Controversial Opinion: New Main Judge

2021.12.01 00:50 wow_a_triangle Controversial Opinion: New Main Judge

I honestly believe that the franchise should move forward with Michelle as the main judge. Her roots in the ballroom scene and her love and passion for the Queens really sets her beyond Rupaul. She gives much more feedback for the better or worse and is as iconic as Rupaul at this point
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2021.12.01 00:50 fotofreak56 Per Request, additional images near Jerome, AZ. [OC]. 2019.

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2021.12.01 00:50 Xxjoeby_wanXx Just joined in on Lbank

Hello all, I just got in. 20.96bil on Lbank and started the staking. From my understanding it is 9,5000 per 10k staked. For 3 days? Plus reflections that are automatically required go into the staking during that time? Talk about double dipping!!
Dip Dip Potato Chip!!!!
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2021.12.01 00:50 Lincolncreative [Spoilers Ep1] What made Arcane so good to you??

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2021.12.01 00:50 EvilPhd666 Muskegon offering cash to make cops neighbors

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2021.12.01 00:50 Small-Can3519 有谁知道靠谱的网投平台-正规网投真人实体靠谱平台

有谁知道靠谱的网投平台-正规网投真人实体靠谱平台 本公司是最先实行【三投合一网上和现场同步】的公司。因操作简单、方便快捷、信誉度高等,深受玩家的信赖与支持。目前是缅甸拥有网投线最多的合法平台,网上注册游戏的玩家已经超过千万人次,每天在线娱乐的玩家都有几百万,不仅网上玩家众多,现场也很火爆。网上和现场可以同步下注。公司一直坚持的是公平、公正、公开的经营理念管理方针,现场洗排、过排、切排,以及透明排靴、先发排后下注、铅笔发牌等都是全透明模式。
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2021.12.01 00:50 StarInSkyFan3 Who's the best?

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2021.12.01 00:50 lilalgorithm I’m going to be sick…

I forgot to put JJJ and Bane back in my starting lineup. JJJ ends with 23/6 and 5 BLOCKS and 4 threes. Bane ends with 19/6/2/1 and 4 threes. OF COURSE. WHY AM I SO DUMB. Watch them shoot a combined 5-22 next game.
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2021.12.01 00:50 JustAMech Urkraine/Russian live stream journalism.

Any journalists on the ground currently that we can follow. We are kinda Anxious in the USA.
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2021.12.01 00:50 Sushrit_Lawliet Over 1700zpower is available for sv from missions

Yes zpower not awakening, that is as usual 7k.
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2021.12.01 00:50 Abundantplain I can’t handle this many enemies

Tell me to get good or I just suck I guess, but I just feel stupid. Im playing on mul-t solo, on rainstorm even, and even with items i just cant handle this many enemies continuously spawning alone. Maybe im missing something or maybe I have to play faster but It just feels like im shooting toothpicks at a group of enemies growing ar an uncontrollable rate, and then a brass contraption one shots me. Any tips? Thank you.
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2021.12.01 00:50 bentla “We had a lot of door knocks this year”

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2021.12.01 00:50 queso_hervido_gaming Forgon Greeman

Forgon Greeman
Forgon Greeman from Lalf Hife (Half Life)
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2021.12.01 00:50 dr_prismatic Felt artsy on the UNES Locust's maiden journey, got a couple good photos

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2021.12.01 00:50 hxnnydew in light of isaiah running his mouth

like why would you ever stand up and say this in front of a large group of people, in front of your costars? what is wrong with this man
isaiah making everyone uncomfortable
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2021.12.01 00:50 qawsqnick1 My 20 gallon planted community tank! What would you add?

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2021.12.01 00:50 NewContentIn100Years A certain gum related phrase

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2021.12.01 00:50 ChillinFallin [WSIB] Coop games on Steam.

Just built my GF her first gaming PC and we are looking for some coop games to play together. I made sure she finishes Portal 1 and 2, and we'll be tackling coop together for her first run of those so I'll make sure she's the one solving the puzzles since I've played those games to death already.
Any other fun coop games for someone who's new to PC gaming? Something not too difficult while she gets used to controls and what not.
Thank you.
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2021.12.01 00:50 IRL_Mage Understanding and Mitigating Garbage Collection Hitches (Open World)

Hi all,
I'm a junior computer engineer by profession, and I'm new to Unreal Engine in general (have only done a couple beginner courses).
I have been tasked with understanding performance and optimization of GC for open worlds / world partition (flying through an open world, streaming content in front of me / deleting it behind me), and to be honest it seems a little overwhelming. I've built version 5.1 from the ue5-main branch. Not averse to digging into source code. Currently looking into World.cpp and LevelStreaming.cpp to understand how the GC gets used.
I was wondering if anyone had any good resources they could point me to!
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2021.12.01 00:50 Acedread I wish these counted as kills

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2021.12.01 00:50 _yukog Is it worth upgrading 1 elixer skeletons? Mine are lvl 7, and I want to add them to my deck, but I don’t know if it’s worth it at that low of a level…

Body text
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2021.12.01 00:50 Timely-Insurance-256 Tomb raider 4 ( next sequel)

