Computer Science / Software Development Associate's/Bachelor's Programs

2021.12.01 00:18 Durr1313 Computer Science / Software Development Associate's/Bachelor's Programs

I'm hoping someone here can help me, or point me to a more appropriate subreddit.
I'm trying to figure out what schools in the area offer associate and bachelor programs for software development. I saw that GRCC has a bachelor's program but I did not see any associate's programs or the necessary classes to get into the bachelor's program. I'm currently looking into Renton Tech for both degrees, but I wanted to know if anyone has any other suggestions.
I have not taken any college courses, and graduated high school 13 years ago. I'm looking to change careers and am interested in software development. I've been slowly teaching myself how to write code for almost 20 years now, and am finally serious about getting some official schooling on the subject.
Any help on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.01 00:18 Virgogirl909 Tub zoomies

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2021.12.01 00:18 Juphikie (Neckbeard Fanfiction) Animal Crossing: Neckbeard Infections, Ch3: Hook, Line, and Sunk

Hello again, I come much faster this time as we get more into the meat of the story on our island of Sorna. As before I hope my story is entertaining, as if not, then I may be fed to the Moon Mares that pull Moonhorse's Sled that spreads tales of warning and woe, and sometimes a a knife for those special kiddy diddlers. But I digress, On with the story.

The morning started bright and early on the island, the sun rising up to warm the spit of land in its rays as Bam and Rudy left their homes. The two lived next to one another, being on the second level of the three leveled island and directly on the island loop path that would allow them to quickly get to their morning run. They had a morning routine that was slightly different today, They would stretch together, jog in place to warm up, then get some fruit from their favorite trees, which had been planted there by them when they came to the island. Rudy taking an Orange, and Bam an Apple to munch on as breakfast before the next, different, part. They took out their fishing poles, flicking them in the air as if to test them before shouldering them akin to guards and take off on their race.
The reason for this new change was that the fishing tourney was today, C.J. the young beaver was in front of the resident service building with his tent, just setting up the ice cooler and fish tank under his tent. He would sigh, the work being a lot for a young man like him, but the views on his live stream would be well worth it.
Before he could fully finish setting up, Carrie the kangaroo and her little Roo in her pouch would come along, looking towards C.J. "oh! you're here today?" she asked, having forgotten.
he chuckled, nodding softly while rubbing the back of his head "yea, I am, although I'm not yet set up, the tourney will start in a few minutes though so get everything reeled in!" he says, smiling.
Carrie giggled at his fishing pun, and went off to find a fishing pole for both herself and her Roo.
C.J. would start getting things ready once more until he pulled back, covering his nose, suddenly hit by some sort of smell. "aw man. the bait must have gone bad." he says, going on to his bucket of fish bait, only to find it was still thawing out.
Before he could wonder what had caused the smell, a squeaky voice would peak up behind him. "so what do you sell?".
C.J. turned, being met with Graham, covering his nose still. "I don't sell anything, I run the fishing tourney and buy fish" he says, breathing through his mouth.
"ah, so you are the one who will crown me as the best fisher here." Graham says, smiling "I'll have you know I'm the best fisher here."
"well... I hope to see you compete!" he says, smiling, although Graham only frowned.
"there will be no competition, just tell the others not to bother."
"everyone has a right to compete, you just need to prove that your the best." C.J. says, going on to open another small box, which looked like an old lunch box that had all kinds of fish stickers, and then a single butterfly sticker.
"what you got there?" Graham asked, leaning closer to C.J., making the beaver shift to the side to put some distance.
"this is a home made lure box, has my best lures in it." he says, thinking "my... room mate helped with it".
"Room mate? who needs a room mate?" Graham asked, tilting his head "if you ask me, being alone is a lot better than being badgered by some cuck. Or worse, a woman."
C.J. froze, looking over to Graham with confusion "are... you implying that my room mate is a cuck?" he asked, just about to use the yellow gerbil as shark bait.
"well how else do you bring someone over? you really think your roommate is just going to leave while you have fun?"
C.J. closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing, "I... Don't have that issue with Flick. ok? He's a cool guy who loves bugs as much as I love fish, and is an amazing artist so shut it!" he yelled, letting out his frustration with this ball of meat calling his room mate a 'cuck'.
"Well fine! God! Just warning you to look out some!" Graham yelled, leaving the plaza to go get his fishing pole.
C.J. Sighed, taking a breath of the newly freshened air as Bam and Rudy ran by, poles in hand.
