An art piece I made only using college mail

2021.12.01 01:11 Sumerian05 An art piece I made only using college mail
I have too much mail from college, like most of us in this sub, and nothing to do with it, so I channelled my stress and made something kinda cool over a sleepless night. I thought if anyone would appreciate it, it would be other people in A2C.
Link is to Art since A2C doesn’t allow crossposts or images.
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2021.12.01 01:11 mangadrawing123 quick turn page animation (I know it looks clunky at the hand, I'm learning from it for the next animation)

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2021.12.01 01:11 Burr1120 Advice needed

7 month old used to be a 9hnight straight sleeper until 4.5 months. For 2 months was waking up 3-4x/night, recently she gets a 3-4 hour initial sleep then wakes up every 1-1.5 hours after that. We’ve done a little sleep training that was working for initial sleep (from the happy sleeper-5 min check ins with script, no contact). But we room share and can’t change that situation right now. She sleeps in a pack n play a foot from us and our mattress is on the floor so she can see us at night. It’s almost impossible to do any sleep training in the middle of the night.
WW 2.5-2.75/3-3.5/4-4.5 all depending on the day. She gets about 10-11 hours of sleep (disrupted) during the night and 2.5-3 total hours of naps during the day. I wind up feeding her by the second wake up because I’m just so exhausted, and that’s the quickest way to get her to sleep again. She doesn’t need to feed. She’s a gigantic baby-90th percentile. She stopped MOTN feedings by 4 months.
To make matters worse, we bring her into our bed sometimes when we’re SO exhausted and she’ll get 3-4 hours straight with us. She just cut two teeth last week but her sleep habits haven’t really changed. The holidays out of town also through her for a loop and totally screwed with her sleep.
Any suggestions, helpful advice is very much appreciated!
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2021.12.01 01:11 ConfusedHamlet Indian Government BLOCKS Blasphemous Art Website

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2021.12.01 01:11 cupcakemonger1 How to Get Away with Murder – Spin off