The next tomb raider game IMO should be placed in Egypt. With lara searching the great pyramid or statues of Giza searching a lost Artifact Then it should take place in Greece as a flashback of 3 weeks( with her searching the bases surrounding that artifact). The next tomb raider will or should take on Lara as a more mature version of herself, just like we saw her in earlier games. But she seemed more human in the surviving trilogy so she should make a bit of jokes and laugh here and there while interacting with different people.
croft manor is back: The Croft Manor is more detailed and should allow Lara(us) to visit different locations inside it. It should have the option to freely roam arround it rather than limiting place. Also we should go outside the house too. Not talking about the gardens only, but the city, I know this is not an open world game like GTA, but a bit more human touch will look absolutely amazing. Lara should roam around england, Even if they just show her in cut scenes if not letting her roam the city during gameplays. Lara should have a bike and a horse( tomb raider 2 movie reference) .
Natla: Okay so we all know that J.Natla has been Lara's rival since the beggining of time. This time she should return, and the boss fight should be more detailed. Natla should be in a flashback if not in the main theme of the game. Or a dlc.
Fighting skills: I know lara isnt so much action based but if she has skills of fighting like hand to hand combat, that would be really cool! She could use her skills in boss fights.
Boss fights: Alot of them... if not then more like 5 or 6 because its a unifying of the mordern and older trilogies. The bosses should be scarier and difficult to combat with.
Story line : So the mummy daddy issues are over(* big round of Applause* ) now the series should take a dark turn, her daddy issues were dark i get it lol But it should be like the last of us 2 type dark. You know? In my opinion the story should be like the last of us 2 type darkish shit.
Dlc: More tombs and alot of exploration. The DLC should be the tombs or an extra story that may not be the tombs themed at all.
That is MO. What is your?
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2021.12.01 00:50 Sufficient_Young_210 Trisha Paytas Nude morning routine video

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2021.12.01 00:50 Goonstahh Insane tank shots!

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2021.12.01 00:50 Active-Blacksmith-42 Having sexual relationship with my half sister

Am 28y old, started having sex with with my father's daughter when I was 24, she was 18. My mother dated her father ( my biological father ) when they were young, got pregnant for me , her dad was broke and my mother was dating another rich guy. When I was born , I knew Mr X as my father because his community was not far from my mom's community. At about 5y old , I was introduced to another person to be my father and my mother moved us to the city with him and I grew with this man all my life, I have his last name. But I still don't forget my childhood. I look more and behave more like the guy I left back in the village. I have visited one or two times each time I went to visit my mother's parents . Mr X's wife loves me so much and takes me as her first son. She even useto send me money while in the university, but Mr X himself did not care that much , well its his attitude with his other children. He has 4 children . And I was close to the first two, the first , A girl but had no feelings for her and the second A boy, i him as a younger brother the 3rd a girl I never met because she was in borden school and the 4th was still like 9 years old . At 24, I visited my supposed father, I guess I was always hunted by my childhood, his wife welcomed me and showed me a room to stay , we talked and she introduced me to her friends as her first son. I met her daughter who came back from school. It was the first time I was meeting this one. We kind of like each other and when instarted questions her about herself, she lied to me Mr. X IS NOT her father, that she is adopted. We started dating but something did not feel right. I started asking questions but at this time, I was already in love with her, its not like answers matter. I told her I wanted to marry her, that I wanted to talk to "my step mother" , her mom about us. She refused that we should give it time, that she will freak out. I had a gf, never really loved her, but was with her because she had a son for me . At this point the little boy was just about 6 months old. I never wanted to give the boy the kind of confused childhood I had . At one point, it was more like we were just fuking each other and was going no where. I was at the point 26y old and occupied a position in government. My gf and her family put me under pressure to marry or they take my son away. My lover did not like the idea and at this point I was already aware she is my half sister. And it was for that reason she never wanted me to tell her mom . I married my baby mama ( mistake ) but was really inlove with my sister. I moved out of the country, still dating my sister. And still over her , she has become bolder and not afraid anymore , we have tried to brake up several times , sometimes I'll brake up with her and she will beg me and I will bend , other times she will do the breaking up and for some reason I couldn't take it. At one point we promised not to hurt each other again. Am 28 now ... married , inlove with my 23 yr old half sister. Her mom is already aware, her sister is aware. She knows they both know . Her sister and I talk about it, her mom scared if she talks about it to either of us, will instead create commotion. I am the one taking care of school and all of her needs ( I do it as her brother ). She decided she will drop out of university just because she want to travel and be with me abroad. He mom is worried , what people will say back in village , she never talks to me about it. She stays silently and watch as every process works out , and as I pure in money into her traveling arrangements. On the other hand , I dont get any affection for my wife but was pregnant for me before I left the country. I love both kids, I take good care of them . But the woman I am in love with is my half sister, I don't date anyone because we promise to not and wait to be together. Right now am confused. Is our actions even moral. This is not just about sex. If it was , we have had crazy sex moments several times , its been 4 years and we still love each other and now at a point where, either of us will be really hurt if one dares to pull out. What should I do . I love her , she makes me happy . I love my kids . She loves them too. She is willing to journey this dangerous path with me.
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