and counterprotest outside Santa Ana College last year is now charged with participating in attempts to breach the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to court records obtained Wednesday.

2021.11.30 23:29 animepupu Just bought myself ace flag and put it on my setup

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2021.11.30 23:29 Mari_282 Entrei pra refutar

T3ddy num vídeo reagindo aos tiktoks que fizeram pra eles: Eu sou hétero, a bandeira bi aqui tem nada haver. T3ddy beijando o Felipe:Eu posso me explicar
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2021.11.30 23:29 CaboGame Godyssey: Idle Warriors Gameplay - Android Apk

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2021.11.30 23:29 Professional-Figure5 How does transcript (GPA) check work during post-offer process? Will my job offer get rescinded if my GPA goes down a bit because I have lower grades this semester?

I accepted a job offer a few months ago. It’s a corporate finance position in a F200. The listing said that they preferred 3.5 minimum. I got 3.6 at the time, listed on my resume and application, and included my unofficial transcript with the application. However, I’m taking some really hard classes right now and I’m afraid that by the end of this semester, I may have 2 Bs, which will bring down my GPA a little bit. I graduated next May. I didn’t lie about my GPA or anything. Will my job offer get rescinded if my GPA goes down a bit?
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2021.11.30 23:29 fsdf9g8shjk5473ttttt At a bit of a crossroads. (Warning, extremely novice user)

Current Plex Hardware:

I am running out of space for storage as my Linux ISOs are extremely large, and dual E5-2640s is not cutting it for my transcoding needs. My first thought was to get a p2000 for transcoding, then I realized that, one, it wouldn't fit, and two, TrueNAS won't allow me to pass it through to the jail (I guess). My R720 has 8 3.5inch drive bays, so not too much room for expansion either. I want to stick with a rack mounted server like an R720 as I just received a 12u StartTech rack and I also host a number of different game servers on VMs. I guess what I am looking for is, 1. something that I can put a p2000 in 2. Rack mounted 3. dual cpu sockets.

I have plex pass with hardware transcoding on.
I want to be able to transcode 4 4k to 1080p streams and one or two 4k direct play streams.
I really really really like TrueNAS and have spent a good amount of time learning how to use it, if it's possible for me to buy 2 really beefy CPUs to transcode with so I can continue to use TrueNAS that would be good. Though I think from what I have read that would be a poor idea, especially for how much I am trying to transcode.
Sorry if this is entirely incoherent, ill try to explain myself in the comments if there is any questions.

Thank you for your time.
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2021.11.30 23:29 CGfltmech Origin unknown. Somewhat dense. Knife scratches it.

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2021.11.30 23:29 ReturnPowerful116 need help kicking out a villager

hi, i started playing animal crossing again (still at the beginning stage where i need to invite K.K over to my island) so i have 10 villagers at the moment and i want to kick one out cause i have one of my favourite villagers (Shino) visiting my island. how can i kick out one of my current villagers to make room for her?
i know i can time travel 15 days ahead, was it? but i’m worried she won’t be there if i do it that way :(
any help would be appreciated, thank you in advanced!
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2021.11.30 23:29 TheMothHour Anyone installed a filter for PFAS/PFOA?

So I'm looking at houses in the Merrimack area and surrounding towns. And I found a STUNNING home but the well has PFOA higher than the NH limit. The disclosure form says they mitigate it by using bottled water.
But I seriously do not want to live in a home where I have to live on bottled water. Has anyone installed a mitigation system? How well did it work and how much did it cost? How much is the upkeep costs too?
Or should I just look for another house and one that is on public water?
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2021.11.30 23:29 scifulist I saw these at Chinese Grocery

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2021.11.30 23:29 ritic_ Just noticed this chest piece is a reference to the Tv show Psych!

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2021.11.30 23:29 sungchanniee I hate this game

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2021.11.30 23:29 YvngRat What does HCG do on its own if you just run a cycle of it by itself?

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2021.11.30 23:29 ZoolShop Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel challenges Andreas Christensen to prove his commitment with new contract

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2021.11.30 23:29 mariejoybatumbakal 24 [F4A] Still Badly Damaged