I just finished watching the last episode of season 6 and my head is spinning with ideas for a spin off show. I hope you enjoy. Peter feel free to use these ideas. This is my first post ever!!!! WARNING: This is a long read. The first episode of the spin off starts off right at the courthouse steps where Frank shoots the governor and then dies from gunshot wounds in Bonnie’s arms and Bonnie realizes she’s shot too and dies in Annalise's arms. EMT’s rush to Bonnie and Frank and try to save them. Somehow (through tv magic) the EMT’s are able to revive Bonnie and rush her to the hospital where she’s able to make a full recovery. While in the hospital she finds out she is in fact pregnant with Frank’s baby. Despite being shot and pronounced clinically dead for 7 seconds, the baby is unharmed (more tv magic).
Connor starts his sentence in prison. At the last minute he finds out that the FBI is mad that they were unable to convict Annalise (with Connor’s testimony) so they send him to maximum security prison which he was not prepared for. After Bonnie is released from the hospital Tegan and Annalise tell her that they want to start a new life in Mexico, and they want to leave the firm originally run by Tegan to Bonnie. Bonnie still grieving from Franks death says she must think about it but ultimately agrees. She also tells them she’s pregnant with Franks baby. They are thrilled and throw her a small surprise baby shower before they leave for Mexico Michaela goes to work for her father and tries to put her past behind her and start anew. As Michaela starts to feel some normalcy in her life and, thinks her past is behind her, someone from her past appears. It’s Gabriel! He said he tracked her down and wanted to talk to her cause he still has feeling for her. She doesn’t believe him. He comes clean and says he came because he needs money. She says no. He threatens to black mail her with what he knows about his father’s death (which is nothing), so she reluctantly gives him money and says she doesn’t want to see him ever again. Bonnie settles into her new office at the firm. As she’s getting acclimated Gabriel shows up. She finds out that he blackmailed Michaela so that he could get money to enroll back into law school and asks Bonnie if he can continue interning at the law firm (for free) until he finishes school. She reluctantly agrees since she is short staffed. Throughout the show you slowly see Gabriel become the new Frank. You see his character willing to do more and more shady things to win over Bonnie’s approval and trust, creating a weird motheson dynamic with Bonnie because of unhealed trauma from his childhood. When he comes close to killing someone related to a trial, he realizes he’s gone too far and that he needs help. He continues to do shady things for Bonnie but has a moral standard that prevents him from going too far. This causes him to constantly have an internal struggle throughout the show. Michaela finds out that Connor is in maximum security prison and decides to try to get him moved to a less secure prison. While in prison Connor must exchange sexual favors in order to stay alive. Oli is still supporting him and visiting him regularly. Connor is afraid to tell Oli about his “activities” in prison. He finally comes clean, and Oli tells him he had a one-night stand with a random. They forgive each other and their love is even stronger Oli left out the part where he continued the FWB relationship with the one-night stand guy for 6 months. The one-night stand guy eventually black mails Oli (yes there is A LOT of black mail in the spin off) and says he will tell Connor about their “arrangement” if he doesn’t help the one-night stand guy hack into some company’s network. Oli agrees but instead hacks into the company's network to plant evidence about the one-night stand guy that gets the guy arrested. He tells Connor about hack (but not about the 6-month causal relationship) and Connor realizes that maybe he wasn’t the bad influence on Oli that he thought he was since Oli did all this stuff on his own. Laurel visits Bonnie to see how she’s doing after Franks death. They both talk about how much they miss Frank. Bonnie tells Laurel she’s pregnant with Franks baby. Laurel Is thrilled. She comes clean that her visit wasn’t just to catch up, but that a gaurd at the prison her father was killed in contacted Laurel. Laurel is worried people will start to sniff around her father’s death, and she’s worried it might come back on her and Christopher. Bonnie asks Nate to use his connections to see what he can find out for Laurel. Michaela visits Connor in jail and tells her what she’s trying to do. They fight but eventually make amends. In trying to get Connor in a less secure prison she finds out the FBI agent who gave her and Connor the deal, is dirty and gets the deal vacated which in turn gets Connor out of prison. This is bittersweet for Connor since he felt like he deserved to be there. Once he is out, Michaela asks him to work with her at her father firm/company. Also, Bonnie pays Connor a visit and offers him a job at Tegan’s old firm. He is torn between the two but ultimately goes to work for Bonnie since she reminds him so much of Annalise and he doesn’t feel like he can trust Michaela yet. Michaela is sad but understands after all the pain she’s caused and hopes they can still be friend. Connor agrees. Nate pays Bonnie a visit at the law firm. Bonnie mentions that she’s pregnant with Franks baby. Nate is happy for her. He mentions he’s trying to get his new facility built to help wrongly incarcerated people. He had a contractor working on it and they got into an argument. Nate winds up choking the contractor within an inch of his life (surprise surprise). Now the contractor is trying to sue him. Bonnie takes on the case and finds out the contractor has complaints against him for using cheap materials and has several lawsuits against him which she plans to bring up during the trial. The contractor withdraws his lawsuit. Bonnie asks Nate to be the godfather of her unborn child and he agrees. Tegan comes back to the firm and says she missed practicing law and couldn’t stay away so her and Annalise decided a few months out of the year Tegan would come back to Philadelphia so Tegan can practice law while Annalise stayed in Mexico. Somewhere in here Bonnie gives birth to Franklin Winterbottom-Delfino………. (Sometime later) Bonnie tries dating someone new built realizes she’s not over Frank. She also realizes she has severe abandonment issues and goes and see a therapist. While getting help with her issues she starts to develop feelings for her therapist who is engaged to be married. She’s unsure if he feels the same way but ultimately doesn’t pursue and decides to focus on her baby Franklin. A young stranger shows up at the firm looking for help specifically from Bonnie. He’s read about Bonnie in the newspaper, and he thinks she can help him with a case against his parents. He thinks his parents are trying steal money his grandfather left him after he passed. Bonnie takes on the case. The lawyer representing the parents is Michaela. The two spare off in the court room. The family decides to settle out of court and the parents relinquish access to the young stranger’s money to keep him from cutting them out his life. Michaela and Bonnie form a mutual professional respect for each other afterwards. As the young strangers comes to the office the thank Bonnie, he reveals that he is the son that she gave up for adoption (you had to see this coming) Bonnie is in shock, but also reluctant to believe him. She thinks he may have an ulterior motive. Nate happens stop by the office and meets the young stranger. He doesn’t trust the guy and suggests Bonnie hire a private investigator. Through the private investigator, Bonnie finds out the young stranger was in fact adopted around the time she gave her baby up for adoption. She decides to be open to building a relationship with him. The show continues to follow Bonnie, Connor, Michaela throughout their shady dealings with appearances from Tegan, Nate, Oliver, and Gabriel. No more people die (I think) Maybe call the show “How to get away with black mail”? or “How to get away with a crime”?..... That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading. Feel free to add more. Hope you enjoyed it.
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2021.12.01 01:11 Dizzy-Philosopher150 PORTAL WORM (2020) - a short film about a hungry ghost trapped in a basement with two corpses. 🎥💀🖤

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2021.12.01 01:11 sburgess86 Deciphering the Molecular Mechanism of HCV Protease Inhibitor Fluorination as a General Approach to Avoid Drug Resistance

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2021.12.01 01:11 abductedentity a newly found man of fashion o7

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2021.12.01 01:11 BlueSuitRiot Cannot find FFMPEG

This seems to be a common problem yet there isn't any concrete solution listed anywhere that I can find.
I'm using a SFF dell PC with Ubuntu Server 20.04.3 LTS.
The default repository has FFMPEG 4.2.4. The iSpy install guide says it needs 4.3.2. The Savoury repository has 4.4.2 and the Jonathanf one doesn't seem to have anything.
I've read some users alluding to a "shared" version of ffmpeg. Does anybody know where I can find that?
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2021.12.01 01:11 AndrogynousSlut Is this a healthy way of forcing myself to feel things?