The next hours luckily went better. Carrie was sat on the side of a river under a tree fishing with her Roo, breathing easily as she watched the two bobbers float in the slow moving water. Any time her Roo caught a fish she would help him reel it in.
She would glance over as she herd running, it being Bam and Rudy coming up to where she was, skidding to a stop "Aww man! you beat us to the spot!" Bam exclaimed.
"Well normally Rolf takes this spot but I figured I'd keep it warm until he got here" Carrie says, smiling.
"where is Rolf anyway?" Rudy asked, tilting his head "he's normally on time."
"I'm coming!" the tiger called out, carrying a flimsy rod on his shoulder. "fishing rod broke, needed to throw together a new one. this will have to do".
"Need Iron to upgrade it?" Carrie asked, looking up to him as she stood from her sitting spot.
Before Rolf could accept, both Bam and Rudy would reach into their pockets "here!" they both called out, trying to hand over some spare iron, but in their haste both had failed to grip the clump of metal. At the same time the pair of small iron ingots would fly and pelt the white tiger, knocking him over.
Carrie breathed in, looking to the two jocks, and at the same time she and her Roo simply said "run".
Bam and Rudy took off, just as Rolf roared and leaped up, running after the pair, waving his rod like a whip.
Carrie giggled softly, and settled back down in the shade of the tree. However soon she got to smell what she could describe as her Roo having had an accident after a particularly messy Taco night.
She first checked her Roo, making sure she didn't need a deep bath before she herd the slow foot steps, looking up to see the new villager. "oh, hello there" she say softly, tilting her head in confusion but not getting up, still holding the fishing rod, but yet to recast it.
"Why Hello there Milady" he says, smiling his yellowed smile, "what is a fine mother like you doing out here?".
Carrie thinks to herself, breathing in slowly "well, the fishing tourney started, so I'm just here until Rolf comes back."
"oh? and would Rolf be your... baby daddy?" he asked, a sly grin on his face.
"what? no, heavens no, does my Roo look like he has any tiger in him?" she asked, taken back by how blunt the rodent was being.
"oh, good, I just needed to ask as some females get attached to their offspring's father." he says, sitting down next to her much to her annoyance.
"well his father isn't here." she says, thinking back on the reason.
"a single mother?" he asked, looking to her, "I'm so sorry, I'm sure the man will regret ever leaving you."
"My husband passed away." she growled, her son sinking back down into her pouch.
"oh... I'm so sorry" he says, looking to her "but I suppose it's never to late to get back into dating."
"I'm fine as I am, I get plenty of work being a single mother." she says "I got lucky to come here, not need to worry about bills every month. Sure it's a little crude but the lights stay on, and we have food on the table."
Graham nodded, thinking "that may be, but someone would need to keep you safe"
"Safe from what? there's nothing here to worry about." she says "only annoyance would be the bugs but Roo here loves to watch them."
"Well. I'm sure but you can never be too safe." Graham says, standing upright and then bowing "I will do my best to protect you milady!"
Carrie cringed, breathing in, but before she could speak up Rolf came back, a new iron fishing rod in hand and a medicine wrapper hanging out his tackle box."ok. I'm back".
"Oh, thank you" Carrie says, a little too desperately, going to stand to get out of his spot only to find her legs had fallen asleep.
"Here" he growled under his breath, helping the mother up to her feet and letting her lean on the tree to rest.
To Graham, who was now standing behind Rolf, it looked much too rough, and the gerbil tried to growl. "you can't just handle her so roughly! she has a child!"
Rolf rolled his eyes, turning to face the yellow stain that was less than half his height. "I helped her up, you done?" he asked.
"I will never be done until milady is safe!" he roared, before trying to shove the tiger, only to shove himself backwards, tripping on one of the abandoned iron ingots and falling to the ground. He would try to get up, Rolf just watching, arms crossed as Graham tried to roll to his side to stand, but managed to roll himself into the river with a splash!
Rolf grunted, nodding his head as karma was paid out, watching the rodent struggle before bending down and pulling him out of the water with one hand. In doing so he would discover a Black Bass had bitten onto the crotch of his pants.
Carrie couldn't hold back her giggle as she watched on, her son giggling as well as Graham tried to growl again until he was sat back onto the grass. "take that to C.J., might just get you a few points." Rolf says.
"I should find a nurse! not C.J!" he roared, taking the fish off of himself "what if my Great Snake is hurt!"
"boy..." Rolf says, rolling his eyes as he leaned in "Black bass don't eat snakes, they eat worms. you'll be fine."
Graham blushed bright red, looking to Carrie who covered her mouth to hide her giggle fit, and with a huff he stomped off with the fish.
Rolf thinks, breathing in before turning to Carrie "you good?"
"yes... I think so" she says, getting over her giggle fit, and with her legs woken up she gave the spot back to Rolf, letting the tired tiger sit down and fish.
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2021.12.01 00:18 AndresTheGiant- Should I be surprised Elon musk liked this post?