Ang tagal na ng break up. I've been taking medication, therapy and even got into spirituality. I'm doing everything in my power and in my limited money to help myself. I really thought I was gonna be okay but I was so fcking wrong.
Last week, I tried meeting with some friends bec they were going to introduce me to some of their own workmates who happen to be looking for a girlfriend. All things were going well and it wasn't (never been) a problem for me to talk to all sorts of genders. Except when the conversation started going s3xu4l.
Gusto ko lang idagdag na they were very polite and the s3xu4l convo was initiated by one of my friends and not them, the men weren't even replying to the innuendo just laughing.
And then it hit me. All the months' worth of medications, therapy, meditation, grounding, breath work: gone to waste. Hindi parin ako okay.
Anything sexual na usapan when men are around, super natitrigger ako for no fcking reason. And the memories, that I worked so hard on to remove, suddenly returned with no difficulty. Every memory, even my ex's tone of voice as he said those painful words, returned.
It's been years.
Gusto ko lang maging okay.
Did anyone here ever healed? I don't want to lose hope for myself. Gusto ko pa magmahal, I still want to be blessed with a healthy relationship that I wasn't graced for the past decade. I hope someone out here found a way to heal fully and found their happiness along the way. Pls help me not lose hope :(
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2021.11.30 23:29 MrNtkarman I'm so lost in this game any tips for a beginner

I'm legitimately confused even after doing the tutorial, I have had to restart multiple times, I want to like this game but things just don't make sense at all, maybe it's because I'm playing on the mode you can get achievements on?
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2021.11.30 23:29 _WonderWhy_ Steam forum with new game be like....

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2021.11.30 23:29 torquewrench-6 Titanium Tuesday

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2021.11.30 23:29 foaly100 Has the concept of Web3 Changed?

Sorry guys this might sound a bit ignorant.
I have always thought (thanks to what I studied at University) that web3 had something to do with the Semantic Web.
But lately I have been seeing people coming out with a totally different idea of Web3 involving blockchains etc.
Can anyone clarify what has changed and why?
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2021.11.30 23:29 GDT_Bot Post Game Thread: San Jose Sharks at New Jersey Devils - 30 Nov 2021

NHL.com Boxscore
Teams 1st 2nd 3rd Total
SJS 1 3 1 5
NJD 0 0 2 2
Team Shots Hits Blocked FO Wins Giveaways Takeaways Power Plays
SJS 31 23 15 58.6% 5 7 1/3
NJD 34 21 20 41.4% 11 7 0/1
Period Time Team Strength Description
1st 04:26 SJS Even Noah Gregor (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Radim Simek (1), Marc-Edouard Vlasic (5)
2nd 04:14 SJS Even Jacob Middleton (2) Snap Shot, assists: Noah Gregor (2), Alexander Barabanov (6)
2nd 10:49 SJS Power Play Timo Meier (10) Snap Shot, assists: Logan Couture (12)
2nd 11:30 SJS Even Erik Karlsson (4) Wrist Shot, assists: Alexander Barabanov (7), Rudolfs Balcers (8)
3rd 09:12 NJD Even Tomas Tatar (4) Backhand, assists: Pavel Zacha (5), Nico Hischier (11)
3rd 12:49 NJD Even Jesper Bratt (6) Wrist Shot, assists: Andreas Johnsson (9)
3rd 16:59 SJS Even Timo Meier (11) Wrist Shot, assists: none
Period Time Team Type Min Description
1st 06:43 SJS Minor 2 Brent Burns Hooking against Ryan Graves
2nd 04:14 NJD Bench Minor 2 Delaying Game - Unsucc. chlg served by Jesper Bratt
2nd 10:17 NJD Minor 2 Jesper Bratt Hooking against Erik Karlsson
2nd 14:42 NJD Minor 2 P.K. Subban Cross checking against Nick Bonino
To report any errors with this bot please message TeroTheTerror.
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2021.11.30 23:29 rice_krispiez4 merch drop

bro, i ordered they grey sweatshirt from the merch drop last night, and i put in the wrong address by accident i’ve emailed them several times and their only reply so far was some random shit about the LTEOS drop and had nothing to do with my email 😭 i hope they actually reply and help fix it i’m devastated that shit was 70$
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2021.11.30 23:29 citrusnade I love my mind, I love my body! It’s been a long time coming.

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2021.11.30 23:29 sid_freeman BF 2042 Twitch Viewer count

I've been enjoying Battlefield 2042 but I recognize that it's not what everyone was expecting (myself included). I suppose I wasn't very surprised to see it very far down in the list of games viewed on twitch this evening. A few dozen games were ahead of it in terms of viewership, including some very old games and...Aim Lab? Geez. Not a good sign after only a couple of weeks.
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2021.11.30 23:29 trevorgetsbills Intentional Duplicate

Intentional Duplicate They nominated the same thing again, in the same spot, with the same photo, and for the supporting photo they included a screenshot showing that it was already on the map as a Pokestop.
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2021.11.30 23:29 BigBuckaLuck Packed Di Natale in my pre-order pack...first picture is my current squad and second is a way to fit him in. Would position changes give me full chemistry?

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2021.11.30 23:29 d-dubbs George's evening kitchen loaf

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