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2021.12.01 01:11 Automatic-Gene3738 How can I report a rude MWR staff member?

Long story short, on my way out of a base gym a staff member spoke to me in a way that would get her fired at any civilian customer service job. Is there a number or website I can use to file a complaint?
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2021.12.01 01:11 darthphallic New player here, why do I keep seeing so much hate for getting to Prometheus?

Sincere question here, not sure if I’m missing something. I started playing on Thanksgiving and a lot of complaints I’ve seen is that the last boss is difficult to get to due to RNG but I’ve done it my past 4 runs no problem. Did they recently change it? Because timing your wisdom / violence bars to go off on the stages you need them to seems pretty straight forward.
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2021.12.01 01:11 neferyoumind How do couples keep all their clothes in one closet/dresser?

My bf and I are moving in together soon. We currently have very full closets and dressers independently. I cant imagine us finding an apartment with a closet big enough to share. And are we supposed to have 2 dressers in our new joint bedroom? How do couples normally manage this?
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2021.12.01 01:11 SitePractical6588 Turtle Library.

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2021.12.01 01:11 SNG723 Quicken Mobile - Using the budget

I thought this was helpful so I wanted to share with others. :-)
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2021.12.01 01:11 teeniemeanie Seeking advice

I'm new to this sub, but I'm seeking advice and comments on my symptoms. Any advice at all is welcome. Please don't insult me, I'm just realizing that I may have CHS after smoking weed/taking dabs basically non stop for about 7 years.
My symptoms began in April, I would wake up feeling extreme nausea and would often throw up as soon as I was up. This went off and on until August. When I would throw up, it wasn't just one time - it would be up to 6 times within a few hours of feeling stomach pains. In between the vomiting, I would have to breathe deeply to stay calm. Honestly, these were terrifying at the time because I couldn't get myself to eat and was basically force feeding myself crackers.
I intitially thought food was causing this, certain foods were upsetting me and causing me stomach pains, as well. My parents even told me this was normal because I would often have upset stomachs as a kid if I ate something that just wasn't healthy or something (but they don't know I smoke weed).
I went to a GI specialist, I mentioned the extreme nausea and that my smoking habits nulled a lot of stomach discomfort for a while. I had an endoscopy, my stomach just has some red irritation inside. My doctor just prescribed me pills (Nexium and dicyclomine) and these sometimes helped and sometimes didn't.
I am having stomach pains now bc I've been out of dabs for the past two days. I'm thinking I need to stop to understand my issues so I can go to another doctor that may have a bit more insight.
I read on this sub that you could die, and fuck, I have felt scared that I couldn't eat for a few days while sober, so I definitely don't want to kill myself but neglecting my body. Please let me know if you're be experienced anything similar or if you know from experience that I may be in need of help. I am trying to get help by going to the GI doctor and I'll obviously be quitting. Thanks!
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2021.12.01 01:11 sburgess86 Structural characterization of a MAPR-related archaeal cytochrome b5M protein

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2021.12.01 01:11 machinavelli Hundreds march in Philly after 4 Asian American teens attacked on SEPTA. This is what activism looks like.

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2021.12.01 01:11 mikemillwemadeit Dndn

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2021.12.01 01:11 Jolly-Idea-5079 Georgie porgy why wont your new wife let you join the chief patrolman orgy?

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2021.12.01 01:11 wilbert17 Cresselia raid show online

3891 9953 6123
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2021.12.01 01:11 samcp12 How to make plushie smell like my cologne

So my girlfriend is heading away for university next year to another city 2 hours away. She asked for something to remind her of me when she's at University for Christmas so I got her a plushie she said she really liked, at the mall the other day (I went back today to get it). I want to make it smell like my cologne because she really likes my cologne. What's the best way to get my cologne scent to stay in the plushie?
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2021.12.01 01:11 NAWFWESTCLOZ I was not expecting him to make a Houston video

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2021.12.01 01:11 identifytarget My 3yo builds Battle mech with LEGO Duplo. What do you think?

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2021.12.01 01:11 slcginger for the low price of $125, we could all buy one share of EA & crash their shareholder meetings. scare not just the execs but also investors who don’t know our anger and haven’t heard our Madden feedback. maybe trigger EA changes and a mass investor pullout

for the low price of $125, we could all buy one share of EA & crash their shareholder meetings. scare not just the execs but also investors who don’t know our anger and haven’t heard our Madden feedback. maybe trigger EA changes and a mass investor pullout submitted by slcginger to Madden [link] [comments]