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2021.12.01 00:18 SquawkSide Does anyone else think the Nica Chucky will defect?

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2021.12.01 00:18 seagoatcap When did you hire someone to handle HR?

How many employees did you have when you made your first HR hire?
How did you know it was time to hire?
Did you hire them full-time or part-time?
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2021.12.01 00:18 PianoDaddy Alone Piano Notes Marshmello

Alone Piano Notes Marshmello Available On Piano Mint.
Marshmello #Learn #Music #Notes #Notations #Sheet #Education #Piano #keyboard #MusicEducation #Play #Songs #Lyrics
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2021.12.01 00:18 Mundane-Positive2359 Please Chance me at WashU ED1! Be honest

Hello, please ChanceMe, all honesty and input is greatly appreciated. What are my chances of being accepted to WashU ED1?
STATS: I applied with the major of Psychology and Brain Sciences. I have a 4.16 weighted GPA, and a 4.0 unweighted. I submitted my ACT score, which is a 33. I took no AP courses during my freshman, sophomore, or junior year. However, I was in Honors Chemistry sophomore year, and Honors Physics during my junior year. As a senior, I am taking AP Psychology and AP Calc AB. I have also chosen courses this year (AP Psych, a brain sciences class) that show I am passionate about my intended major.
DEMOGRAPHICS: I am a white male, and live out of state (Illinois). Both of my parents have attended college. I will not be applying for need-based financial aid, which I know is something they do not look at during the application process.
EC'S: I am a founding member of a student board that fundraises and provides support to a local legal aid clinic that provides pro bono legal services to people who are in domestic abuse situations, housing crises, and immigration battles. I have also held the highest position at my high school's radio station during my junior and senior years. Through the radio station, I am also involved as a radio DJ, hosting weekly shows that are live and on-air. Outside of school, I work as a paid camp counselor during the summers. I have also played guitar and sang since I was seven, and it is something I am very involved in (outside of school).
ESSAYS: I am actually really happy with both of my essays. My CommonApp personal statement is about how my experiences working with a legal aid clinic in my (generally affluent) community have caused me to challenge my beliefs in whether my community is as perfect as its members feel it is. My WashU Supplemental is about how my variety of experiences with mental health have inspired me to study psychology and neuroscience to help others.
LOR: With my junior year being all virtual, it was hard for me to form relationships with many of my teachers. My English teacher wrote one of my LOR's, as I feel that she has gotten to know me very well, and I participated and helped the teacher to the best of my ability. My Radio Broadcasting teacher wrote the second LOR, as I have known him since my sophomore year, and am certain that he could best describe the hard work and effort I have put into his class. I am certain that both LOR's will show that I am a hard-working, passionate student.
If there is any more information that I should add, please let me know and I will add it. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you are having a great day!
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2021.12.01 00:18 SpiketheDragonLord Do you think there’s any chance that Friendship is Magic could come back one day?

As all of you obviously know, Friendship is Magic ended in 2019, when Hasbro decided to keep up with their tradition since the beginning of the franchise and start G5. As everyone here also knows, Friendship is Magic is hands down their most successful generation by far. Before FIM, we never had the Brony fandom or the extensive hype that FIM had, especially with the conventions and plots and characters and everything. No other generation will likely ever live up to FIM’s success. My question is do any of you think there’s any possible chance that FIM could come back one day, whether it be the series, or more likely a movie or tv special? Obviously Hasbro will most likely continue with creating new generations, but legit every old popular show has been getting revived not to mention in a couple of years it will be the franchise’s 40th anniversary.
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2021.12.01 00:18 destijeff Why do you bully me

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2021.12.01 00:18 GlitterPen15 Avoiding someone you find very attractive just to avoid the risk of betraying your SO?

I was wondering if this is common. Has anyone found themselves doing this before?
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2021.12.01 00:18 freedomisntfried First Flight Pointers

Just received my Mini 2 and planning to take it out tomorrow for the first flight. I've read the full manual completely but does anybody have any tips or pointers for a newbie? Anything you wish you knew before you started?
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2021.12.01 00:18 searchingandlost Struggling with Breakup

Bear with me as I'm not really sure how to put this into words. About four months ago I ended a long-term relationship with someone that means a lot to me. I was not happy with myself which made me unhappy with the relationship. I spent a lot of time ensuring he was happy that I didn't take care of myself throughout the relationship. Our relationship had become pretty mundane and I felt like I was fighting to break that cycle, but felt like I would get resistance when I tried to do so, i.e. trying new things, being spontaneous, keeping the spark alive, etc. I was in an internal fight between my needs and his.
What finally broke the camel's back is I had met someone that showed me how to have fun again. Things just became easier without the internal struggle. My ex and I were in an open relationship and we were always very communicative with one another. I never broke any rules or crossed any boundaries but felt this person was able to provide something I needed. He even met my ex and we were hanging out regularly. I decided to end it a short time later. It's easier for me to tell other people that I met someone else rather than I wasn't happy in our relationship. I still feel the need to protect my ex.
The holidays were very tough as it was the first holiday without my ex. I still miss him very much, but trying to figure out if I miss him as a person or his companionship. I always felt like I wanted more and was trying to change him into someone he was not. We have not spoken in a month and have no plans to talk anytime soon. I still see the other person but not looking to jump into a relationship. At this point in time I feel like I have really hurt my ex and if something does happen with this other person then I'm really going to hurt him. I am falling into old habits of ensuring everyone else is happy, that I am the one that ends up hurting. At this point in time I don't know how to move forward until I ensure everyone else is going to ok, and I'm not sure what it is I need. Did I end it too early? Was there more I could have done? How do I take care of myself while others are hurting?
Not exactly sure what advice i'm looking for but more just needed to be heard.
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2021.12.01 00:18 shah33n_k Best apps for camera

hello everyone i recently got a pixel 6 pro just for the camera as iphone x still remains as my main device. Please suggest ways by which i can get the best out of this camera mainly for street photography. thank you.
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2021.12.01 00:18 RogueYautja The squad (bodark shit is awesome)

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2021.12.01 00:18 jon_lfl Looking for more information on this hull

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2021.12.01 00:18 AlarmingMaterial5401 Crazy before and after watering .

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2021.12.01 00:18 Yoyoyoshi777 Getting US OTA channels?

We’re moving to South Surrey (Morgan Crossing area) and I’m wondering if anyone living there is getting US channels over the air?
If yes, which channels do you get and what HD antenna do you have?
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2021.12.01 00:18 BeginnerGamer124 Does anybody know if Florida bright futures applies to the University of Miami

I am a junior in high school doing research and am simply curious as it is on my top 2 alongside the University of Florida. Also any personal anecdotes about which you prefer (Uf or Um) or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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2021.12.01 00:18 Patterson9191717 Acompáñanos este sábado a las 10 AM en el Auditorio de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, en donde se llevará a cabo el Foro "¡La electricidad y el litio son del pueblo!"

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2021.12.01 00:18 Remote_Ad3946 Help with Assignment

For this assignment, you will INDIVIDUALLY create a simple game that draws a box at a random location, and then draws alternating vertical and horizontal lines at random locations across the screen until they hit the box. The lines and the box should be randomly at any possible position onscreen, but should never be drawn offscreen or partly offscreen.
Before starting to draw the lines, but after drawing the box at its random location, the program should ask the user to guess how many lines will be drawn before the box is hit. If the user gets this guess right, the program should say the user won; otherwise, it should say the user did not win.
The program should also report how many lines it took for the box to get hit.
Additional marks will be given for extra features, such as reporting that the user was close if the guess was close to the actual number of lines drawn; drawing diagonal lines; making a moveable player instead of a fixed-in-place box; making the box a more interesting shape; making an explosion on the box when it is hit; drawing lines that grow across the screen but stop when they hit the box; drawing lines that disappear after a certain amount of time so the player can move past them (if the player is moveable); etc.
You can get an 85% without any extra features, provided you get perfect on the style marks. The last five marks require five extra features of increasing difficulty.
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2021.12.01 00:18 OlgaRocco 💎 Donald Pump - Mr President's token | Just launched | 100%unruggable 💎

It's time to talk about the next full degen coin that will 100. Donald Pump is a BSC token that renders honor to our beloved Mr President Donald J. Pump.
We are excited to annouce the Launch of Donald Pump. it is a Deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain, Its here to Ride the Biggest meme token On BSC.
Instant staking through reflection (Reflections In $PUMP) , Anti-whale mechanism, and Experienced team.
Donald Pump ads are running in 4chan /biz forum and we are working to get telegram calls and influencers on board.
Donald Pump tokensniffer analysis received a 95/100 score, better than 99% of the average BSC contracts.
What makes Donald Pump great?
Its ownership has been renounced.
Cake liquidity tokens have been burnt.
See transactions proof in our website.
Contract based on safemoon (audited by Certik).
Funny memeable character which is our president.
💎 Tokenomics: 💎
Liquidity Fee: 7%
Tax Fee to holders: 2%
Contract: 0x74efc94761d560e2476f9303158efb56b4fbffe6
Telegram: donaldpumptoken
Website is in process.
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2021.12.01 00:18 girlsinmotion USPS gave a number already in use

I have a small business and I shipped out an item earlier this week. I generated a label like I always do through shipstation. The customer reached out to me and sent a screenshot of his trac king number track er showing the package had already been delivered. The problem is, this number was for a package that was delivered on Nov 10 in North Carolina, and his order was placed November 15th and to be delivered in Texas. I have never had this happen before and I am a bit confused and couldn't find anything online about what may have happened, has anyone had this happen before?
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2021.12.01 00:18 yummybanchan Jihyo - pigtails, white shorts, pink skirt, tube top, leopard print jacket, scientist performance

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2021.12.01 00:18 eagle_bonanza01 Colonel E. H. Taylor Warehouse C

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